The Consort Hits Out of The Rough…again

Hello-hello, all.  The Consort here striding confidently to the teebox while the lovely and talented Princess fulfills some prior commitments.  I had the luxury of playing a couple of rounds of golf with some friends recently and I had some thoughts I want to share.  I’ve put together a modest list of things I’ve learned while wandering around golf courses and how it all relates to life in general.  Perhaps these thoughts might resonate with you or you’d like to add your own musings.  By all means, share.

1.  There is always going to be someone who plays better than you.  That is a fact of the game and of life.  Be gracious and learn from that person.

2.  Never underestimate your opponent.  They might not be dressed to impress or have the most recent generation of equipment but watch out when they suddenly want to “sweeten” the game.  You are very likely heading into dangerous terrain.

3.  Know your limitations.  Not everyone can, or should, hit from the tips.  There is no shame in being realistic about your skill set.  You will contribute to the match and the people around you will appreciate your efforts.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice but remember:  There is a time and place for lessons.  During a golf match or a meeting in the boardroom might not be that time or place.

4.  Equipment will not automatically raise your skill level.  You know the person: Has to have the latest and greatest golf equipment, tech gear or fashions.  It always gets back to what you can do.  There are great stories about veteran golfer Lee Trevino hustling bets by using only one golf club during a match.  He won a lot more money than he lost.   And haven’t you run into someone like that in your professional experience?  The person who gets things done with a minimum of fuss and bother.

5.  Your foot is not a golf club.  One of the fundamental rules of golf is that you play the ball where it lies.  There are penalties if the ball is moved and you are expected to call those penalties on yourself.  It has been my experience that if someone will cheat on a golf course they will likely cheat off a golf course.

6.  While standing in the rough take a moment to remember that more than likely you’ve been there a time or two.  You worked your way out before and you’ll work your way out now.  Same rules apply off the course.  Take your best shot and keep moving forward.

7.  Have fun.  Whether you’re golfing or not life is too short to not enjoy what you’re doing.

And I’ve enjoyed our time together.  I’m going to hitch up my plus-fours and head back on the course.  Remember to take care of your waitperson because they’re working hard for you today.  I’ll be back soon but before I go enjoy the musical stylings of some young men from Detroit who put the rythmn into rythmn and blues.


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7 responses to “The Consort Hits Out of The Rough…again

  1. Jackie

    Very insightful comments. Loved the music as well. Great way to introduce the holiday weekend in a mellow tone.

  2. Mona

    Wishing you and The Princess a safe and Happy “FORE”th! xx

  3. Thank you Consort. Just in time for our upcoming lessons next week. . . the at the Blue Barn boys are getting their certification. . . Have a divine Fourth!
    Jennifer McIntyre

  4. Well I’ve never learned to play golf even though I can see our course from my bedroom window and the course at the beach is evidently spectacular. However, I totally agree that “life is too short to not enjoy what you’re doing.” Wishing you a fabulous fourth!!

  5. Preppy 101

    Great Post! Yes, In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses the story about Jordan’s cheating in a golf match to define her as a shady character not to be trusted – and it’s true. My husband LOVED golf, as do we all. My daughter works for the PGA Tour so this spoke to me on many levels. Your choice of music – perfection. FYI: I always tip at least 20% :-). Happy 4th and hello to the Princess! xoxo

  6. Love your words of wisdom, played as a kid, and here and there as an adult, I imagine in a few years I may get back into it, my best friend is begging me, just don’t have the luxury of time that it requires right now but I enjoyed reading about your insight, so funny about the person who has to have the latests and greatest…regardless of their skill level, that always gives me a chuckle because I have a few friends who fit that description:-)
    Happy 4th!

  7. Amy

    Ha! I played this Saturday and these are all very good lessons! I especially like the one about the clubs. I haven’t owned my own set – ever – but I still play well with whoever’s old clubs I borrow for the day. While new clubs of my own would obviously do me some good, it still comes down to how well I can swing, regardless of what’s in my hand.

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