Dylan Lauren’s Wedding Gown, “Preppy Chic”

Hello-Hello, welcome to another wacky day here at The Prepatorium, where once again business obligations force brevity.

We begin with a look at the wedding gown Ralph Lauren created for his daughter Dylan.

Sebastian Kim via Vogue Magazine

The candy store entrepreneur married hedge fund manager Paul Arrouet last month, and many have been eager to see the gown, interested in how a design by Mr. Lauren would turn out. Everyone involved in the wedding has done a remarkable job keeping photos of the dress under wraps, it is amazing in this day and age there haven’t been pictures posted online, either legitimately or ‘leaked’ by someone involved with the dress or the wedding.

This is the first photo we have seen of the silk gown, it had a mermaid style hem, including a nine-foot train. Here is a little more from The Daily Mail:

“…a handmade duchesse satin, silk tulle, georgette embroidered dress with a tiered train.  The custom-made gown, which she wears for a photoshoot celebrating her marriage in the August issue of Vogue, was kept under security guard at Ralph Lauren’s New York headquarters prior to the wedding.

There is also a story about the wedding in the magazine from Andre Leon Talley with loads of details about the big day. The photo seen above is part of Vogue’s online slide show featuring people in its annual age issue, done every August and showcasing elegance across a broad spectrum of years.


This is always a good issue, one we enjoy very much reading.


One other note about Ms. Lauren, she has designed a Maclaren baby stroller in a design tied to her Candy Bar look and logo.

Via Maclaren

The stroller is the Volo style, available online at Maclaren and other retailers for $150.


Also today, InStyle has yet another take on ‘Preppy Chic,’ showing items they deem to fall into this category.  We share just a few, including a Timex Resin ‘Camper’ Watch and Tommy Hilfiger Linen/Cotton Boyfriend Cardigan. (This is a nice blend for a summer sweater, we don’t own this particular item but have pieces in the same fabric, they breath wonderfully in the heat.)

The online feature also highlights ‘Quip Thank You’ cards by Kate Spade and a Lacoste Camellia polo shirt, today’s Pretty in Pink.

To see the rest of the slide show click here.


We wanted to share one more tidbit, what one publication is describing as “Oscar de la Renta’s preppy princess”.

Oscar de la Renta via Grazia UK

That’s how UK fashion magazine Grazia titled its early look at the fall ad campaign for the line, the ads features supermodel Karlie Kloss.

The story also links to a short video with several different looks from Oscar de la Renta’s fall collection.


Before we say goodbye, Tilly insists we say ‘Thank You’ on her behalf for your more-than-generous-support of her new role as shipping manager here at the Princess.  She is especially grateful to those understanding her need to take her 15-minute break, the pressure-cooker environment is wearing her out.

Employee of the Month? We Think Not.

Our only problem is that Tilly’s 15 minute breaks happen every 15 minutes.

Goodbye until next time!


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13 responses to “Dylan Lauren’s Wedding Gown, “Preppy Chic”

  1. mona

    Dylan Lauren’s wedding dress is breathtakingly stunning!

    Awww, bless Miss Tillly’s sweet puppy heart. It’s so hot, and there were so many orders to over see. She needs her own ‘supervisor’s office’ so the employees don’t realize she’s dare I say it, “cat napping.” Sweet dreams Tilly.

  2. I am so glad Tilly is taking time for those much needed breaks from all the hard work from being a warehouse manager, its a tough job but someones gotta do it! Enjoyed seeing the pics of Dylans gown, its quite beautiful and I too look forward the age issue as it normally depicts “real” people who represent their age well but also realistically!

  3. Makes me want to cuddle up right next to Tilly and get in your way:).

  4. What an adorable pooch!!! I have a Frenchie and she has the most peculiar behaviors, she’s my fur baby!

  5. MCW

    I love that RL designed his daughters wedding dress. I would love to see what my dad would come up with. Ha.
    Not a big fan of that stroller…kind of psychedelic.

  6. That wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it!! Love that stationery too!

  7. “Confection” is the word that comes to mind with that RL dress. I adore it on its own merits, but that RL himself designed the dress makes it sweeter. (Also, someone please stop me with the cutesy candy-themed descriptions.)

    But before I give up the sweetness, that Miss Tilly is too much. 15 minutes surely isn’t enough of a break for such a taxing job?

  8. Preppy 101

    Love her gown! {Of course}. And – oh, to be Tilly for a day ;-). Xoxo

  9. Jen

    My favorite part is Tiilly. I’m glad you are an equal opportunity employer. Is she union with that nap schedule?

  10. Dylan’s wedding gown is gorgeous!

  11. Freidra

    I bet that dress would be even prettier if there was slightly more person in it. She’s so thin!

  12. Sandra

    My Bully, Miss Chloe Elizabeth. makes Tilly look Type A! I don’t care for the dress–a liitle too much going on… ruffles on top and at hem..With that train, she’s probably trying to pretend she’s like Princess Diana.

  13. Nigel - Oprah Winfrey lover!!!

    I have seen the interview of the distinguished Mr. Ralph Lauren and his amazingly beautiful and down to earth family by Oprah Winfrey, where it was announced that Mr. Lauren will be designing his daughter Dylan”s dress. I finally saw it today, and it took my breath away!!! It was very creative, exquisite, and perfectly made!!! In my mind, this is the sort of dress a bride should be getting married in!!! Dylan Lauren said that the dress is so amazing that she may sleep in it, and even wear it the day after!!! I can’t blame her… i am totally at a loss for words to begin to fathom how such a creation could have been achieved!!! Mr. Ralph Lauren you are truly a genius designer!!! The dress appears to be light, airy, and a piece to behold!!! A true masterpiece!!! WOW!!!

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