8 responses to “The Horse That Ate The US Open, Tiffany’s Fall Leather Goods

  1. Preppy 101

    I loathe that HUGE polo player – even the larger version that is on some polos. Please Ralph – Can’t we be “the way we were”. 🙂 I love the tennis, also! So fun to watch! XOXO

  2. I can’t say I’m a fan of the pony on the back of the uniforms…it’s just so enormous and awkward looking. It looks very haphazard in that location.


  3. The Tiffany blue wallet is TDF!!!

  4. I confess to a great fondness for the Tiffany leather goods.

  5. Good Gawd RL. Is that really necessary? Do we need two horses?

    Totally loving Tiffany’s small leather goods!!

  6. The big Polo player probably resulted from Ralph Lauren having to be so restrained for Wimbledon to keep with the tradition. The US Open is bigger and brasher than Wimbledon so the logo reflects this.

    Maria seems to be not as concerned about her Tiffany earrings being affordable as she was at the French Open, where she wore earrings at a ‘giveaway’ $3000. Maybe it’s a sign that the economy is about to turn the corner.

  7. Tiffany Blue is my favorite color with good reason. Those wallets are beautiful!

  8. Personally not loving the ginormous pony..too much and I think its tacky just my personal opinion. Love Tiffany and attened an opening for their new line of handbags and small leather goods, the line is exquisite.
    SO great to be back in blogland!

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