Lilly Furniture Lands at Neimans, It’s Ralph Lauren for the First Lady

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Thursday, water-logged and sodden as it is. Yet again, there are brutal reminders we have nothing to whine about. If there is one story today that paints the harsh reality very well, it is the Journal‘s “Hospital Strains to Cope with Battered Survivors.”

We move to a brighter topic with word that the much ballyhooed Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection is now available for ordering through Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus

To be clear, shoppers won’t find the entire 200+ piece collection at Neimans.  But there is an interesting selection that provides a look at many styles as well as giving a sense of pricing for the line.  Below, several items qualifying as Pretty in Pink, the Boulevard Armchair, Aster Mirror and Mizner Bench.

Lilly Pulitzer / Neiman Marcus

Bright and sunny, the Boulevard and Breakers Barstools.

Lilly Pulitzer / Neiman Marcus

The Carrie Loveseat is seen below left, and on the right, the Paramount Daybed.

Lilly Pulitzer/Neiman Marcus

And pieces from the Classic White Dining Furniture group, note the lining inside the drawer.

Lilly Pulitzer / Neiman Marcus

A significant component in the new collection is the Lee Jofa fabric line that is just launching. Lonny Magazine shares some fabulous photos of the vibrant textiles here in their blog, we show just a few of those images below.

Lonny Magazine Blog


Also today, we have seen some very serious tiaras the last few days, as the President and Mrs. Obama continue their official visit to Britain.  At Tuesday night’s state dinner at Buckingham Palace we see both Camilla Parker Bowles and Queen Elizabeth in glittering headwear.

Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Pool/Reuters

The Queen wore the Lovers Knot Tiara.

Lewis Whyld / PA Pool

Mrs. Obama was elegant in Tom Ford for that event, the ruched silk georgette gown had a darling bow at the waist. Politically it was a wise choice, Mr. Ford shows his collections at NY Fashion Week but has his offices in London.  The designer recently re-launched his women’s line, this is a big boost for his work.

Larry Downing/Reuters

Last night it was our turn to host the party, for that event the First Lady opted for an American fashion house, wearing Ralph Lauren and she looked simply beautiful.

AP Photo/Getty Images/Reuters

The floor length dress is a modified version of one shown in Mr. Lauren’s Fall 2011 collection,

Via Styleite

Mrs. Obama chose striking jewelry from Tom Binns to finish off the look, the designer’s Dumont necklace and cuff nicely accenting the dress as they sparkled brightly.

Via Styleite

The dinner was at Winfield House, the US Ambassador’s official residence.  Originally built and donated to the United States by socialite Barbara Hutton, the house was named after her father, Frank Winfield Woolworth, he founded the stores bearing his name. For more on the building, click here.

Dressing for international events as the First Lady is not an easy task, there are sensitivities of both a cultural and political nature to be considered with each and every wardrobe choice.  Mrs. Obama made some outstanding choices on the British leg of the couple’s 8-day European trip, although it’s no secret your trusty scribe wasn’t overly fond of the floral Barbara Tfank worn Tuesday when meeting the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (aka Wills & Kate).

Both formal dresses were lovely on the First Lady, but we really prefer the Ralph Lauren to the Tom Ford. At the risk of incurring the wrath of fashionistas far more sophisticated than I, the Lauren seems a much prettier and more elegant look for the First Lady.  While most fashion writers raved about the Grecian-style Tom Ford, we think the Lauren is more flattering on Mrs. Obama.

AP Photo (L) / Getty Images (R)

Fortunately, no one was forced to choose, as formal frocks were required for multiple occasions, and we do love looking at party pictures. 🙂


We leave you with something rather out of the norm for this space, a museum visit by two NBA players.

Oklahoma City National Memorial

There is nothing profound about the picture, it merely shows Jason Kidd of the Dallas Mavericks and Russell Westbrook from the Oklahoma City Thunder visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum earlier this week. The Mavericks were in town for the playoffs and the players visited the museum.  It wasn’t the first time Mr. Westbrook had been to the Museum, the Thunder’s head coach, Scott Brooks, has every player that joins the team visit the site.

But at a time when so much of professional sports seems broken and the day’s news is difficult to digest, we thought it nice to end on a note about something unremarkable, something simple, something nice.


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12 responses to “Lilly Furniture Lands at Neimans, It’s Ralph Lauren for the First Lady

  1. I am one of the rare ones not usually a fan of the 1st ladies clothing choices (I think she picks awkward skirt lengths and hip widening skirts) but these two were lovely!

  2. What a lovely conclusion. More news like that, please:).

  3. The smile from my face quickly dropped as I scanned the devastation in the pictures from the tornadoes….cannot still believe the havoc that has occured and the lives that have been lost it is surreal. It is hard to grasp and comprehend. As much as I enjoyed all the beauty in the LP furniture line, love those yellow barstools and thought Michelle is looking better than ever in both of her gowns, it is hard to fully enjoy the beauty when you see such devastation and suffering….my heart is broken for those suffering in ways which we cannot fully comprehend and while I gave my donation, I so wish I could do more. I keep them in my daily prayers and pray God will light the way for those who are walking down a very dark path right now.

  4. I’m with Lisa (as usual) – what a terrific note to end on. Thank you; I needed that today.

    I’m also with you on the Obama choices . . . the First Lady doesn’t always pick the best choices for her figure, which is my main beef with that Tom Ford gown, but that RL gown fits her to a t (or a dress, more accurately).

  5. BethAnn

    Love the First Lady in the Ralph Lauren. I agree the it is much more flattering on her than the Tom Ford, which seemed to add about 15lbs to her frame.

    Also did not like, at all, the afternoon dress worn to meet the Cambridges. The color choices were befuddling and the fabric seemed much more appropriate for evening cocktails than for lunch at the Palace.

  6. I am with you on the Ralp Lauren for Mrs. O! And those jewels were stunning beyond belief!
    Xo, Lynn

  7. I saw the Lilly furniture at the Raleigh Palm Avenue and it is lovely. The girls in the store said the fabric by the yard will be available very soon.

    I agree with you about the First Lady’s black dress. It’s so regal. The white one is pretty, but the black one is fabulous.

  8. I prefer the RL look over Ford as well. The Dumont cuff and necklace made the outfit I think!!

  9. Well we all seem to be on the same page here. I have been duly impressed with the new Lilly collection – so many appealing pieces. And agree that while I like both dresses, the Ralph is just so much more flattering on her! Love the Tom Binns!! And again agree about the last piece – such a great positive story!! Thank you!

  10. I feel I’m always behind to hear about the News, I must have had my head stuck in a pillow this past week… are we going through a weather evolution? I know how terrifying those twisters can be.

    On a much lighter note… Lilly Pulitzer .. ah… we were having a sofa (chesterfield) done in a high gloss black leather, and two statement chairs in front.. I went the Rococo and had it repainted, but I’d love to have two of those dinning chairs as well.. I can afford those but not the end chairs…I just closed my business so I’m going lean for the rest of the year… I was about to blog about her collection..the highlighter pinks hues with white.. swoon!

  11. LilyBart

    My husband saw the pictures of the Ralph Lauren dress and asked if Mrs. Obama was wearing make-up (contouring) to enhance her chest. Oh dear. I perfer the white dress – the dark dress shows too much decolletage for a diplomatic occassion, and her hair style make her look a bit ‘manish’.

    Yes, I vote for the Tom Ford.

  12. karen

    I think she looks beautiful in both gowns, but clearly she is stunning in the white gown! I disagree completely with those who thought it makes her look heavier. She looks equally fit and trim in both gowns, IMO.

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