A New Line We Love & Gwyneth Paltrow “Tries to Join the 21st Century”

Hello-Hello, welcome to a bright and lovely Thursday, we hope your day is also filled with sunshine.

Today we look at a talented new designer, Katie Ermilio.

Katie Ermilio

We learned about the young lady and her creations via a post over at T Magazine (the NY Times‘ style magazine).

Courtesy Photos via The Moment

Below we see the designer in some of her own creations.

Courtesy Photo via Young Sophisticates

The piece is titled “The Vogue Intern/Katie Ermilio,” and Ms. Ermilio did in fact intern at Vogue, but her design pedigree reaches back generations. She grew up on the Main Line in Philadelphia, her grandfather Arthur was Grace Kelly’s personal clothier, and her father runs Ermilio Clothier & Specialty Shop, considered the preeminent equestrian tailoring shop in the country. Below we see Robert Ermilio, who is probably a bit busy this week, we are in the middle of the Devon Horse Show.

Via Main Line Today

At any rate, many of the styles are lovely, in rich hues and clean, unfussy lines. Of course we selected designs to show that are Pretty in Pink, but the group offers pieces in a broad palette.

Courtesy Kate Ermilio

This marks Ms. Ermilio’s first foray into a full-scale collection, the line will be available nationally at Shopbop. More on the designer from the T post:

““To make extra money, I would put my dresses in my dad’s storefront and they started to sell,” she says. Ermilio designs with a classically tailored Gossip Girl in mind. Her fall 2011 debut, featured double-breasted velvet blazers, wide wool-satin trousers and flirty chiffon tees paired with big swing skirts.”

For those interested in learning more, click here for Chelsea Zalopany’s full post. To see the entire fall preview, click here to visit the Katie Ermilio site.


Next, happy news for those social networkers fond of über-prep Gwyneth Paltrow: the actress is now Tweeting.

Via Twitter

And she has also launched a Facebook page:


In her first Tweet and first FB post Ms. Paltrow shares a link that takes you to a brief video in which she explains she is “trying to join the 21st Century…,” joining Facebook and Twitter. In today’s posts (shared on both sites, it seems she will be replicating the content) she shows the kids (from the back) at a ‘super-secret Cold Play’ rehearsal.


Two tidbits:

1) Look for a new line from Tommy Hilfiger, “Tommy Girl” is slated to debut in the Juniors departments at 150 Macy’s stores this July. WWD reports the new collection is aimed at 12- to 18-year-olds, and prices will run “from $32 for t-shirts to $129 for outerwear”.  We’re thinking we should really refer to the designer as “omni-Tommy,” media coverage of his various enterprises and the ‘rebirth’ of his core lines are everywhere, look for a post  on the topic in the not-too-distant-future.

2) Tiffany has launched another website, What Makes Love True.


The micro-site opens with a short film, Will You Marry Me?, showcasing different stories about marriage proposals. There are four segments on the site, “Love Stories,” “Tiffany’s New York,”something of a cultural guide to the city, “Love Is Everywhere,” an interactive map, and our favorite portion, “The Art of Romance,” with playlists of romantic songs and movies.

On that romantic image we say goodbye until next time!


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12 responses to “A New Line We Love & Gwyneth Paltrow “Tries to Join the 21st Century”

  1. I like Ermilio’s pieces but I have to say they don’t seem too Gossip Girl to me? And that’s why I like them:).

  2. Beautiful clothing line…….classic clothes, love all the colors, that first dress is stunning! I see the good taste and talent runs in the family……love the Tiffany video, love and inspirational stories never get old or boring!
    Gwenyth is funny…..shes one step ahead of me, I tried facebook and canceled it almost right away, felt juvenile and invasive to me but I know I am soooo in the minority.
    Have a lovely afternoon….sun is shining here and its a picture perfect day!!

  3. Gwyneth and Tiffany joining the social sites … her Goop newsletter is very followed.

    Love pink, interesting haberdashery feel.

  4. OMG the Tiffany commercials…awesome!! Love them!

  5. Preppy 101

    Cannot wait to check out the Tiffany site! And Gwyneth is just so darn cute! 🙂 XOXO

  6. As usual, what Lisa said. I also love that snap of the dapper Mr. Ermilio.

    And I’m off to check off Ms. Ermilio’s article – any line with Grace, equestrian tailoring, and Main Line in its pedigree is likely to be up my Pretty alley :-).

  7. M

    I have to admit I have a huge girl crush on Gwyneth… more for her cooking endeavours and other side projects, than her acting, but even so… I might have to go follow her on Twitter now!

    Also, that blue outfit is amazing!

  8. Jen

    Now my life is complete. Gwyneth has joined Facebook.

  9. Great post I just liked Gwyneth on Facebook! Also love your featured designer!!

    Spread the word..Come and enter my amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  10. I’m a fan of the “gossip girl look” I can channel my inner youth = )

  11. Love the Kate Ermilio clothes here!

    The model in the pink clothes looks about twelve. I think Kate herself would probably look pretty swell in her own clothes.

  12. Love the new clothes —- but I do tire of Gwyneth. Am I alone here?

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