Silly for Seersucker and Tiffany at Wimbledon

Hello and happy Friday, we are more-than-ready for a weekend.

Today we merely share some Friday Fun, it seems like time to revel in a bit of frivolity, and we begin with a quick review of yesterday’s Seersucker Thursday.

J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

The non-partisan celebration of the summery fabric on Capitol Hill is traditionally marked every June. Above we see Senators sporting their stripes, from left to right: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, Sen. Susan Collins, R-ME, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of KY and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY.  Below we have the larger group of Senators and Representatives, temporarily looking like one big happy family (the Mansons).

Bill Clark/Roll Call via AP

We do enjoy this tradition, a bit of lighthearted fun amid the intense goings-on seems like a good idea. (And yes, we do love our seersucker here at the Prepatorium, in season.)


Next, more Wimbledon news. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, last night was Elton John’s annual White Tie and Tiaras party, always a spot to see some serious party frocks. Below, Anne Hathaway in Prada alongside Chopard exec Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele (Chopard was an event sponsor), on the right we see Elizabeth Hurley  in Roberto Cavelli.

Also on hand for the event, actor Matthew Morrison from Glee, and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford, both wore Dolce & Gabbana.

Several Royals made appearances, including Princess Beatrice, very elegant in Elie Saab, her mother, Sarah Ferguson, in Escada and Princess Eugenie was in Vivienne Westwood.

Wire Image via The Daily Mail

Another Wimbledon-related note, some readers may recall that tennis ace Maria Sharapova has a deal with Tiffany, she wears a pair of their earrings at every Grand Slam event. (Ahem.)

Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

This year at the All England Club Ms. Sharapova is wearing earrings from Tiffany’s Legacy Collection in platinum, they are described by the company as “…drop earrings… feature exquisitely faceted round brilliant diamonds. …”. (Double ‘ahem,’ your correspondent isn’t terribly fond of diamonds before the cocktail hour with the exception of those in one’s engagement and/or wedding ring. Silly Princess.)

Tiffany & Co.

If interested in this pair, they may be found here.


We leave you with a lovely reminder of this weekend’s Newport Flower Show.

Via Fairfield County Online

The primary event is on the grounds of Rosecliff, but there are activities everywhere, there is even a Facebook page for the Show.  One more picture we can’t resist sharing, these just look so pretty.

Via Newport Flower Show Facebook Page

May everyone enjoy a weekend as beautiful as the plants at the Flower Show. 🙂



All Elton John party photos courtesy Chopard,via The Telegraph.


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11 responses to “Silly for Seersucker and Tiffany at Wimbledon

  1. Seersucker Thursday always makes me smile 🙂

  2. Lovely post as always. I also enjoyed yesterdays. If you ask me, needlepoint belts can’t make a comeback because they never left! 🙂

  3. so sad to see how much work fergie’s had done. she looks totally different.


  4. I must say Beatrice has totally redeemed herself in my eyes!! Her dress and overall look is the epitome of glad shes come to her senses and traded her crazy “headdresses” for “gorgeous evening dresses”. Wish I could go to the Newport Flower brother in law got married at Rosecliff and its such a beautiful spot…what a treat it would be to go!
    Wimbledon looks more glamorous than ever…love all the formality. And I love seersucker as much for women as I do men…a timeless classic that I hope will always be around:)
    Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  5. Love the seersucker Senators, but must confess to wearing diamonds in my ears at all times of day and not. Not dangly ones, but diamonds all the same.

