About That Smartphone, Two More Target Collaborations

Hello-Hello, we hope everyone enjoyed a delightful weekend.

We begin today with an interesting topic, likely to initiate a bit of discussion: smartphone manners. Seriously. We won’t delve into the last two episodes on the road, driving behind the at-least-15-miles-under-the-speed-limit and veering-from-lane-to-lane drivers who were too busy texting to drive, nay-nay. (Ummm… it seems we just delved into it.)

No, we thought we would approach it in a more civilized fashion, with assistance from David Carr at the Times, his recent story on Digital Détente offers a few suggestions. First on his list of ten tips (and we’ll skip around a bit) is a suggestion that may seem obvious to many of us, or perhaps appallingly restrictive to others:

1. Go ahead, glance at your phone at an incoming text. And please excuse yourself to respond to one that will immediately advance your plot to take over the world. But do not type under my nose. It hurts my feelings.

If we seem a tad harsh, please remember you are chatting (in a virtual manner of speaking) with two individuals who live and die by the internet, and thus our smartphones. We are not insensitive to the need to conduct business on them whilst away from the Prepatorium, not at all. For example, this next point from Mr. Carr’s story makes perfect sense to us, although it may be of consternation for some:

2. Phones should remain put-away during dinner and lunch with friends, but it should also be permissible to ask for and take a mutual “phone break” if the meal goes on for longer than an hour.

It’s possible the bigger issue is what one’s definition of “in public” means.  For example, I can’t think of any private clubs (those requiring membership approval, not the local health club) that allow cell phone use almost anywhere on the premises. It is grounds for suspension at many, as it should be. (I’ll refrain from inserting the ‘rules are rules’ part here.) This next point involves an infraction we *have* committed, although only with permission/insistence of those whose company we are enjoying:

5. Do not think that tweeting about having a drink with me validates my importance. Having a drink with me validates my importance. Memorialize it later or when I am in the restroom.

Here is another good point:

6. Do not link all of your social media together. If I wanted to follow you on Foursquare, I would follow you on Foursquare. Finding out on Twitter that you are the mayor of the Boerum Hill IHOP doesn’t meet any current needs I have.

And one that makes perfect sense:

4. Staring at a smartphone in an elevator seems like a good deal for everyone. I mean, as opposed to what?

For those curious as to precisely what prompted our little tirade chat on the topic, part of it truly was the driving and texting incidents, but also this:

Thank you Hopsy!

We’re guessing that wasn’t part of the Times story because it is such an obvious infraction of basic courtesy it needn’t be noted. The way Mr. Carr closed his article created made us feel *much* better:

I break all of these rules, occasionally or chronically. But as they say in various recovery programs, it’s progress, not perfection.

We’re curious to know your pet peeves and suggestions on the topic…? (Oh, c’mon, don’t be shy!)


Next, word of Target’s next two collaborative efforts, the first with Albertus Swanepoel, a South African milliner who has created some amazing headwear. Below we show a 2009 creation and on the right, a collection he did with Stetson last fall.

According to Women’s Wear Daily there will be ten hats in Mr. Swanepoel’s collection, all priced at $19.99. WWD also broke news of a second partnership for the retailer, jewelery designer Dana Kellin will create a collection of earrings and necklaces, they will be priced from $9.99 to $49.99. Below left we show the designer, on the right, one of her necklaces.


We leave you with a picture of what is sure to be a big hit this September, our Lilly Pulitzer Eco Cups.

Lilly Pulitzer Eco Cups

We verified this morning the cups are dishwasher safe, they will be available in Navy Bloomers, Luscious, Nice to See You and First Call.  The image is from the Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2011 Gift Collection lookbook we have posted on our Facebook wall.  If there are loads of readers who aren’t Facebook members or fans and you would like us to do a post on the fall Lilly line, just let us know, that is easy to accomplish – we don’t want to leave out anyone just because you aren’t on FB. 🙂


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10 responses to “About That Smartphone, Two More Target Collaborations

  1. I think it really depends who you are with. When I am with the boy I put my phone on SILENT and check it occasionally and only respond if it like my parents being insane. If I am with a girlfriend I am more casual and my british grandmother actually confiscates my phone at mealtimes!

