Friday Fun

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort here striding confidently mikeside to entertain you for a moment or two.  The (lovely and talented) Princess has asked me to step as she frantically attempts to sort out too many business and social commitments.  Strap yourself in… this is going to be a fun ride!

Let’s first discuss people doing bizarre things to unsuspecting pets:


What is it that makes people think a pug makes a cute flower?  Besides the fact that they would be correct I have a great mental image of someone sitting at the kitchen table designing this costume.  They look at the flowers in a vase.  They look at the dog.  Back to the flowers… Ding! Lightbulb moment and the rest is history.

Via Huffington Post

Somewhere Lynda Carter is shuddering.  I can’t believe Wonder Woman ever imagined looking like this.  That face says a lot about the dog’s feelings about this whole costume thing.

Huffington Post /Shoe the Linux librarian (R)

I always thought that you could never go wrong with pigs and pirates.  And I would be wrong.

Via Huffington Post

Some pug owners venture off into the world of science fiction when they dress up their dogs.  I can’t believe I actually wrote that sentence.  But then for some people pink unicorns and Mr. Spock are very real.  To those people I wish nothing but sparkly rainbows.  Live long and prosper.

Owned by Pugs

But take heart!  Batman and Robin are on the case.  Actually Robin looks he needs to push away from the buffet table but Batman is looking heroic.

It’s all fun and, bless their hearts, the dogs seem to be good sports about the whole thing.

For those forced to get around on only two legs there is always the Scrabble option.  Two options actually, the Ladies version ($59.99) or the Unisex model ($39.99).

What's a 7-Letter Word For....

Here’s hoping you have good luck as you put your Halloween costume together for this year.  Trust me, there are some costume suggestions out there that will give you a case of the vapors.

It’s time for me to get back to the shipping department.  Thank you for indulging me these few moments.  Don’t forget to treat your waitperson well because they’re working hard for you today.  Have a great weekend!


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6 responses to “Friday Fun

  1. Oh I confess, absolute sucker for cute pets, even cute pet tricks

  2. Oh my those poor pugs – I can’t imagine they like being adorned in this way but they are pretty amusing!! The flowers are my favorite.

  3. OMG I am rolling..this might be the cutest thing since the pugs I have on the fabric on my chairs….they are sooo ridiculously cute!!!! Those faces are so precious. The scrabble costume is adorable and alas if I was going to a Halloween party, being a scrabble nut I would definitely buy!

  4. I nearly spit out my Snapple at the first photo!

  5. Hi, Consort. The Pretty Pug wants everyone to know that he would never, ever be subjected to such silliness. He does wear the occasional sweater during the winter, but that’s more for warmth than costume – or so I try to tell him.

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