Not Exactly Friday Fun

Today we dispense with the usual Friday Fun to concentrate on something more timely. And more serious.


How serious is it? Well, as our friend Whitney from the Pink and Green Pup noted at 6:30 this morning, “Actually Mr. Home Depot clerk, flashlights are NOT on aisle 15.”

Whitney/Pink and Green Pup

So we thought we would put our efforts to something that might be helpful as opposed to expending energy on the usual Friday frivolity.  We offer a few links that may be of interest and assistance, the first is My Fox Hurricane:

My Fox Hurricane

Here are others:

Good thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted. Be safe.


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7 responses to “Not Exactly Friday Fun

  1. Kristin

    May I recomend to anyone searching for batteries, flashlights, generators, etc – oil lamps. After Hurricane Katrina, this is how we lighted our home for 8 weeks. Cost effective. Plentiful. Just be careful placing the hurricane over the flame. It is an art full skill. Good luck to everyone. Remember – evacuation is not the quitters way out – its the way to be SAFE. 🙂

  2. Good insight Kristin, all of it. Thank you!

  3. mona

    I do hope and pray all of our east coast blog friends and family heed the warnings and stay safe!

  4. Great resouce of links, thank you! I am bracing for the worst but hoping for the best and hoping it won’t be so bad. I have my candles, matches, flashlights water cases, non perishables and plenty of books and mags as entertainment in the event I lose my beloved internet! Hoping everyone stays safe and uses the right amount of precautions! Common sense and sensible judgement go a long way in a situation like this…..

  5. Preppy 101

    Thanks for this post so much! Both my children are in NYC, so I am watching with much concern! XOXO

  6. Our grocery store was cleaned out of water and batteries. It looks like our area (DC) isn’t going to get the worst of it, but stay safe out there, everyone!

  7. My flight was canceled for a wedding I was supposed to go to this weekend, I’m worried about friends and family back home, keep us updated and please stay safe = )

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