Polo for “People in Seersucker,” Le Boutique Targét’s Next Designer (After Missoni)

Happy beginning of a new week to everyone, thanking you for popping in for a visit.

Did you spend any time watching this yesterday?

Michel Spingler/AP Photo

While not one for the ages, it was nice to see these two duel again.

Laurent Baheux/AP Photo

Vogue’s Anna Wintour appeared to enjoy the match, in front of her we see Mr. Federer’s wife Mika.

Lionel Cironneau/AP Photo

We did not see the historic women’s final, where Li Na became the first Asian player to win a Grand Slam singles title. Below the champion poses with her trophy during a photocall after the match.

Charles Platiau/Reuters

Next up on the circuit, Wimbledon, starting in just about two weeks.


In other sporting news….(kinda’ sorta’) this weekend was the annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governor’s Island.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

On hand this year, Deborra-Lee Furness, Julianna Margulies, Naomi Watts, Donna Karan, Wyclef Jean, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher and Paul Haggis. Mr. Jackman was the emcee for the afternoon’s activities.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The Times’ City Room blog carried an interesting story that had a bit of a bite:

“For a few hours on Sunday, Governors Island became something of a Hamptons satellite, dotted with people in Nantucket reds, linen suits, Lilly Pulitzer pinks and sunhats that seemed as wide as a city block.

They came for an exhibition polo match put on with the intention, according to the organizers, of bringing the elite sport down from on high. But the thousands of spectators, who sipped Champagne costumed in high Hamptons style, seemed intent on just the opposite.”

The event draws an interesting crowd. Below left, Andre Balaz and Naomi Watts, on the right we see one of our Anti-Preps, Nicky Hilton.

Below we see designer Keren Craig with Olivia Palermo, on the right, Nacho Figueras.

Mr. Figueras models for Polo Ralph Lauren and also plays for the Black Watch, a team sponsored by PRL.

Back to the City Room post:

But even with the free admission and ferry ride, polo populism still seemed a far-off dream. Champagne, at $17 a flute, seemed to be the drink of choice. And though there might have been some who went to Governors Island instead of a Yankees game (the Yankees were playing in California, anyway), most of the pinstripes were on seersucker suits.

Frankly, we think almost any free sporting event is a good thing. But to pretend that this is a sport for everyone and anyone borders on the ludicrous.  More from the City Room’s piece:

Mr. Figueras, who is known as Nacho, said the event was intended to “bring polo to the people.”

“For a kid to wake up in the morning” he added, “and say, ‘Dad look, let’s go watch the polo instead of the Yankees game’ – ultimately that would be my dream.”

Mr. Figueras estimated that high-level horses – “we are talking about Formula One horses,” he said – cost up to $250,000.

Considering admission to a Yankees game requires a second mortgage a significant cash outlay, perhaps that isn’t far off the mark. On a more positive note, Ms. Karan’s party was also a fundraiser for Hope Help and Rebuild Haiti.


A sporting event on the far side of the pond also drew attention this weekend. Many in the royal family turned out to watch the Queen’s horse race in the Epsom Derby. The Queen was in hot pink, definitely today’s Pretty in Pink.

Much of the buzz surrounded an appearance by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

The Mirror

The couple looked relaxed and happy for their first public outing since their wedding. Princess Eugenie was in black and white polka dots, Princess Beatrice also looked lovely in a floral print.

Akira Suemori/AP

Kate wore another Reiss dress with LK Bennett accessories. To see details on the complete ensemble, visit our sister blog, What Kate Wore.

Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images

It seemed that everyone had a good time, despite the Queen’s horse throwing a shoe and finishing third.



We have several tidbits about an item many of us couldn’t live without, from a wardrobe perspective, the polo shirt. Today’s Valet carries a good backgrounder on the shirt’s origins, including how it came by its name after René Lacoste decided to create tennis shirts that would be more practical and comfortable:

“…Lacoste set out to make a more comfortable, short-sleeve style. He was inspired by Anglo-Indian polo players, who managed to play in extreme heat and bright sun thanks to their lightweight pique cotton jerseys.”

The story is part of Valet’s “Anatomy of a Classic” series, examining iconic items found in a gentleman’s wardrobe.  Today’s post includes a look at some of the logos seen on the shirts.

Via Valet

Many not as familiar with the tennis champion might find some of Mr. Lacoste’s other creations to be of interest:

Rene Lacoste was never much for rules. He often thought he knew better and oftentimes, he did. A world-class tennis star by the time he was 20, he would later go on to revolutionize the game with such inventions as the ball machine and the steel racket, but it was his innovation while he was still playing that had the largest impact on the world. And it’s the reason why you know of him today—the polo shirt.

