Little Lanvin, Lilly Fall 2011 Gifts and Snooki Goes Pink & Green

Hello and Happy Friday to everyone.

We begin with a quick look at a new collection launching for your little ones, this one comes from French label Lanvin.

Lanvin Courtesy Photo via Blackbook

The new collection is clearly not for those seeking practicality.

Bazaar UK has more:

….twenty-five precious pieces for 4–10 year-olds is awash with embroidered organza, crystal, satin and grosgrain and pleated tulle aplenty.

The pieces look darling, as we recall they are going to cost a pretty penny.  Here is our favorite photo from all of the publicity stills:

Courtesy Photo

She looks ever-so-serious, doesn’t she?


Speaking of serious, the TimesCritical Shopper column pays a visit to Madewell this week, a brand we have discussed with some regularity in this space, although not to the degree we have covered its corporate partner, J. Crew.

“…a line that might be described as Skipper to J. Crew’s Barbie. Fewer sequins, more lanyards.

…the company is now producing clothes not for the working class, but for the class of young women who attend expensive private colleges and are taking a gap year to, you know, figure out what they want to do with their lives.”

Alexandra Stoddard’s story is just this side of scathing:

“Madewell brass, lovingly tarnished I’m sure, also pride themselves on showcasing items from local partners, or so-called “hometown heroes,” including…. Alyssa Ettinger “NYC-themed” white ceramic dairy bottles ($40 to $50).

They are less forthcoming about the fact that most of their all-American looks, including “heritage premium” overalls in a faded “bighorn wash” ($200), are made in China. Now that’s distress of another stripe.”

Ouch. To read the entire review, click here.


We move on to some Friday Fun, offering a spot of color with a brief look at some of this fall’s Lilly Pulitzer Stationery & Gifts collection, starting with new styles in Wine Glasses and Water Bottles.

Fall Lilly Expected in September at

The new Wine Glass patterns include Cabanarama, Docksider (shown above), Floaters, remaining in the line is Trouble Hibiscus.  New designs for Water Bottles include Nice to See You, as well as Luscious and Navy Bloomers. Perhaps the most talked about item we have previewed is the new Eco Cup.

Coming to in September

The Cold Drink Tumblers are dishwasher safe, BPA- and Pthalate-free, and they will hold 20 ozs. of your favorite chilled beverage. These are going to run $14.50.  Below, we show the new Photo Magnets, they’ll be sold as a set of three ($12.50), on the right you see the new Magnet Board patterns.

Coming This Fall to

Agenda images have been on the site for some time as we continue to take your pre-orders, but here are a few more pictures of this always-popular item.

This year’s patterns include Docksider, Luscious, Navy Bloomers and Nice to See You, they remain priced at $24.50 for the Large Agenda, $14.50 for the Pocket Agenda. These also continue as 17-month calendars, running from August 2011-December 2012.

Another item garnering attention, the new re-useable Sandwich and Snack Bags.

Fall 2011 Lilly Gift Collection

The cotton bags are lined with moisture-resistant material, can be tossed in the wash machine and are Food Safe. They are also BPA-, Phthalate- and Lead-free. The bags will run $9.50.

We’ll post the rest of the catalog photos on our Facebook page, and also here as time permits.


Finally this Friday, troubling news from the Land of the AntiPrep: the individual known as Snooki is debuting flip flops and the colors are what some might consider ‘preppish’:


You never know what she is going to do next, Snooki gets points for creativity, pink and green pickles, oh my! What do you think, is this something we should add to the store? (Heh,heh,heh.)

With that, we hope everyone enjoys an especially restful and relaxing weekend.


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9 responses to “Little Lanvin, Lilly Fall 2011 Gifts and Snooki Goes Pink & Green

  1. You know that I am against photographing little girls in make-up and jewlery, like the infamous Carine Roitfeld shoot for French Vogue, but these little girls in the Lanvin shoot are adorable.

  2. Hum..those little Lanvin kiddies sure are cute but something about their very grown up looking get ups disturbs me. Let a kid be a kid…put a bow in her hair, put her in a cute little seersucker sundress, white keds and let her be 5 instead of trying to have her grow up so fast..something about the very sophisticated very adult like fashions on these little kids is odd to me and very very unnecessary! But they did choose adorable little girls!
    LP can do no everything coming out this year and they are coming out with A LOT, even baggies..thats a hoot! Might as well take a peanut and jelly sandwich to school in style, right?
    Last Snooki and pink and green? Sorry they just can’t be put together in the same sentence. If she came out with leopard, black and gold flip flops I would give her credit for staying true to who she is. But sorry just cannot accept her as an ambassador to sell a pink and green anything:)

  3. Love the sandwich bags and drink tumblers. Great modeling for kids. Do not love the Lanvin for kids. NOT what I’d want to set up as a priority in my child’s mind.

  4. Cannot wait for the tumblers in September!! I’ll will be scooping up each design to be sure!

  5. M

    Wow, Lanvin for kids… even I think that is a little excessive. That said, what a beautiful collection and how adorable those little girls are. *swoon*

  6. There are girls at Cameraman’s ELEMENTARY school who wear Lanvin ballet flats. . at $495.00 a pair. . . I guess the clothing will be next . . .what happen to cute plaid dresses and Alice bands??

  7. Is snookie preggers? Gosh who am I to judge that girl, when I was young (she is in her 20’s)? I’ve done some things I’m not proud about but goodness, I could only handle one episode of that show.

  8. Hmmm..not sure about the Lanvin line. Sort of like the corporate version of Toddlers and Tiaras IMO. Just too much for my taste.

    But I NEEEEED the Lilly tumblers. A true must have!! LOVE.

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