Grand Openings and Wacky Costumes

Hello-Hello, what a glorious Friday it has become, these are the days you dream of if residing in The Great Midwest.  Today we have a few news Bits and Bytes, the majority with a retail overtone, we’ll cap that off with a touch of Friday Fun.

We begin with a glance at Wednesday night’s party at the just-opened Brooks Brothers in Georgetown. This one included a good number of notables, as one might expect in the Capitol. Below left, DJ Benjamin Chang with Fox News anchor Ed Henry, on the right, Self magazine’s DC Editor Marc Adelman with his little one. (Although Brooks does not offer infant sizes, the photo serves as a good reminder that really, it’s never too early.)


Naturally The Consort was impressed by this.

The store is on M Street in space previously occupied by Smith & Hawken as well as part of a Pottery Barn, if the memory cells are at all functional today.

Hillary Leeb/The Georgetown Dish

In addition to our fondness for the apparel and accessories at Brooks, we enjoyed seeing some of the furniture showcased in the new digs.


Nothing like a little custom made madras to make me smile.

The party also served as a fundraiser, the Trust for the National Mall was the beneficiary, almost $5000 was raised for that very good cause.


Also today:

  • LL Bean’s new King of Prussia store opened last weekend, it is the venerable retailer’s 15th shop, located not too far from the Lilly KOP store.

Gene Walsh/Times Herald Staff

  • Marimekko, the Finnish design firm offering amazing textiles (and so much more), has opened its New York flagship.

T Magazine/The New York Times

  • While not a store opening, we have to applaud the folks at Hermès, for the ‘family reunion’ they hosted this week. Women’s Wear Daily reports the upscale firm closed all of its US stores Sunday, Monday & Tuesday so they could fly all 515 employees to a party and recognition ceremony, a very cool (and savvy) thing to do.


We close today with a look at some of the year’s more bizarre Halloween costumes. The initial idea came via a story in Guest of a Guest; it showcased the ‘Roadkill’ costume, noting that “We can all agree that being run over by a car and disemboweled is every kid’s dream.” The only thing we can offer is the thought “Especially because that’s how all mothers want to envision their child.”

Kids "Road Kill" costume from Halloween Costumes

From its description on the Halloween Costumes website:

“Scrape your child off the side of the road and turn him into real road kill with this funny costume!”

This one can be yours for $48.99.

Here’s one we discovered while idly wasting time when doing research for the post, the Baby Billion Dollar Costume. Originally I thought this was a commentary on the high cost of bringing up a child, until I read the description: “Now your toddler can get in on the family gangster action with this Billion Dollar baby costume!”


Fully acknowledging our terminally unhip life, is there something we have missed about “family gangster action”?

Finally, there is this: your infant as roast turkey.

Martha Stewart

More than ideal for inclusion in both our Help Me Understand and You Can’t Make This Stuff Up categories, we pondered the possibility this was what we used to call a ‘sight gag,’ perhaps someone having fun with Photoshop.  Wrong.

Very wrong.

Martha Stewart

Of course, if you prefer baking over roasting, there’s always this.

Martha Stewart

May your weekend be sunny and bright!


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10 responses to “Grand Openings and Wacky Costumes

  1. Sue

    LOL @ those costumes, they certainly are “wacky” but then again so are most Halloween costumes 🙂 Side note: LL Bean is in other Malls up here in the Northeast, my favorite location is in The Powerhouse Mall in Lebanon, NH

  2. A colleague went to the BB opening and said it was fab. Thank you for posting pictures as I hadn’t seen any yet. As for LL Bean, ‘my’ Bean is in fact located in a shopping mall, Tysons Corner.

  3. Thank you for mentioning this Whitney, I feel like a moron, I can’t tell you how many times I have been in the Tysons store, duh! If only I knew why I wrote that, that’s the scary part! 🙂

  4. Thank you for commenting Sue, I’m so glad you and Whitney mentioned other Bean stores located in malls, I told her I feel like a dope, I have spent a good amount of time in the Tysons store! 🙂

  5. Those are some seriously weird…and funny…costumes!

  6. Those costumes are hysterical! I am a big fan of BB and love those madras cool and fun. And its a match made in heaven to open up in Georgetown, my son goes to college there…LOVE it there!! Such a fun place with such a great electric vibe.
    Glad LL Bean is still opening stores..thats a good sign! Happy weekend:)

  7. OH come on, that billion dollar baby is CUTE!

  8. The costumes are just odd. Does MS still have a TV show? I didn’t realize she was still on. Shameful, I know.

    But the madras wingbacks at BB are fabulous! Love them.


  9. The new BB store looks great – and what a perfect location!! Dying to visit the Marimekko outpost!! And what costumes!! I’m not a huge Halloween fan to begin with…

  10. Simone Lynch

    Oh,I would LOVE to imagine my babies as road kill.Omg this stuff really can’t be made up….that is the craziest children’s costume I’ve seen in all my 28 years. I’m going to take a walk…out of shock.

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