Hunter Isn’t Just Boots Anymore & Preppy Perceptions Abound

Hello-Hello! Once again business pressures mandate brevity, so we will get going right away previewing a new collection from a brand many readers like, Hunter. The company is about to launch its first outerwear collection.

Courtesy Photos via Fashionista

This is Hunter’s first foray into this category, more from a story in Fashionista:

The coats are classic, well-made and functional–exactly what we’d hoped for when we found out Hunter was planning to launch outerwear

There are traditional trench coats, pea jackets and quilted pieces as well.

Courtesy Photos via Fashionista

There is also outerwear for your MOTH (Man of the House), similarly styled.

Courtesy Photos via Fashionista

Everything in the group exudes a classic, timeless look, perfectly in sync with the company’s existing brand image.

Courtesy Photos via Fashionista

The collection launches in September on the Hunter website, along with all of the usual suspects, Saks and Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus​, and Bergdorf Goodman. To see the entire collection, click here.


Next, it’s that time of year, back to school fashion always boosts the number of stories and blog posts about ‘preppy style’.  From the Toronto Star:

The preppy revival continues to grow, and collegiate looks are one of the big trends, emerging in varsity jackets and preppy plaids.

Keith Beaty/The Toronto Star

The story focuses on footwear, as seen in the photo above.

The prepster look also hits the ground as footwear takes its cues from the campus crowd with such classics as penny loafers, brogues and tasselled shoes. However, these classic men’s-style shoes are getting a feminine make-over with high heels, sleek patent leather and suede fringed tassels.laofers

More preppy perceptions come via a Chictopia blog:

The look that used to be exclusively for your east coast ivy bound types has turned into a fashion phenomenon. Now anyone can channel this clean cut preppy style with a couple of pieces, read on to find out how.

Facconable Via Sheiktopia

The piece goes on to explain that the look “isn’t hard to achieve,” listing wardrobe items the author considers “musts” and shares several prep-inspired ensembles, including “Ivy Bound“. To see the other styles, click here.


Finally today, an update to our post on the furor in Canada over J. Crew’s higher prices for its new Canadian store.

Via Moneyville

From the Moneyville story shown above:

In response to customers’ complaints, popular U.S. retailer J. Crew says it will drop the duty from items purchased on its new Canadian website.

The preppy fashion retailer will continue to charge higher prices for goods sold in Canada than its does in the U.S.

The story says J. Crew is sending a letter to customers today:

“When we opened our first Canadian store in Toronto last week, we aligned our store, online and catalogue prices to be consistent. In the days following the launch of our updated website, we quickly realized that we could have done things better for our online shoppers. And now we are making it right.

“Starting today, the J. Crew shopping experience will be duty free. “

Talk about rapid responsive, that was very speedy on J. Crew’s part.


For some inexplicable reason your trusty correspondent is sadly fascinated rather fond of Hello Kitty.  Many readers are painfully aware of this, having been subjected to numerous posts over the years with the errant reference to said Kitty. We continue sharing our tragic obsession mild interest in the Kitty, leaving you with a few images from yet another design collaboration, Hello Kitty and Liberty of London.

Via High Snobette

The little creature has been incorporated into some of Liberty’s iconic prints, a makeup collection showcases the partnership.

Via High Snobette

The collection will be available at Liberty beginning September 26.

Until next time, may your powder puff always land right side up.


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10 responses to “Hunter Isn’t Just Boots Anymore & Preppy Perceptions Abound

  1. MCW

    I like what I see. Hunter jackets are so cute!

  2. loving the heeled (and flat) loafers!

  3. Preppy 101

    I really like the Hunter outwear! And I, too, love Hello Kitty! :-). XOXO

  4. Preppy 101

    Oops – I meant to say ***outerwear! 🙂

  5. What is up with Canada and all their PITA duties? I think I am the only gal who does not own a pair of hunter boots! I was allowing my eyes to flow through the post but then I saw the “men”.. gah gah! The trench in the middle… would love to see the Mr. donning that.

  6. Loving the coats from Hunter!! Another win. I am glad to hear that JCrew is responding. Customers can make things change quickly when they start typing!!

  7. Marie

    Liberty AND Kitty, great!

  8. Suspicious though I’ve been of Hunter’s latest development – wedge Wellies, anyone? – I do like the cut of those coats. Plus, both the AH & I need to update our outerwear. Hmm.

    I’m with you on Kitty, and the collaboration with LIberty makes it all the better.

    I’d also like to stich “May your powder puff always land right side up” on a (pink, naturally) pillow.

  9. Add me to the list of people loving the Hunter coats. Given how well my Hunter boots have served me, I have a great deal of confidence in their outerwear…thanks for passing this along!

  10. Jen

    Hunter boots are the rage these days. It’s so funny how something so utilitarian has become so trendy. I’m intrigued by those laced up versions. I will have to share your post on my FB page. Hunter clothes on the horizon will appeal to many of my friends.

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