“It’s All About The Preppy” at Targét & J. Crew Collection for Fall

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a busy Thursday here at the Prepatorium. Today’s post is very brief, once again we face too much office work and too little time for bloggage. Sigh.

We begin with something that surprised us the last time we were at Le Boutique Targét, take a look at the company’s in-store marketing campaign:


The “It’s All About Preppy Looks” message is seen on signage throughout the children’s department, but when shopping online one doesn’t find much merchandise described as “preppy”.  When doing a search on the retailer’s website for anything “preppy” only five items are returned for that search term.


It doesn’t mean the pieces the company is pushing as ‘preppy’ in-store aren’t available online, shoppers will just need to know what they are looking for by style. (We don’t think that’s much of an issue for TPP readers, not too many of us shop for clothing by that search term.) It’s more of a lack of merchandising coordination, something Target is usually much better at.


Next, we glance quickly at a few of the fall styles from J. Crew’s higher-end “Collection” line.


Via Fab Sugar

‘Collection’ features limited edition pieces like the $995 Starlee Sequin Dress in a very pretty pink (shown on the left), and the $1495 Leopard Calf Hair Jacket.

Other Collection styles are shown below, the Double-Faced Cashmere Popover and the Albertus Swanepoel Fedora at $178. (Mr. Swanepoel is the gentleman doing a collaboration with Target later this year; click here for more on that topic.)

Here is the Capelette Peacoat, $350.

J. Crew Collection

And the Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater.

J. Crew Collection

To see Crew’s fall Collection Lookbook, click here.


Also today, Who What Wear has an interesting piece examining “Preppy Pieces Under $100“.

Who What Wear

From that story:

“When you hear the word “preppy,” a few things immediately come to mind: pearl necklaces, penny loafers, and characters like Blane and Steff from Pretty in Pink. In other words, it conjures up a look that hasn’t been wildly popular since the ’80s—until now.”

Items showcased in the piece include a River Island Padlock Bag at $40 and a Tommy Hilfiger Web Belt, $48.

More from the story:

Whether it’s a pair of nautical-chic wedges or a polished plaid dress, these handpicked items will freshen up your mid-season wardrobe without breaking the bank, so feel free to shop today’s Under $100 story sans stress. Whatever you buy, just know that Muffy would definitely approve…

We do like the ASOS Checked Dress with Bow Belt, it runs $78.

This one makes for an interesting read. While not everything shown in the story equates to a ‘preppy style,’ we are fans of the Who What Wear approach.

G’bye until next time!


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12 responses to ““It’s All About The Preppy” at Targét & J. Crew Collection for Fall

  1. Could that ASOS dress be a little shorter???

  2. Love the J Crew styling .. so American sportswear easy, You know what you’ll get there before you walk in the door. If the world improves, they should get explosive crossing the line between fashion and preppy.

  3. That popover is deeeelicious. Possibly the single best thing I’ve seen from Le Crew in the past five years.

  4. I’m immediately suspicious of both Target and J. CREW. Target, mainly for their price point, but J. CREW because of the fine print on the label. I have very little from J. CREW because almost everything in the store is made i China, and just isn’t worth the money. With Target, not only do I pretty much know everything is made in China, but usually given the price point, I am concerned about shoddy construction.

  5. Love how the neons are coming back.. oh yea! I don’t think I … well wait, last time I sported anything neon was when I was in grade school, black leather pants, green neon top, dangling neon earrings.. so not preppy but it was “off the hook” so-to-speak, for the exception of the haters of course.

  6. Wow preppy is back with a vengance! Love it all especially all the looks from J Crew, classic with a twist, much like the way I like to dress. Thanks and have a fabulous weekend!

  7. I frequently splurge on a piece from the J Crew Collection. While some of the things are ridiculous or outrageously expensive, there is almost always something I must have!!

  8. OMG! I’m in to win this year!

  9. Does J. Crew have maternity?? I sure hope so!

  10. I have always had a bit of prep in my dress. Love the fuchsia turtleneck and would scoop it up but I can’t bare to think about fall yet! Xo,Lynn

  11. Notwithstanding my love/hate relationship with le Crew, that pink sequined number is utterly delicious.

  12. I need that leopard fedora! NEED!

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