Popped or Not, Nantucket or the Vineyard?

Hello-Hello and happy Monday.

For those who don’t summer an entire season at the shore it is once again that time of year, friends and families are packing up and heading off for for a few days at the beach. That makes a story in today’s Boston Globe perfect reading, it looks at two of our favorite places.

Via Weather-Forecast

Islands Apart” considers the age-old debate about which is the preferred island: Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard…? The story suggests that perhaps sentiments on the topic have intensified.
“But what has changed, natives say, is how rabid the rivalry has become off the field, especially among the summer people… who care very much about what their island choice says about them.”
Now, we don’t come from the school of “let’s pick where we summer based on how it will impact the way people think of us”.  IOHO basics like proximity, history, ease of access, and weather make more sense when determining one’s vacation spot, no? Nor are we sharing our personal preference between the two islands (full disclosure: yours truly grew up summering on the shores of Lake Michigan, these two lovely spots are merely places we have been fortunate enough to visit), but we can say many of the observations made by residents and visitors in Billy Baker’s article ring true:

“Both islands, of course, are summer paradises of great natural beauty. They are also very expensive, very exclusive, and very preppy. Nantucket, the broad-brush argument goes, is just more extreme in all categories. In other words, many Vineyarders say, “snobby.’’

One point made in the article involves simple geographic distinctions:

“Martha’s Vineyard is much larger and more populated, with six towns that have distinct personalities; while Nantucket is just one town. The Vineyard is also considerably closer to the mainland. The traditional ferry takes just 45 minutes to arrive, and well over two hours to get to Nantucket.”

The story hones in on an aspect of the rivalry that may be easiest to envision, fashion differences between ACK and the Vineyard, more specifically, brands.

“In Vineyard Vines, a self-described “preppy’’ clothing store that began on Martha’s Vineyard and has now spread to other Sperry meccas, including Nantucket, pastels, braided belts, and shorts with whales on them rule the day.”

And it’s here where we get to a hot-button issue for many Princess readers, the article quotes a VV assistant store manager, Julia Graham:

“It’s basically the same style,’’ said Graham, who is from Greenwich, Conn. and has been summering on the Vineyard her whole life. “But in Nantucket, they pop the collars up.’’

The popped collar, even for a girl from Greenwich, is a thing, a symbol, the epitome of the preppy snob. Except that on Nantucket, many wear that exact stereotype as a badge of honor.”

Full disclosure #2: your trusty correspondent does not ascribe to the popped collar practice.  With no disrespect to those who do, we never have, it is more-than-unlikely we ever will.

Murray's Toggery

When presented with Graham’s assessment, John Murray, the latest generation of his family to own Murray’s Toggery Shop in Nantucket, the birthplace of Nantucket Reds – perhaps the quintessential preppy trouser – did not dispute the pop-collared joke.

“I’m OK with that,’’ he said. “We like to think of ourselves as more sophisticated.’’

Via Damee NYC

Your thoughts? Is one or the other considered a favorite?


Also today, a quick update on this weekend’s Red Cross Ball in Monaco. Below we see newlyweds Prince Albert and Charlene, behind them you can just about see the Prince’s sisters, Princesses Caroline (L) and Stephanie.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Princess Charlene wore a deep fuchsia gown by Akris, as well as a custom-made necklace by Van Cleef and Arpels.

Reuters via The Daily Mail

As an update to our post that shared some of the rumors about the couple’s relationship and marriage, the Palace says those reports are untrue; the couple is suing L’Express, a French magazine that printed allegations about the Princess trying to flee the country just days before her wedding. Hmmmm.


Finally today, an early look at one of the soon-to-be-released ads promoting the upcoming Missoni for Target collection.

Courtesy Image

The enormous collection launches September 13, and will be a major component of Targét’s Fashion’s Night Out event.

We’ll be back on Wednesday, until then may the sun be shining on your island, wherever it may be.


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13 responses to “Popped or Not, Nantucket or the Vineyard?

  1. Ann

    Let me extend the beautiful wish to you dear Princess as well.

