About That Melted Ice Cream Truck You’ve Seen

Hello-Hello, welcome to a steamy hot Thursday here in The Great Midwest.

Once again we are very brief, business duties are curtailing time for the blog, so today we share a number of quick hits about products or lines new to the market that have a preppish feel or style.  We begin with Harding-Lane, a New England company launched this year by a brother and sister team in Massachusetts.

Courtesy Harding-Lane

Harding-Lane offers a new twist on the classic baseball cap: needlepoint icons, all with a nautical wildlife feel, have been added to this standard item, definitely taking it up a notch on the fashion scale.

Courtesy Harding-Lane

The caps are $24.99, they are proving so popular that some styles have already sold out.  You can learn more about the company at the website, or at Harding-Lane’s Facebook page. The company’s slogan is “high tides and green grass forever,” congratulations to Steve and Sarah for what is clearly a successful launch.


Another new endeavor that may be of interest to readers, Dress for the Game, an online boutique featuring dresses for game day wear. The idea for the site was Heather Chesser’s, she has a painful college memory of wearing the wrong thing to a SEC football game and wants to provide alternatives in school colors for others facing a dress dilemma.

There are dresses and accessories for several schools, categories have names like Geaux Tigers, Dawgs and Go Gators.  Below we show Orange You Classy and Ruffles and Bows.

The company also has a Facebook page for those interested in learning more via that site. We send best wishes to Heather for success with her new shop.


We have a Sales and Savings opportunity that many readers will find appealing, it is almost time for the Just Madras annual Christmas in July sale, it starts Saturday.

Just Madras

The sale gives shoppers a 25% discount on everything that is in stock, use promo code Christmas at checkout. The sale starts Saturday (the 23rd) and runs through Monday.

Just Madras


Finally today, an image many have already seen, it has been shared in abundance online and crops up again every year when a big summer heat wave hits.

Via Serious Seats

As mentioned, the “It’s so hot the ice cream truck melted” image has made the rounds over the years, but we didn’t realize there were other images of it.

Being completely OCD a little inquisitive we decided to try and find out the origins of the truck. It turns out the truck was created by Australian advertising agency The Glue Society. This next photo is from November, 2006, when the truck was part of the annual Sculpture by the Sea event in Sydney.


And here is a different angle as shown on The Glue Society’s website.

Via The Glue Society

Anyway you look at the artwork, it is very cool. Pun intended. (Oh, what a dopey Princess!)

Until next time, we hope everyone is able to stay relatively cool, and if you have time, reach out and do a quick check of someone you know who may be especially vulnerable to the heat.



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8 responses to “About That Melted Ice Cream Truck You’ve Seen

  1. Those baseball caps are genius.

  2. I always get the best information visiting you! I love that first line, going to check them out, the melted ice cream truck is a riot! I love madras and have a few pieces but no one else in my family will wear it 😦 Love the concept behind dress for the game, clever and chic!!

  3. It is 97 degrees here today. I hate to complain knowing the winters we have, but I’m still dying. LOL.

  4. They are, indeed, genius. I want them all and I don’t wear baseball caps. Lisagh will love ’em!

  5. The melted ice cream truck made me laugh out loud!

  6. mona

    How fun is that!?! Looks like that young man got the last ice cream before the big melt down. Lucky him! I love that “inquiring minds” can learn something new each day from TP. 🙂
    I do believe the baseball caps are deserving of 2 thumbs up!

  7. Preppy 101

    Love the baseball caps and especially the game day wear!! Thank you Princess! And I ❤ the corny jokes ;-). They're the funniest!! XOXO

  8. threlkelded

    Thank you for digging up those other two photos of the truck! It’s making the rounds again, I guess because it’s almost summer. 🙂

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