  2. Ah the etiquette and safety of texting – what a wide field!! At our house, no phones at the table is the rule du jour. And our club allows no cell phones anywhere except the parking lot so visitors and guests beware. As for texting while driving, I only wish there could be a separate and exorbitant fine for that!! I imagine it would be hard to prove however. Only a moron would try and achieve that dangerous multitasking feat unless of course stopped. The new Lilly cups are adorable – we have a thermal mug that I received at blogfest – my daughters fight over it!!

  3. Shani

    Will there be new Lilly market totes this fall? Always a favorite!

  4. Love the LP eco cups…very cute! Boy, Target doesn’t know when to let things lie…we are still trying to digest Calypso and Missoni and now they are already shoving something else done our throat? No thank you Target, there IS such thing as too much of a good thing!
    Smartphone etiqutte..oh man I could write an entire months worth of posts on that subject alone and my numerous pet peeves. Numero uno is definitely those who whip it out before they even sit at a restaurant to have near them like its a life support system or something, I am sorry unless you are waiting to hear if your patent to cure cancer has gotten approved or your its your kids with a REAL emergency ( a breakup with a boyfriend from a 3rd grader does not count nor does one calling to find out where you hid the Xbox controller) lol….seriously I am VERY outstpoken when I see someone do that, and then they show their “serial texting” skills WHILE we are supposed to be eating together. NO THANK YOU. See..this gets me all riled up!! Glad this is being talked about..hopefully those who are in the wrong might see themselves and do some “housekeeping’ in the etiquette dept.!!
    Great post as always!!

  5. Amy

    Oh my I am so with you about the smartphone courtesies. I was a culprit of texting & tweeting during dinners & things with friends until recently. My boyfriend pointed out that it was his biggest pet peeve for people to do that so I stopped. And now I notice just how annoying it is when others do that around me! I’m so glad I quit doing it, it really is rude to the people around you.

    But I have to add that I agree with the mutual break, especially since my phone is also my work phone, and I’d hate to be at lunch for 2 hours and miss an important call from my boss!

  6. I would love to have one of those cups, when I’m working out, it’s doesn’t look very classy to see me bottling it with a 2 liter, but I can’t help it because Juliann Michael’s is kicking my butt. The cell phone, I have just a basic service, no smart phone but I do have an iPad an other gadgets and I take my laptop everywhere, partly because the service for the iPhone is expensive here, and my husband nearly has to whisper on the subway when I call him (bad manners) and I’m reminded every time I go to the movies to turn our phones off. But I was watching housewives of New York, and I saw some of the gals texting while having a conversation… that is just rude! OH, and I nearly got fired when I glanced at my cell phone while teaching at the University, the students mother complained, but what mother observes your child’s classes at UNI anyway? I think some of the cell phone rules here are too tight….

  7. Love to see a fellow Kappa on your blog….even more special one that is a Kappa prep & is spot on when it comes to how to behave!

  8. #5 on the list made me crack up. I must say that my pet peeve is when someone place their phone on the table during a meal.
    Put it away.
    I feel like it is taunting me and the minute a tweet,email, txt, or phone call comes in, you will reach for it and ignore me in mid-sentence. Do not treat your friend/guest like that. It is rude and it will hurt the other persons feelings. If something is that important, just reschedule the lunch/dinner.

  9. did you see that the national aquarium in baltimore has custom-designed lilly scarves for their anniversary this summer? they’re an octopus print and fabulous looking!

  10. M

    Oh my. It is so funny you would bring this up! Yesterday, as I was about to enjoy an hour on the elliptical machine with a good book at a downtown Crunch here in NY, the girl on the machine next to me brought out her phone and started a conversation with her mom in a loud, annoying voice. Now, I understand you may need to take a call sometimes regardless of where you are, but then at least have the decency to keep it short and maybe even apologize in advance to the people around you? But this was just one of those blah blah blah yada yada yada never ending conversations, carried out in a loud Long Island twang. So I was like, “can you please take your call someplace else? thanks!!”, and she replied “no, actually I can’t!”. What a stupid b**ch with no manners! Obviously, I went to the front desk and asked the staff to deal with her… hence, she had to get off her phone and she got so mad she was screaming at me like some trash in the gutter…. talk about not having any class. Maybe I should have referred her to your blog! 😀

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