When You Wish…

Hello-Hello, all.  The Consort sauntering casually mikeside to entertain you while The (lovely and very talented) Princess tends to some prior obligations.  There have been some events these past few days that I’m sure you noticed.  That’s right, Canada is rolling out the red (how appropriate) carpet for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Or, as we refer to them here at The Prepatorium, William and Kate.  As they tour Canada the royals have been welcomed by great crowds and much to-do.  But I noticed some images that captured the impact the Prince and Princess are having on some of Canada’s smallest citizens.  And those images made me think for a moment.

When I was just a young Consort I imagined myself doing great things.  Shouldn’t all children have those dreams?  My lovely bride tells me many young girls have the familiar fantasy of marrying a prince and becoming a princess.  It’s a fairy tale and part of growing up.  Adults are mature enough to realize life is not a fairy tale.  But children don’t know that yet.  So what happens when the dream comes to life right in front of the youngster’s eyes?

Have you ever seen such precious children?  While the littlest girl greets a real-life princess with her best curtsey the other girl is enthralled.  This meeting will live forever in their minds because this is the moment they saw that dreams can become real.  And that dream can be close enough to touch…

This little girl put her pretty yellow flower in her hair and waited at the fence with hundreds of other people.  Can you imagine what she is feeling in this instant?  This is the moment when Kate came to her, crouched to look her directly in the eyes and shared a few words.  It is a private time in an extraordinary public event.  Now the little girl with the pretty yellow flower in her hair has met a real-life princess and knows that dreams do come true.

When does the dream of becoming a princess begin?  Perhaps for this young girl it started in this moment.

She’s delivered her flowers to the Princess and now she has her eye on the Prince.  What could she be thinking?  Is this the moment when she realizes princes are real and within reach?

And for some children meeting a prince and princess brings just too much joy to contain.

This little girl in Quebec is saying so much with her smile.  She is moments away from an encounter that she will likely never forget.  And she will know that fairy tales can come true because she met a woman who became a princess.

Here at The Preppy Princess we hope your dreams come true.

Thank you for indulging me.  My Princess will be back with you tomorrow and I hope to revisit you all soon.  Until then, remember to take care of your waitperson because they’re working hard for you tonight.  I’ll leave you today with a singer who knows a thing or two about dreams.  Good night, everyone!

Photo credits:  Splash News via The Daily Mail, Reuters, Andy Clark/Reuters,  Christinne Muschi/Reuters


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7 responses to “When You Wish…

  1. What charming shots – you’ve found ones that really express the wonder and excitement of these children. Everyone should have dreams!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, those little girls bring tears to my eyes.

    Have you read about the man who waited for hours with his little girl to see the pair? They walked by the man and his little girl got to hand Kate a bouquet of flowers and Kate talked about wanting to have a family, or something like that. Precious.

    I think that the pair seem so kind makes the time with children all the sweeter.

  3. Dreaming ..

    It looks so beautiful but the pressure and lack of freedom, the duty .. Prince William is very lucky that Kate seems willing to live this life.

  4. Preppy 101

    Consort – Your Best Post Ever!! Have a great day!! xoxo

  5. Awww, such a cute post, those images are precious. When I was a little girl, my Mom gave me the children’s book “Dianna, The Fairytale Princess.” I LOVED that book. Its so wonderful that Kate and William can inspire a new generation of little girls to dream.

  6. Dear Consort, I am back to work after 10 days in my little version of heaven, and I am SO glad to come back to this post. The sparkle in their eyes and the delight in their smiles is enough to make anyone happy on this gray and rainy day in Michigan!! The curtsey is the cutest thing I have laid eyes upon in a LONG time. Thanks so much for sharing all this!!!

  7. It’s all barbies townhouse’s fault! From that day forward, I was destined to marry prince charming and live in a high-rise off of 5th drenched in pink interior.

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