“Nu Preppy,” “Preppy Chic,” and Is It Goodbye to Platforms?

Hello-Hello, it is a simply gorgeous day here in The Great Midwest, we hope you are enjoying the same.

Because someone we know is incapable of adequately planning the most rudimentary of calendars  As is often the case on Tuesdays, multiple commitments away from the Prepatorium mandate a brief post, so we jump right in with a look at a style being referred to as “Nu Preppy” by the folks at Miami Fashion blog.

ASOS Courtesy Photo via Miami Fashion Blog

From the post:

“It used to be that traditional Ivy League garb set the standard – crewneck cashmere, crested blazers, preppy plaid, and the ubiquitous pearls and penny loafers were the must-haves of the school set. These days, this posh, buttoned-up look is anything but – the sweaters are looser, the skirts are tigher, and the shoes are much, much taller.”

We’ll address that taller shoe issue in a bit, but first a description of two pieces we show below from J. Crew (L) and MiH Jeans (R).

“…do conservative-meets-cool with an oxford-sweater combo; the Swing Cotton Shirt from MIH Jeans is the perfect preppy light-blue, and perfectly fitted as well. Instead of a classic cable knit, top it off with a tactile Mohair Rugby-stripe Sweater from J. Crew.

J. Crew and MiH Jeans via Miami Fashion Blog

The story references several runway styles from the varying Fashion Weeks, here is more on ‘Nu Preppy’:

Classic collegiate style is back in a big way for Fall and big-name designers and cult-labels alike are jumping on board. Paul Smith, staying true to form, sent his girls down the runway in preppy sweaters, tailored pants, collared shirts, boyfriend blazers and thick-rimmed black eyeglasses. Unexpected details like a completely sheer oxford shirt, polka-dots, or oversized, off-kilter layers kept the look fresh and far from cliché.”

The rest of the styles described can be seen in this montage.

Miami Fashion Blog

While you won’t see your trusty scribe in the looks seen above, we do enjoy seeing the different interpretations of ‘preppy styles’.  In fact, we share yet one more interpretation, this one from a German perspective: “Striped blouses, polo shirts, chinos: preppy style is back.

“Neat and proper, the preppy look includes polo shirts, cable knit sweaters, striped blouses and trousers with pleats in the front..the upscale, elite society of the US east coast is the source of inspiration for a number of current styles. Preppy chic has come back into style.”

Thank heaven, I know you will all be sleeping better tonight with the news we’re back. (Heh, heh, heh.) This second story comes via Monsters & Critics (the website, not Tolkien’s lecture/essays).


We mentioned heel height up above, here is why we feel it merits a bit of discussion.

All Photos by Getty Images

Those are photos from today’s Chanel runway show at Paris Fashion Week. The absence of towering platforms and sky-high heels was glaring. It wasn’t limited to just a few looks in Karl Lagerfeld’s undersea world, here are three more.

Getty Images, AP Photo, Getty Images

A very welcome sight indeed. We’re not sure about the space age silver booties, but dialing down the ridiculosity meter is a lovely thing to behold. We share one other look from the Chanel show, and this one isn’t from the runway, it is a guest.

Getty Images

Princess Siriwanwaree Nareerat of Thailand, the details of her jacket, jewelry and bag are so exquisite they caught even our jaundiced eye, it is all simply lovely.

Goodbye until next time!


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9 responses to ““Nu Preppy,” “Preppy Chic,” and Is It Goodbye to Platforms?

  1. Lovely to end the competition of designer stiletto follies that begin at 1400 and go much higher ..

    Overdone and tired

    oh sweet quality, the perfect white shirt and sexy slim fine pencil skirt

  2. Oh yay. Not that I OWNED any of the sky high deelios, but still, just in principle:).

  3. I love almost any take on preppy except when Snookie tried to pull it off- THAT was crossing the line! YEAH!! So happy towering heels that can break an ankle or not so en vogue any more, I tried and tried but rarely was I able to get beyond 30 minutes of wearing them, sooooo uncomfortable though I know there are those who will wear them no matter what. I love the more sensible height, feel its way more practical for all but the most cutting edge fashionista. Agreed the princess looks beautiful and so ladylike and classy….love it!

  4. I am so excited that heel heights are coming down. I cannot make it in tall heels at all!

  5. Jen

    Sounds like all us regular women are pleased by low heels and more comfortable clothing. Although, that past the knee plaid skirt looked strikingly pencilish to me.

  6. Simone Lynch

    Grrr. Sadly, I love my heels. I don’t know if it was all those platforms my mom wore in the 70’s but I walk like a duck in flats and I’m naturally inclined to my sky high heels. But whether outfitted in sky high heels or my rare kitten heels, I still love my Preppy Princess!!

  7. I agree. The photo of the Princess of Thailand is lovely. Have a great day!! XOXO

  8. I’m really not a fan of the glasses in these new preppy geek chic looks. I could never pull it off but maybe others can!

  9. Oh her head to toe look is so beyond fabulous! I’m not normally a royal blue fan but she looks amazing.

    And yay re the heels. I was never a fan of the chunky monkey sky high shoes. This is exactly why I don’t give in to trends. None of this “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out” business happening in my closest.


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