Finally, An Answer to the ‘Lauren Lauren’ Issue

Hello-Hello, welcome to an absolutely gorgeous day here at the Prepatorium.

We have loads of little bits and bytes to share, beginning with one of our very favorite summer events, Oscar de la Renta’s annual Ladies of the Lake party. Women’s Wear Daily has the story.

Drew Altizer/WWD

Guests are ferried to the party by boat, the function is a fundraiser for the League to Save Lake Tahoe.  A fashion show accompanies the luncheon, Mr. de la Renta’s 2012 resort collection was shown, it is the designer’s 11th year of involvement with the event.

Can you envision a lovelier spot for such a delightful celebration?

Drew Altizer/WWD

Guests looked bright and summery in myriad of styles, including designs from the host (L) and Kate Spade (R).

Drew Altizer/WWD

Because your faithful correspondent remains partial to the classic wooden boats of her youth, stunning Chris-Craft and Century vessels, we share a look at this Thunderbird creation ferrying guests to the party in 2008.

Women's Wear Daily



Next, an item that qualifies in a couple of categories, certainly it is an Anti-Prep update as it involves the individual known as ‘Snooki.’

Michele Cross/MTV

But it is also a “Help Me Understand,” perhaps even a sign the end is nigh, look at this headline from MediaPost: “Ratings Extraordinary For “Jersey Shore’s” Worry-Free TV”. Here is more from the MediaPost article.

There is a remarkable Situation brewing with MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Forget about cable, the addictive series is now posting ratings that place it among the highest-rated series in all of TV. It’s beating the likes of “Survivor” and “Modern Family” in the ratings networks generally care most about.

Clearly there is something we are not comprehending about the show. Do you watch? What is it we’re missing?


Our next tidbit proves we aren’t afraid to tackle the tough topics. Nay-nay, not us, we’ll take any risk and dig deep to get you the facts, gathering information that makes it easier for you to sleep at night.  Here is the proof of those unceasing efforts, an answer to the question hotly debated for many months in this very space:

Lauren Bush & David Lauren To Marry In September, Bride Will Become Lauren Bush Lauren

That headline comes via the Huffington Post in a story about the couple’s upcoming wedding.  That story cites a Page Six piece yesterday on this weekend’s party for the couple.

Lauren Bush and David Lauren celebrated their engagement in style at the Water Mill estate of Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney. FEED Projects founder Bush and Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren, were toasted by party guests — beautifully decked out according to the white dress code — including Ralph, Ricky, Dylan and Andrew Lauren, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Amanda Hearst, Lauren’s siblings Ashley and Pierce Bush, Nacho Figueras and Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. Lauren’s proud mom, Sharon Bush, wished the couple “many grandchildren.” The September wedding will be at the Lauren ranch in Telluride

Below we show Miss Bush in June with some of her FEED Project bags, her company works in partnership with the UN’s World Food Programme.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images


Finally today, a ‘heads-up’ about an approaching Sales and Savings opportunity.  This Friday flash sale site Rue La La will feature discounts on Lilly Pulitzer clothing.

Via Rue Lala

For those unfamiliar with Rue La La, it is one of those ubiquitous ‘members only’ sites (ahem) offering discounted merchandise for limited periods of time.  In this case the sale begins Friday at 11am EDT, 8am PDT.  (If in need of an invitation, just click here.) As always with these, it is good to be prepared to shop *the moment* the sale starts, things do sell out very quickly.

Goodby until next time!


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9 responses to “Finally, An Answer to the ‘Lauren Lauren’ Issue

  1. nRk

    Thank you! That Lauren-Lauren issue was making me a little mental! Haven’t commented in a while but still love here just as much ♥

  2. I confess I’ve spent more than a second pondering the “Lauren Lauren” quandary, so I’m pleased to see you tackling these pressing, hard news questions of the day.

    I’m going to scoot right by this Snooki business – I trust the emergency board meeting of the Anti-Prep Hall of Shame, currently convened to deal with that Kardashian wedding unpleasantness, can handle that “Situation” – and simply say I’d love an invite to that Oscar party. Sigh.

  3. Preppy 101

    Ahhhh – just to be photographed on that wooden boat! Love those dresses. Thank you for the answer to the burning question ;-). I can always count on you TP. XOXO

  4. Wow lots covered today! You are like my afternoon indulgence, when I come in from the beach, and make an iced coffee I know its high time to visit you! OK I felt like well blown up balloon, deflated within a second flat going from the ultra sophisticated Oscar de la Renta soiree lakeside nonetheless, to the trenches and I do mean looooooow trenches of Jersey Shore. The ODR show and setting is just picture perfect, could there not be a more beautiful backdrop? WOW! Hard to comment on the Jersey Shore, I would never watch such garbage and thats exactly what it is. I have teenagers but it strictly forbidden in my house (I am no dummy am sure thy watch it when i am not around) but seriously the dumbing down of America if THIS SHOW is getting such high ratings is of epic proportions and its darn scary!!!!!!!!!
    I look forward to the scoop on the Lauren Lauren wedding, haha..couldn’t resist, they do seem like a really nice and very grounded couple. Wishing them well. I am sure the wedding is going to be amazing. Have a great afternoon!

  5. Snooki .. there was a story that Fendi purchased an LV bag as a gift for her so that, lol, she would make it look cheap. Are fashion people that diabolical?

  6. I pull out the stops on “The Housewives of New York” which I love to watch (I really dig Alex) but The Jersey Shore, I grew up on the shore I don’t remember these girls, and I wouldn’t ever date a guido either. The dim-wittedness is really making fun of the general public’s consumption of the show, I’m sure we have more intellect than that? Seriously, what can some of these men off these ladies, besides being bare foot & knocked up. On a much prettier note, I just adore the color-blocking with Kate Spade.

  7. Lauren Lauren , Please! Snooki and her group, those shows seem to attract shock value viewers….it sells!

    Oh the de La Renta party would have been a dream to attend!! Love any opportunity to wear a Spring/ Summer Luncheon Dress!


    Art by Karena

  8. I just love all things Oscar!! The Kate Spade dress is equally adorable. I must admit I was wondering about Lauren’s new name and her future monograms. LOL.

    Now….Jersey Shore..I have the slightest clue why anyone with an ounce of intelligence would watch that show week after week. It is the highest rated show in America?!! This is very sad.

  9. Thanks for the heads-up about the rue-la-la Lilly sale.

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