Mad for Plaid: Summer 2011 Version

Hello-Hello, welcome to the start of a new week.

We are once again brief, beginning with a look at something the folks at FabSugar put together, a look at one of our favorite fabrics entitled “Why Madras is Perfect to Wear Right Now“.

“As far as prints go, madras has earned its stripes as a preppier staple. It makes us think of New England Summers and looks fresh and seasonal on our button-downs, bikinis, and even sneakers.”

The story offers several items in the material, including this J. Crew jacket and this A.P.C. Dress.

Also featured in the piece, the Converse Madras sneakers and a Rugby ‘Erin’ Bikini.

The FabSugar story made us think about how much we do love this textile, and we went off on a search for more. Of course it is an exceptionally good time to add to your plaid collection, many retailers have discounted summer goods significantly. Below left we show the J. Crew Boys Shirt in Teal Madras (was $48, now $29.99), on the right we have a men’s Button Down in Eureka Madras (originally $69, now $49.99).

LL Bean also has some bargains to offer, including this Meetinghouse Plaid Skirt, almost 50% off at $29.99. (Although the cut of the skirt will not be flattering on everyone.)

Back to the gentlemen again, Macy’s offers the Izod Madras Shorts at $34.99 (left), the Nautica Madras on the right are also on sale at Macy’s, now $39.99.

Although we don’t generally think of madras as being pastel, the girls’ sun-faded Jacket and Bermuda Shorts really do look cute, and both are on sale.

Because the ladies seem to get short-shrift when it comes to madras apparel and accessories (notwithstanding specialty boutiques like Cape Madras and Just Madras), your trusty scribe is tempted to buy one of the men’s classic Short Sleeve Madras Shirts at Lands’ End.

There are some cute things at Kohl’s, like the Chaps Plaid Sundress for infant girls, now $16, it was originally $32.

Also darling for your little darling, the Sophie Rose Sundress at $12 from $24, this is from Kohl’s as well.

The Woven Pajama Shorts for Juniors at Kohl’s come in a wonderful array of vibrant colors and plaids, they are now on sale for $7.99.

6pm (Zappo’s discount site) has some madras shoes, including the Vineyard Vines Flip Flops (for men or women) at $31.50 (approximately 30% off MSRP) and the men’s Ralph Lauren Lander.

Because we can’t help ourselves, we share a few more things that could look very cute on your Princess, the Ralph Lauren Madras Top (on sale at Saks for $20.99) and the Juicy Couture Sundress (remarkably free of logos, color us amazed), not on sale at Saks, priced at $98. (Ahem.)

Finally, the perfect gift for yourself, or someone else, the personalized Madras Postage Stamps at Neimans.

Neiman Marcus

They are pricey, $45 for twenty .49¢ stamps, but they are mighty cute as well.


We leave you with a mention of an upcoming ‘style standoff’ (double ahem) at flash sale site, Wednesday’s ‘Preppy vs. Edgy’ event.

"Preppy vs. Edgy" at

We bring it up only because there will be some bargains with a preppish slant, including needlepoint belts by Tucker Blair.

Gilt Groupe

(We also admit to thinking the timing is perfect, Wednesday is the Consort’s birthday (shhh) and he did have a few ‘edgy’ traits at one time, especially when he was riding his Harley.)

With that we say goodbye until Wednesday!


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12 responses to “Mad for Plaid: Summer 2011 Version

  1. LOVE the madras you’ve shown. It’s so fresh and pretty and yet, ha, can be almost seditious/punk the way rappers like my have Ludicrous uses it.

    So good.

  2. I am getting so into plaid again! Saw the cutest madras tote yesterday, and I LOVE that plaid bathing suit you featured!!

  3. Amy

    I have been loving plaid this summer for the beach…I love to wear a simple light plaid button up shirt over my bathing suit!

  4. MCW

    The model wearing the APC dress looks like a 10 year old boy! Other then that loving all of the madras 🙂

  5. Love my madras Sperry’s! I wish I had the body for the shorts or the skirts! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Vicky

    My absolute favorite plaid item is the adorable pair of madras flip flops I got from you!

  7. I don’t think there’s a madras jacket in existence that I don’t love 😉

  8. LOVE madras. Have shorts, jacket and a skirt!

  9. LOVE love madras! The stamps are awesome but I am not sure I could ever justify the price/stamp. So cute though!


  10. Yay Madras!! So happy to see you back!

  11. Jen

    I got an adorable pair of madras shorts for my friend’s 5 year old little girl at Target a while back. Target can’t be beat for cute kids’ clothes. I may have to check out those men’s shorts for my husband. Not something he would usually wear but I may need to get them for him anyway.

  12. I’ve stopped buying madras for this season. I’m already moving on to fall. If I look for fall now, there are two options: 1) stuff people aren’t buying because it’s mid-summer 2) brand new stuff for F/W 11. If I stay away from 2), 1) is pretty inexpensive.

    That being said, I will continue to wear madras until the weather actually changes. I just think two madras buttown down shirts, four pairs of madras shorts, a madras belt, and a pair of madras Sperry Topsiders are probably enough to last me the next month and a half or so until I change to herringbone tweeds and tartan wools.

    (I’m not a shameless self-promotor, but if anyone wants to check out pictures of any of the above, it’s all been featured at various points on my blog.)

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