The 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog

Today’s post is primarily focused on a fun and frivolous topic (well then, why didn’t you save it for Friday Fun, hello?!), we take a look at the just-released Needless Markup Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.

Neiman Marcus

Yes, even though my calendar says it is only October 20th, the book came out Tuesday. As you might expect, yours truly engaged in a bit of a whine-a-thon (well, there’s a surprise) about retailers and Christmas Creep (that nasty practice of moving holiday promotions earlier and earlier into the season) but a Twitter pal gently let us know that in this case we were mistaken, the catalog actually arrived a week later than last year’s.

There are the usual ‘standards,’ Neiman’s delightful confections like the Handbag Cake ($240) and Christmas Petit Fours ($36).

Neiman Marcus

Other basics? A Tory Burch cosmetic case at $65.

Tory Burch 'Andy' Cosmetic Case

There are gifts that offer a philanthropic component, the Toms Hearts Slip-On for Kids ($55) and Camo Slip-On ($38) are a good example, for every pair of shoes sold Toms donates a pair to a child in need. They have been doing this since 2006, we do love this brand.

Toms Shoes at Neiman Marcus

There is no shortage of possibilities, below we show the ghastly Gucci Sleepsuit ($180) and the Burberry Diaper Bag ($1195).

Neiman Marcus

There are plenty of Pretty in Pink ideas, like the Kids’ First Boot ($50) from Hunter or the pink Jellycat Carousel Pony ($18), Madame Alexander’s Fancy Nancy and Bree Cloth Dolls ($44.95-$84.95) also offers a pink option.

Neiman Marcus

For the Lady of the Castle there are many options, ranging from La Metier’s Lip and Nail Duo ($49) to the Longchamps Le Pliage Wool & Leather Duffel & Tote ($288-$322).

Neiman Marcus

Of course, the Fantasy Gifts are what generates the buzz about the book. The 2011 offerings include a private Johnnie Walker Tasting ($5000) for you and twenty guests, 100% of the proceeds from this item goes directly to amfAR™, the Foundation for AIDS Research. Also in this section of the catalog, a magnificent Hacker-Craft Speedboat ($250,000) made of mahogany. (As someone raised on and around the old style wooden boats from Chris Craft and Century, this does increase our heart rate just a bit. Sigh.)

Neiman Marcus

This year eight of the nine “Fantasy Gift” items have a charitable element.

We are not quite so gaga over what is essentially a $75,000 yurt, the Dream Folly. Nor do we care for the $1,000,000 Dancing Fountains, the Consort is rather committed to maintaining the moat surrounding the property Palace. (Cough-cough.)

Neiman Marcus

However, he is intrigued by the Ferrari FF, almost a bargain at $395,000.

Neiman Marcus

But don’t dawdle on this one, there are only ten available. (Seriously, all of last year’s posh cars sold out very quickly!)


We wanted to share another lighthearted tidbit, the First Dog, Bo, is now featured in his own official photo with Michelle Obama. Here is more from the PopSugar story:

“We get so many letters from kids, who want to hear about the garden, they want to see it, and they also want to see Bo. Bo is really the most popular. So we decided to do this official picture that we could send to them when they write in.

The folks at Talbots have to be happy, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a Talbots dress in the photo.

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson via Mrs. O

If intrigued by the frock, apologies, we can’t provide a link, it is several seasons old.


One other entirely self-promotional quick note today, our sister blog What Kate Wore is offering a free pair of London Sole shoes in a contest. The giveaway includes a pair of either the Pirouette, these retail at $165.

London Sole 'Pirouette'

Or the lucky winner can select from the varying Henrietta styles, they run $195-$255.

London Sole 'Henrietta'

G’bye until next time!



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6 responses to “The 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog

  1. LOVE the ballet flats and that cake from Neiman’s is fabulous!

  2. I can always count on NM for a bit of fantasy and its always fun to go through the mega catalog wtih all its beautiful and some fantasy items. Great handbag purse and I love the TB makeup bags print, gotta add that to my Christmas list!!!!
    Funny went to dinner with friends the other night, my friend is an ex stylist and was remarking about Talbots and how you can pick through and find some great pieces, love the ballerina flats, gotta go check them out.
    Always so much good, beauty and knowledge here rolled into one informative post! Have a great evening.

  3. Would love to eat those petit fours while wearing the ballet flats!

  4. Sandra

    I always love the NM Christmas Book. Now, I wish I’d saved them from years gone by . . . be fun to look at, wouldn’t it. I entered the giveaway and have now crossed everything I can think of for good luck. ;-). I actually received a Talbots catalogue today. Honestly, they just don’t do it for me anymore and haven’t for years. . . Have a great Friday! XOXO

  5. Wendy

    OK, don’t really like the First Lady in the garden barefoot. A little too approachable for my taste. I would have rather seen her in tacky crocs!

    I really think if you loved the Consort, you would buy him that car!!! Nothng says I Love You like a shiny, fast car 🙂

    Lastly, I think you highlighted beautiful things from the NM catalog!

  6. I heart that catalog!

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