We recommend the story, it’s a nice, quick read.

Our other note on polo shirts involves Hermès, the company has just launched its own version of the classic.


Fond as we are of this brand, we can only say that $455 for a polo shirt borders on lunacy. Really. I’m sure they are done in a rich, lush cotton with a fabulous hand and incredible drape, but really. To quote Nancy Reagan, just say no. Harrumph.

Finally today, word on Target’s next designer collaboration: the retailer is partnering with Josie NatoriWomen’s Wear Daily has the story (subscription required):

The designer will introduce a limited edition collection with Target, called Josie Natori for Target, that will be a tightly focused group of bras, panties, sleepwear, loungewear, camis and chemises. The Natori line represents Target’s first limited edition foray into lingerie and loungewear.

The line will launch in October, just in time for Christmas, with a second collection scheduled to arrive in January, perfect for marketing to Valentine’s Day shoppers.

On that note we say g’bye until next time!


Additional Photo Credits:

  • Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
  • Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
  • AP Photo/John Giles/PA Wire
  • Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images


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14 responses to “Polo for “People in Seersucker,” Le Boutique Targét’s Next Designer (After Missoni)

  1. kate is SO gorgeous.

    polo is a blast, but you’re right, to suggest that it’s available to all is absurd. average polo rider needs 6 ponies per match. “normal” riding is obscenely expensive, let alone that many mounts.

  2. Miss Coco

    Ha! Mr. Figueroa also happened to leave out that you need a minimum of 4 polo ponies to play a match. For the people, *fffffft*.

  3. Target is very busy … they just added Natori as a lingerie collection to arrive October 30. I hope they make it all work.

    Anna is very busy; I am seriously more and more impressed with what she quietly does. Really a great lady of fashion.

  4. Nacho. Veuve. Ponies. Pretty hats. I may need a Betty Draper Francis fainting couch if you keep this up.

    I am not feeling faint enough, however, to drop $455 on a polo shirt. Hmmph.

  5. Preppy 101

    Love this post!! I think the anti-preps should be banned from Gov’s Island. :-). And ooooh-la-la! Pictures of Nacho Figueras help me make it through the summer without Don Draper. 😉 hehe – Kate – in a word – Great. Have a great evening Miss Princess! XOXO

  6. Polo is available a lot of different places at many different price points. My Alma Mater, the University of Texas at Austin even has a polo team now. The Dallas Polo Club is also very welcoming and tickets are quite inexpensive (with food!). Yes, polo is an expensive sport to play professionally or internationally, but if you can find a club in your area, it is not as expensive as such major tournaments make it out to be.

  7. Boy there is no stopping Target with its collaborations! I just wish they would slow down because I feel like its too much too soon and I would rather they really nail one and get it right before moving onto the next and the next so fast, thus far not so impressed with any of them. Love all the fancy fashions minus Beatrices “hat”….she really likes to make a statement, huh? Nacho may have to hang onto that dream of sons waking up longing to see polo over baseball, sorry Nacho..just dont’ see it happening any time soon:)
    Kate looks classy and wonderful, though I prefer seeing her hair down…she is such a breath of fresh air. And last, the $455 Hermes shirt…..PLEASE. I am sorry but at a time where our economy is in ruins and unemployment is surging not going down..this almost feels insulting to the average person while clearly their customer is not average…..just feels like such excess at a time when there is so much need. I can’t imagine its costing more than $5 to produce. Have a lovely evening!

  8. Pink really is her color, isn’t. Salve Regina:).

  9. Amy

    Kate always looks so pretty!

  10. Little Red

    Is this the fist time the Queen has worn hot pink? She looks great in it if I do say so myself.
    Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, looks her usual smashing self.

  11. I’m not up to date with Target so much as I have not been shopping at one in more than 13 years (aside from online)… but I can’t recall when they started out with all these designer collaborations? I have a question, if you could choose just one, which logo would you choose?

  12. Wonderful sports roundup! The Lacoste story is very interesting.

  13. Tons of interesting tidbits today!! Hysterical that they’re trying to market polo for the masses! Royal family gets kudos for both outfits!! And I’ll be passing on the Hermes polo – saving my pennies for something else there! 🙂

  14. okay then. What an obscene bag, Ms. Karan! Are you at your own party lugging that piece of basketry about!! You practically shoulder checked Wyclef with it!
    Lovely article, thank you!

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