Brooks Brothers Boys & Girls Fleece for Fall & A New Line We Like

Hello-Hello, and happy top of a new week.

Today’s post acknowledges the inevitable: that although we are only in the middle of summer, and weeks away from fall (months away for those of us without back to school concerns), new season collections are arriving in stores. In that spirit we take a look at this fall’s Fleece Collection at Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers "Fleece"

Fleece is the line that launched this spring bringing the Boys and Girls collections together under a unified label. We share a number of looks from the fall line.

Brooks Brothers

We like almost everything in the collection. The pieces seem more age-appropriate, with hems that look a little longer, there is restraint in the use of embellishment and pattern. The impact is a collection that is more classic, more preppish if you will.  Below, two of the casual ensembles.

Brooks Brothers Fleece

The more formal styles are also pretty. The grey Taffeta Print Dress has a *very* sophisticated look, although we’re not sure what color most accurately reflects the shades of grey in the fabric. The dress runs $125 in girls sizes 4 through 16.

Brooks Brothers Printed Taffeta Dress

Our favorite of the dressier styles, the Wool Pleat Dress.

Brooks Brothers

It is everything a young lady’s winter dress should be, with three-quarter length sleeves, pleats and elegant piping, priced at $125. We show two more of the dress-up styles, not our favorites, but not bad either.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

There are also basics like Argyle Cardigans in merino wool.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

Along with the Girls Cashmere Cardigans. (TQM is rolling her eyes at the notion of cashmere for kids, “It’s just not practical.”)

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

The wool dresses for Girls look nice as well, although the sleeveless version on the far right doesn’t make a lot of sense, initially we thought it was a jumper, but online it is described as a dress. The dresses are priced between $80 and $90.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

The fall shoes are also darling, all of these ballet flats feature sweet little bows and

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

The Boys Fleece line for fall is also available online.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

Here are several looks.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

Again, there are plenty of basics like merino wool sweaters, these run $89.50 to $98.50.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

The selection of pants available for your young MOTH (Man of the House) is also good sized, with styles in corduroy, gabardine, pleated, unpleated, and more. These are priced from $59.50 to $98.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

The sports shirts for boys shown below are $49.50.

Brooks Brothers 'Fleece'

All in all this is a stellar collection from Brooks, with lots of things to like.


And in the spirit of “summer is still very much with us!” we have a look at a line relatively new to us, Jolie & Elizabeth.

Jolie and Elizabeth

The company is best known for its seersucker dresses, below we share a portion of its philosophy as explained online:

Jolie is French for, “pretty” and Elizabeth translates to “promise” so together, Jolie & Elizabeth means pretty promise and our promise to you is below.

All of our dresses are manufactured right here in the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana… Jolie & Elizabeth prides itself in contributing to the rebuilding, revitalizing and redevelopment of the city of New Orleans, and the great state of Louisiana.

Here are three darling dresses.

Jolie & Elizabeth

The line also offers party dresses, here are two styles shown at New Orleans Fashion Week, we’ll make the dress on the left today’s Pretty in Pink.

Jolie and Elizabeth

We do like the way this line looks, and love the fact they manufacture in New Orleans.

That’s it for today, goodbye until next time!


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12 responses to “Brooks Brothers Boys & Girls Fleece for Fall & A New Line We Like

  1. I can’t wait for Alex and Avery to get a little older.

  2. Jolie & Elizabeth looks darling! Will have to look more into them!

  3. Oooh, there’s a girl at my house who’ll look beautiful in that Wool Pleats dress. Love it!

  4. I need a child so I can dress them in Brooks Brothers! Jolie and Elizabeth – Beautiful!

  5. That pleated wool dress is indeed my idea of little girl dress heaven.

  6. Love the kids clothes, but, I must admit, I would have to hold my boys down kicking and screaming to dress them that way! I have failed to instill preppiness in my kids! I am secretly hoping that some future sweetheart is more successful with my boys’ clothing choices!:-)

  7. Wow BB looks AMAZING. Those girls clothes are right up my alley, and I would buy each and every one of those looks, love the colors…so sophisticated and classic!! I am really loving the direction they are going in…very impressed!! Gotta check out the other line, Jolie and Elizabeth, always can count on you for a great introduction to a new line!
    Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

  8. Preppy 101

    I love the majority of the BB line! And cannot wait to check out Jolie & Elizabeth! xoxo

  9. I want to have grandchildren just so that I can dress them up in Brooks Brothers clothes!

  10. ZOMG, my grandmother & I would have had such fun shopping a junior Brooks Brothers collection. My imaginary future daughter would wear any of those cardigan & pleated skirts in particular, though I adore it all – save the cashmere, of course. TQM & the Pretty grandmother (and I!) would be in agreement about that.

  11. Much love for Brooks on my blog. I can usually fit into a boys L or XL, so at those price points, I’m looking at those shirts and vests…

    I love all of the girls looks. Very elegant.

  12. I was just looking at BB yesterday and spotted their Jr line. A dream come true!!! You have to start them off early!!

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