The New Ralph Lauren Line Launches & A Look At That Hamptons Trailer Park

Happy new week to everyone.

We begin today with news that merchandising master Ralph Lauren continues adding to his company’s growing collection of labels, he has just debuted another one, Denim and Supply.

Denim & Supply

The new line launched last Thursday, like Rugby, it has its own dedicated website , Denim & Supply, but may also be found at Polo Ralph Lauren. (More in a moment about why we are scratching the ‘polo’ word in the title of Mr. Lauren’s company.) The collection is described as being “born out of the warehouse and artistic communities of Brooklyn…” and is clearly aimed at a younger consumer.

Denim & Supply Courtesy Photos via The Cut

More from Haute Living:

“…don’t expect to see any pastel polos. The line is an edgier, more downtown take on the brand’s celebrated American heritage roots with an added emphasis on creating a rugged, individualized style.”

Three more looks.

Denim & Supply

And here is a snippet of GQ’s story:

“Denim & Supply features urban-ready gear like nautical fleece pullovers, richly-knit ragg sweaters and beat-up denim jackets, in a color palette inspired by more natural settings and worn-in flavor….all geared to attract a slightly younger, more rock n’ roll set than say,”

Denim & Supply

Prices for the new line range from $39.50 to about $300. There clearly are few (if any) styles that will work for your decrepit, tragically unhip correspondent, is there anything that holds appeal for you?

Our mention above about the word ‘polo’ in the title of Mr. Lauren’s company comes via this story in Women’s Wear Daily:

“Say goodbye to the Polo in Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

At the firm’s annual meeting on Thursday, shareholders voted to change the company name to Ralph Lauren Corp. The move is a result of just how much the corporate identity has evolved over the years, with several brands and labels that do not carry the Polo name and logo.

Will it impact anything for average consumers like us? Nope, it just struck your goofy correspondent as moderately interesting. 🙂


Our next tidbit comes via Curbed Hamptons, the blog that focuses on real estate and neighborhood news in the Hamptons.  We thought readers might enjoy seeing what a mobile home park looks like in the upscale enclave, courtesy of the blog’s “Everything is Better in the Hampton, Even Our Trailer Parks” post.

Cully/EEFAS via Curbed Hamptons

The site updates a previous post about Montauk Shores Condominiums, a development of mobile homes with a tony zip code and a beachside location.  Curbed shared several listings for mobile homes in the trailer park, below we show one of them listed at $650,000.

Via Curbed Hamptons

You can read more about the listing if so inclined, or see the entire post at Curbed.


Speaking of cramped quarters, our final item today takes a look at some rather posh playhouses for the little prince or princess at your palace. The Times recently ran a feature on just this topic, “Playhouse Proud,” below we show Harper Hearne and her brother Drake playing in their snappy digs.

Kevin Scanlon for The New York Times

Not all of the playhouses offer such modest accommodations, the Times story looks at a more lavish model.

“…the main attraction at parties held at the Houston home of John Schiller, an oil company executive, and his wife, Kristi, a Playboy model turned blogger, is the $50,000 playhouse the couple had custom-built two years ago for their daughter, Sinclair, now 4.”

Here we see Ms. Sinclair and her daughter enjoying the wretched excess playhouse.

Megan Thompson Lovoi for The New York Times

More on this particular playhouse from writer Kate Murphy’s story:

“The little stainless-steel sink in the kitchen has running water, and the matching stainless-steel mini fridge and freezer are stocked with juice boxes and Popsicles. Upstairs is a sitting area with a child-size sofa and chairs for watching DVDs on the 32-inch flat-screen TV.

Megan Thompson Lovoi for The New York Times

How does Sinclair’s mother describe her daughter’s home away from home?

“I think of it as bling for the yard,” said Ms. Schiller, 40.”


The piece also shows playhouses from Lilliput, makers of the “Medieval Castle” on the left, and the “Grand Victorian” seen on the right.

Courtesy Photos via The New York Times

Lilliput has a broad range of models, including Mickey’s Diner, offered at roughly $10,000. (I’m feeling quite ignorant, I didn’t realize Mickey had a diner.)

Lilliput Playhouses

Of course, if yours truly were going for one of these, here’s our choice.

Smart Playhouses "Illinois" Model

The problem with all of this? Invariable other family members want their own fancy house too.

Best Friend's Home

Some just don’t respond well to “no. And then the pouting begins.

Tilly T. Bulldog

There you have it.


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8 responses to “The New Ralph Lauren Line Launches & A Look At That Hamptons Trailer Park

  1. That Tilly is a character! Is he throwing a fit because he isn’t get his own manse? Poor guy……those are pretty swanky, nicer than some peoples houses! Then again so are those Montauk “trailer homes”. Funny when I was out last week, the house I was staying in, was not far from Hither Hills where that is…..and let me tell you those trailers have one of the best stretches of the Atlantic bar none of the whole northeast! Its CRAZY!!!! Then again so are the prices. RL strikes again, I can see this appealing to the kids in their 20’s doesn’t do anything for me, but its good to see Ralph is still keeping himself busy with new projects and I am sure like all he does, this too will turn to gold.

  2. Why anyone would prefer to look like they just woke up under a bridge is beyond me. I guess RL is giving the people what they want.

    I wonder how the Hampton natives feel about this new trailer park, I mean Montauk Shores Condominiums.

    Sinclair’s playhouse looks better than the dorm I stayed in while in college many moons ago!!

  3. Going to go the negative route here: HATE the new RL line. I saw it this weekend and thought that they’re diluting the brand. If you’ve consistently known for quality clothes and classic looks, then this is a 180 in every term.

    Also, was rather horrified at the playhouse article. Ugh.

  4. OK, the playhouse are a bit excessive, but I would have loved to have one growing up… or even now 🙂

  5. I’m not in love with the Denim&Supply line (the name reminds me of Denim&Company from QVC…) but there are a handful of cute pieces…I like the long sleeved waffle knit dress, for example.

    And those playhouses are incredible. Over the top and excessive, to be sure, but beautiful. I’d have loved one as a kid.

  6. Jen

    I thought the whole hipster and grunge thing was finally out. Leave it to Ralph Lauren to bring it upscale and monetize it. This is my favorite line, “your decrepit, tragically unhip correspondent.” I too am tragically unhip and I like it that way.
    As far as the 50 grand five year old play pad, those parents are in for a world of trouble when that kid turns 15 if they leave that thing out in the yard. The first thing that came to mind was teenage play house. The juice boxes will be replaced by beers and the boys will want more than popsicles. Ick!
    My pups send a big sloppy kiss to Tilly!

  7. Jen

    Hi Princess! I think the “Mickey’s Diner” is modeled after the Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul, Minnesota:

  8. Love those playhouses!!!

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