  2. Great post! Charlene looks so pretty and really does remind me of a modern day Grace, doesn’t she? As long as shes happy! So funny about the whole island competition……have been to both, have a very good friend whose family is one of the old timers in Nantucket, her family has been on that island for many generations and though she is exempt from this statement “her family is incredibly snobby and maybe even a bit elitist” they definitely think they live on the superior island and would never consider moving elsewhere. I am all for convenience and the less time spent on a ferry the better so MV gets my vote plus there is more to see and do, just becuase its bigger and its so darn charming! But Nantucket is pretty amazing too and I would say its a tie if it was equally close.
    The Missoni line looks promising….but will reserve my judgement until I see the goods, past corroborations have been a big disappointment and I was glad I didn’t race out the day they launched to fight the masses, wouldn’t have been worth it!
    Terrific post.

  3. My father had a place on the Vineyard for a long time. We spent 3 weeks there one summer when my kids were little. Absolutely beautiful. As I understand it, the liberal media has always sought out the Vineyard, Walter Cronkite et. alia. Nantucket is more Republican. I have to say, if you want seclusion on the Vineyard, you can find it. Just go Up Island. And it also has a long-standing community where affluent African-Americans have vacationed, Oak Bluffs. How cool is that? Very. In my humble opinion.

  4. I pop my polo shirt collars for good reason, especially in 110F Texan weather.

    There is a legitimate reason for the collar pop, one that is often not explored by those who do not have experiences growing up of summering anywhere (I myself summered mostly on lakes, Elephant Butte Lake (http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/PRD/elephant.htm) was always a favorite. That reason is simply a matter of exposure to the sun. It can also offer protection from the sheets (that’s sailing line) in case you happen to catch it on your neck by accident.

    Just like torn up topsiders or blucher mocs suggest a type of use having to do with boating and sailing activities, so to does a popped collar on a polo shirt. These are all appropriated by those that wish to add “prep” to the wardrobe without having the background. This is fine, but the history should be understood. I have seen an explosion in the last two or three years of boat shoes (mostly Sperry’s, and not even traditional Sperry’s, but the ones with much thicker an darker soles) but I rarely see salt stains or blood stains, or the rubbed raw toes that signal the wearer is a sailor. Likewise, popped collars are seen on lakes and in ports (BTW, my vote is for Hyannis Port, actually, I’ll skip the islands altogether) because to NOT pop your collar is to invite a terrible sunburn as your sunscreen inevitably wears off after a day of sailing.

    Collars up! Avoid the burn!

  5. So glad you are anti-popped collar as well. It too obviously screams, “Hello, I’m rich and snobby and want everyone to know!” To me, that’s so anti-prep: not elegant, but instead flashy. I guess when I’m out of grad school and living my dream life, I’ll be sure to get a house in the Vineyard instead! 🙂

  6. Hmm… can you guess which island I prefer!? I kid…I have never been to Nantucket but know I will love it when I do finally visit. I would never be able to make as many trips to Nantucket as I do the Vineyard in a summer (unless I eventually get that plane I’ve been wanting) – I feel a world away when I am there even if it is “just” a 45 minute ferry ride. Each time I visit there is always something new to explore.
    I was very surprised there was no mention of Edgartown in the article… perhaps there should have been more prep research!!

  7. As long time Nantucketers, we have bemoaned the rapid development and popped collar aesthetic that seem to be associated with the island in the article. We live a very low key life when on island and have always appreciated the fact that it is a bit more difficult to get to. In this age of private planes and jets, I’m afraid the 30 miles from shore hasn’t deterred those of a certain genre perhaps described above – but most of those we know certainly don’t fall in those categories.

  8. having never visiting either, I now want to visit both…

  9. Oh I loved the education because, sigh, it’s significant. Brilliant.

  10. I smiled the entire time reading this and really got a kick out of your “full disclosure #2.” You never fail to amuse me. I’ve been to Nantucket a few times and consider it one of my happiest places on earth so you can understand my shock and dismay when we took our boys there a few years ago where they found it “boring”. Granted, it was probably the worst heat spell we had ever experienced where not one leaf moved on a tree and the first time we had ever heard the weather referred to as “oppressive” but we were clearly on two separate vacations. Mine included 3 days of shopping and theirs, anything but. 🙂

  11. As someone who “summered” at the beach closest to my house – ie, a 10 minute drive away – the island culture is a bit mystifying to this Left Coaster.

    As for the collars up debate, I’ve never once seen it done in my homeland, though I’ve popped my own mini-prep’s collar here in Texas when we’re outdoors to block the Death Hell Texas sun.

  12. Leagallyblondemel knows what’s up! Absolutely necessary in Tey-has!

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