More Mad Men Fashion, Needlepoint Belts go Hipster?

Hello-Hello, happy Thursday to everyone.

We begin today with news for All Things Southern and Preppy sure to elate most Mad Men fans, the show’s star, Jon Hamm, has signed a new contract keeping him on the show for another three years. Below we show Mr. Hamm with co-star Christina Hendricks at Monday’s Critics Choice Awards.

Christopher Polk/Getty Image

On a related note, there is word of another Banana RepublicMad Men collaboration for a new collection. The Times reports this is going to be a sizable group of clothing:

“There will be 65 items in the so-called capsule collection, which are to carry co-branded labels bearing the logos of “Mad Men” and Banana Republic. The merchandise is to be priced the same as similar regular items sold in Banana Republic stores and on”

Here are a few of the dresses.

Banana Republic via Fashionista

And some of the accessories.

Banana Republic via Fashionista

The Times story shared one of the marketing images for the upcoming line.

Via The NY Times

Once again social media will be used to boost interest in the collection, more from Stuart Elliott’s article:

For instance, fans of Banana Republic on Facebook are to get early access to a presale of the collection on Aug. 10, a day before it is scheduled to be available in stores and on the Banana Republic Web site.

These are my favorite pieces. By far. The suit on the left looks simply divine.

Banana Republic via Fashionista

There are also plenty of men’s styles in the collection, click here to see all of the photos at Fashionista.

As noted in the quote above, the “Mad Men” line launches in August, when show was supposed to be back on the air; contract issues have delayed the start of Season 5 until early next year.

“Executives of Banana Republic and Janie Bryant — the Emmy Award-winning costume designer of “Mad Men,” who is working with them on the merchandise — said they did not believe the absence of the series from TV would damp interest in the collection.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” said Jack Calhoun, president of Banana Republic, because “ ‘Mad Men’ continues to be relevant whether it’s on the air or not.”

While the BR President may not think the show’s absence will impact clothing sales, we believe it may negatively affect ratings, the show’s ‘relevance’ diminishes as time passes. There were already concerns the show wasn’t “as good” last season as in previous years, creating concerns for some about Season 5 getting back on track.  Being off the air, and off the mind of fans, makes it that much easier to say goodbye if the new season doesn’t deliver what fans are looking for.


We have news of another collaboration to share, this one between the über-hip retailer Opening Ceremony and more preppily styled Tucker Blair.

Via High Snobiety

Tucker Blair has created a series of five belts for Opening Ceremony, here is more from Fashionista:

Comprised of five hand-sewn leather belts, this unisex line is totally wearable. One belt nods to Opening Ceremony’s international focus with a row of country flags, and another reworks the in-house label’s woodsy theme from resort 2012 into Vineyard Vines-style white bunnies on a black background. There is also a reinterpreted Guatemalan print in black, red, and yellow, a classic leopard print and a fluorescent chevron pattern.

The belts are going to run $110, they will be available starting July 15.


Finally today, the annual Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon party was Tuesday night at the company’s Chelsea store in London. Below we see Boris and Lily Becker, as well as Poppy Delevigne, all wearing Ralph Lauren designs.

Richard Young for

Tonight is the ‘really big party’ as we call it here at The Prepatorium, Elton John’s annual gala and fundraiser, we always enjoy reading about the goings-on at that function.

On that note we say goodbye until next time!


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11 responses to “More Mad Men Fashion, Needlepoint Belts go Hipster?

  1. OK. That’s it. I’m hiring myself out as a fashion forecaster. I pinky swear. I gave my hipster son a Tucker Blair a pale blue needlepoint belt for Christmas this year. Guess what? He wears it ALL THE TIME! With his scraggly beard, rolled up jeans, and Toms shoes.

  2. Oh dear…I hate it when the hipsters steal from the prepsters. Give us our boating shoes back!

  3. Wow – LOVING the Mad Men/Banana Republic collaboration. Even the accessories look fabulous!! And what an interesting one between Opening Ceremony and Tucker Blair – love seeing these companies thinking outside the bos!!

  4. MCW

    I can’t wait for the BR Mad Men clothing line! And for the show to start again!

  5. Amy

    I need to watch Mad Men. I have the first three seasons on DVD but I haven’t watched them yet. I’m thinking a marathon is in order this weekend! 🙂

  6. Princess Freckles

    It seems my B.R. Credit Card is going to get an extensive workout this Fall! I am also loving the suit and navy dress, but also the orange floral number….Such beautiful pieces, and classics! I can’t seem to find vintage that isn’t either several hundres dollars or extremely “vintage” as in gross. This is the perfect solution! How cute would that suit coat look with jeans too?

  7. The BR collection looks really good! Funny I was at someones house for lunch today and we got on the subject of Banana Republic and how they are looking better than ever! I so agree…..the fashions are above are so elegant and timeless. Love the juxtaposition of Tucker Blair and Opeing Ceremony, prep is really influencing even the hippest of the hipsters, huh?
    Why not share the love:)

  8. Perhaps I’m a sullen miserable retrograde of fashion type … but sincerely I yearn for the collaborations to end. It’s entirely different than licensing where there is effort (sometimes, sigh) in longevity and a consistency with the label’s image, quality level and price range. Yes, I ran to Target to get a Michael Graves teapot but threw away the Philippe Starck (I am mad about him beyond words, live on a Driade sofa of his for nigh unto ten years) knife set. The Gaultier striped dress from Target arrived in the post and I shrieked, not knowing that someone could seriously produce a classic in a shiney cheap fabric. The label irritated me. The only one that I enjoyed was Rae Kawakubo’s collaboration with H&M … she said in an interview with a shrug of her spare shoulders “surprised that anyone would copy me or do this, my things don’t sell well.” I adore her.

    Genuine quality is good and if any of these stores worked with a design or product group to develop their own look and it was timely, customers would return to a state of loyalty.

    Seriously, is the next collaboration at Payless, Target, H&M, Macy’s or ??

    The hype exceeds the commercial success to date. The Lanvin for H&M dresses were produced for only some stores and the excess unsold inventory turned into shredded t’s, a far more interesting item than the almost-a-fabric production.

    Long live the genuine with intrinsic value in any price range.

  9. I love the “Mad Men” look and I think the clothes will do well. I agree, however, that TV viewers tend to move on when something isn’t on the air for a while!
    Happy Weekend!

  10. Preppy 101

    I LOVE this post and thank you for the reference! 🙂 You know I am thrilled about DD as that alllllmost guarantees the show will stay around. BUT – you are correct in your eval of the show missing a season. I could, however, be happy watching the first seasons forever on DVD if that’s all there is . . .
    But, not to dwell on the negative, I’m off to “like” BR on FB. 🙂 Have a great weekend!! Xoxo

  11. I must say that I am beyond excited to hear about the BR/Mad Men collection. Thank you for letting me know about this TP!!

    I totally agree, the show needs to hurry up and come back. I will always be a fan, but others might forget about it all together. Season 5 better be spectacular!!

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