Target’s New Designer, That New Gossip Girl, Stella & Dot Adds Handbags

Hello-Hello, and happy top of a new week!

It has been a little busier than normal here at the Prepatorium, more on that later. But first, we have a quick look at the newest addition to the Gossip Girl cast. Although we don’t watch, a number of readers are fans, so we attempt to stay abreast of developments on the show, below we see Elizabeth Hurley shooting a scene with Chace Crawford last week.

Flynet Pictures via The Daily Mail

The show is in production for its next season, shooting on the UES. Ms. Hurley plays a character named Diana Payne,we also show Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley working on the set last week.

Splash/AKM Images via The Daily Mail

The new character is apparently that of a ‘media mogul,’ obviously a very attractive one.


Next, word from Women’s Wear Daily (subscription req’d.) that Le Boutique Targét is adding another designer line, this one from Gwen Stefani. The Harajuku Mini collection will debut in November, with pieces for “babies, children and tweens,” according to the trade publication.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

Prices for the line will run $3.99 to $29.99. Sharon Edelson’s story points out that Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection is one of very few successful fashion endeavors being done by celebrities.


Next on the menu today, a look at a new accessories collection from a company called Sloane Ranger.  The line is just being launched, from its website:

“Inspired by the streets of Sloane Square, It was time to bring the Sloane’s effortless cool and confident styling across the pond.”

Many readers remember Princess Diana as the most well known individual associated with the moniker. Here are a few of the company’s iPad/Netbook cases, retailing at $20.

And here are some of the belts being offered, they run $18.

Thoughts on the new wares? Intrigued? Yawn? Cute?


Women’s Wear Daily also has word about Stella and Dot, the jewelry and limited accessories line sold through private trunk shows. The company is adding handbags to the merchandise its stylists will be offering, below we show one of the bags.

Courtesy Photo via WWD

The initial handbag collection will consist of five bags, here is more from the WWD story:

“A clutch; a convertible, three-way style; a cross-body bag; a wristlet, and a key pouch will comprise the first collection. Prices start at $44 for the key pouch and go up to $258 for the convertible bag. “

Stella and Dot already offers jewelry totes and rolls.


Finally today, one of the reasons we say the weekend was a little chaotic.  Facebook fans have already heard that we hired a new shipping manager, seen on the job below overseeing Friday’s shipment of Lilly Pulitzer Agendas to Princess customers.

Courtesy Tilly T. Bulldog

It was good to have new personnel on the job, we had quite a few Lilly Pulitzer Agendas to get ready for today’s shipping run.

Above we show boxes being prepped for shipment, below, some of the boxes ready to go.

The Prepatorium

And more boxes filled with Agendas going out today.

The Prepatorium

Of course, with this many orders one counts on the shipping supervisor.  You’re wondering where that employee is aren’t you? So were we.

Caught Red-Pawed

We finally located her, tracked by the sound of her snores.

Honestly, you just can’t get good help these days.


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18 responses to “Target’s New Designer, That New Gossip Girl, Stella & Dot Adds Handbags

  1. Holy moly, that’s a lot of boxes! And one of them is MINE and according to tracking, it’s on the mail truck en route to my house to be delivered today. Hooray!!!

  2. mona

    My initial thought on the Sloane Range whale belt is, cute!

    Tilly says, “Whaaat? I’m excellent help! I’m allowed my 15 minute break.”

  3. Ooo I am going to check the Sloane site out! Since I’m not American and was raised immersed in Scottish culture I tend to lean more to Sloane at times :O)

  4. Wow things are hopping over there for you! And love the “busy employee” and so happy he takes breaks when necessary!! I didn’t know LIz Hurley was joining GG…intersting. I will be curious to see what Gwen does for Target, not holding my breath and but wishing them both all the best. So far not terribly impressed with the collaborations though a friend of mine is all excited to stock up on the Missoni towels for her beach house and is over the moon in anticipation….maybe I am missing something? The Sloane Ranger line looks adorable…am going to have to check them out. Have a lovely afternoon!

  5. MRM

    Love the Sloane Ranger products! I still need to order a Lilly agenda.

  6. I like Tilly’s work ethic.

  7. Woman! Get yourself a warehouse! Or perhaps that is your very deluxe warehouse?:). Oh, wait, I know. Tilly would find it beneath her. Very clearly not a junkyard dog.

  8. I think the Sloane Ranger products are cute; I wonder how their quality will be.

    I think Ed Westwick needs a tee under that shirt, or a chest waxing.

    I think your new shipping manager looks MAHVELOUS in brown/white. Classic color combo, you know.

  9. Love the clutch! Doesn’t look like the new help is quite up to speed! 🙂

  10. Love the clutch! Doesn’t look like the new help is quite up to speed! 🙂

  11. Preppy 101

    So excited to get my Lilly Agenda! And please thank Tilly for making sure mine is shipped in a timely fashion ;-). I like the Sloane Ranger products. Similar to many preppy items, but I love them all!! Have a great week Princess! xoxo

  12. Oh too cute!! Tilly is clearly doing a marvelous job – that’s why she needed a nap!!

  13. Hhahhaha… I would be tired too after packing all those boxes!!

  14. Amy

    Haha that is too cute! Tilly is just darling!

  15. Anonymous

    Re: Good Help. You could just do what has become the “American” way and outsource that department to another country so another American would’t have a job.
    Or you might partner with Goodwill Industries for taping and labeling and create a win/win situation for both of you! The Association for Retarded Citizens ((ARC) had great community-to-business projects available in some areas as well.

  16. Little Red

    You plum wore her out. 😉

  17. Ohh Tilly! Asleep on the job. Hope her pay wasn’t docked 😉

    Too precious!

    P.S. The Pink Tutu is no more – time for a change 🙂

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