  6. Preppy 101

    LOVE and adore seersucker Thursday! I also love “Wimbledon Time of the Year”. xoxo

  7. pink&grn4evr

    I am old-school but like HSH the Princess, I also believe in “no diamonds before dinner”. My husband takes this adage to an extreme I had not heard adopted before (if you have heard this, please comment), he steadfastly believes a lady should not wear “any faux diamonds or gemstones larger than one’s husband could afford” unless it is obviously meant to be a costume piece by design i.e. Chanel fashion jewelry by Chanel. Even then his caveat is that when worn the logo should not be discernible by 8′. Thankfully, he is ok w/ Kenneth Jay Lane classics as in the larger mm creamy white pearl set w/ a small (.33 kt.) round c.z. in 14 kt. white gold earring one sees on women of a certain age around the time of their 20-something wedding anniversaries. We happened to get an investment apt. that yr. in a South Florida
    next to it in white gold. He is also happy (and so am I!) and then only if the size of the logos are not visible by 10′ or copies of historical jewelry such as one finds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  8. The seersucker is wonderful. We don’t see enough of it in Southern California.
    The Princesses look lovely, don’t they. That Vivian Westwood dress is to die for.
    Diamond dangle earrings on the tennis court, Tiffany or not, …ridiculous. It looks silly and out of place and only for the aspirational.
    Have a great weekend.


    So, yes, I deplore the wearing of daytime diamonds but we must remember this champion hails from Russia and has had no one to teach her such fine points as they are by-products of a social upbringing. Almost no one aimed at becoming a world tennis champion receives education in social, table and in sponsorships whose paychecks will fund her retirement and the rest of her personal life after her body cannot withstand the rigors of singles’ play and she & a partner are relegated to the side courts for doubles’ play for the next 20 years, God willing and no injuries.

    One must also take into mind, although on one hand Wimbledon represents a fine tradition of grass tennis and an adherence to classic (boring) white tennis clothes. To illustrate the efforts of players to differentiate themselves by their apparel, let’s not forget Chris Evert’s white horizontal lace-adorned panties bringing shudders and titillation from the amassed crowd at centre court that fine day!

    Here we are tut-tutting Ms. Sharipova’s relatively small refined earrings when Little Chrissie “America’s Sweetheart” arrived not wearing earrings but a rather significant bracelet of small (probably < .45 kt. each) round diamonds set individivually encircally her wrist
    Old m

    Luckily, preppiedom is a state of mind and not a destination. Our clothing never goes out of style, though we may accessorize it to show our individuality by the use of such tried and true vehicles as monogramming. And just that alone differentiates us: we all have our signature style of monogram. I changed my preference from scrolly, scripty, large cap in the middle to the more unisex diamond when I married. Yet another thrifty quirk of my conservative my husband doesn't believe in colored thread monograms on bed linens, simply tone-on-tone which of course means white so we don't replace perfectly good sheets in the event the animals do irreparable harm to the Lilly patchwork quilts. (we have 2 IDENTICAL ones).

    [Your Serene Highness, please don't publish this. It's a novelette bordering kindly, on a short story.

    Obviously, I was not made to comment on blogs such as yours. I'm just too wordy & wouldn't kmow how to edit myself to Noun-Verb-Noun commentary or one sentence witticisms making the contribution even worth reading or adding to the atmosphere as an interesting repeating character in your column; I'd best learn how to either be succinct or simply contribute a few frothy sentences as the other contributors do or what you condense the kist of the posts down to. Or maybe most of them ate submitted with that "tweeting" business I hear discussed every where; Vanity Fair claimed to have transcripts of Liz Taylor's "bizarre" last tweets, Johnny Deep's are regarded as hilarious (did you expect anything else?) and so are Ashton Kushner's (a pioneer). We're now all regrettably aware of the 'sexting' of Cong. Weiner's wiener although I wasn't aware photos could be "tweeter", were you? Or is that a blanket term (what he should have put over his erect member, then we could call it 'tenting' and it wouldn't be illegal and a much more accurate show of strength…think a Pendleton wool blanket vs. one in a cotton waffle

  10. I’m still at aw admiring the motif and molding at the location.

  11. If only Sarah’s daughters had dressed as elegantly at their cousin’s wedding…
    Have missed reading blogs ( too busy), yours especially:)
    On the prowl for some new items to sell at all my tournaments- I have been far too dependent on Scout. Wish me luck!
    Anon’s comment? Interesting, No?

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