Another Tale of Two Posts & Kate Makes Her First Post-Wedding Appearance

Once again circumstances dictate what we refer to as a “tale of two posts,” with news events rendering a post entirely dedicated to lighthearted fare inappropriate.

Of course we refer to the situation in Missouri (although Minnesota was hard hit this weekend and people in Alabama continue to experience extremely difficult circumstances as they try to put the pieces back together again).  We use the words posted on Twitter by one of our favorite reporters, Brian Stelter, to go along with some of the photos.

Mr. Stelter writes about television and other media for the NY Times, and he was scheduled to be in Chicago yesterday for the final Oprah show. Instead, he volunteered to help with the paper’s coverage of the disaster in Missouri.  It was his first experience covering a natural disaster as a reporter.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

From Mr. Stelter:

(FYI, the Tweets we show from Mr. Stelter are not all in chronological order, please disregard the ‘time stamp’ shown on the graphic.) Below, Kyle Gordon looks out the window of what used to be his home.

Eric Thayer/Reuters

His wife Alicia managed to rescue her wedding bouquet from the debris.

Eric Thayer/Reuters

This used to be a Walmart.

Mark Schiefelbein/AP Photo

This was a Home Depot.

Jeff Robersoon/AP Photo

More from Mr. Stelter.

Below, outside St. John’s Regional Medical Center Sunday night.

Ed Zurga/Reuters

And inside.

Mark Schiefelbein/AP Photo

And a wider shot of the hospital.

Eric Thayer/Reuters

Another tweet from Mr. Stelter, followed by a photograph he took.

Another image from Joplin.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

One final tweet from Mr. Stelter.

And one final photo.

AP Photo

As one would expect, local and national non-profits need as much help as they can get, KMOV-TV has a lengthy list of such groups you can peruse if thinking about a possible donation.


We move on to far more lighthearted fare, beginning with the Obama’s official visit to the UK.  Below, the Queen with the President and Mrs. Obama earlier today.

Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Michelle Obama opted for Barbara Tfank, wearing a dress from this past winter’s Resort collection. Queen Elizabeth was in Peter Enrione, her longtime tailor.  (If interested in purchasing Barbara Tfank, Barneys carries her exclusively.)

Perhaps of more consequence to our readers, the First Lady and Mr. Obama met with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka William and Kate.

AP Photo via The Daily Mail

Kate opted for the “Shola” bandage-style dress by one of her favorite labels, Reiss. (One caveat for anyone planning to look at the dress online, the Reiss website crashed this morning from the crush of traffic it is experiencing and remains down as of this writing, 4pm EDT 5/24.)

Getty Images/Reuters via The Daily Mail

Not only was this the couple’s first official engagement since their wedding, it was also Kate’s first formal appearance as a member of the Royal Family.  Below, we have a better look at the dress as it was shown on the company’s website, it came in two colors, the camel and a royal blue.

Via Reiss

The Princess (we won’t go into the tedium as to why it is deemed acceptable to refer to her this way, it just sounds better than the Duchess) looked tan following her 10 day honeymoon.

Toby Melville/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

As always, the British media weighed in on what was worn by whom; the following is from The Daily Mail’s story:

  • The Queen’s patterned white dress is a trademark look, but Michelle’s clashing outfit was a far cry from the pared-down elegance we have come to expect from the First Lady
  • The faux-pas could perhaps be explained by Obama’s nerves as she probably erred on the side of caution, choosing an outfit she knew would please the Queen
  • So perhaps nerves have got the better of Catherine Middleton, who looked thinner than ever when she met the Obamas at Buckingham Palace today.

Tonight we shall see serious party frocks at the State Dinner hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip. For more information than you could possibly want on the ensemble, visit our sister site, What Kate Wore.


Yesterday we chatted about the fabulous news of the soon-to-open Ladurée store, but also asked for insight on the distinction between a macaron and macaroons.  A tip of the hat to the inimitable (and always gracious) Toad, of To the Manner Born fame, for he was good enough to share this story from Sauce Magazine addressing this very topic.

“Macarons – or “macs” as I affectionately refer to them – are French sandwiches whose shells are made up primarily of whipped egg whites, ground almonds and sugar. They rise in the oven and are paired together with a sweet filling. There are various methods, recipes and baking times that work for some and not for others (you can read all about the tasty tribulations of macarons here). Although finicky, macarons are delicious, beautiful and – to me – macarons vs. macaroons

the trouble.”

Via One Charming Party

Our friend Elle Marie is also an outstanding chef, and she verifies that the two are completely different creations, while also giving us some background on the confusion:

“There was a huge debate publicly after an editor for “BonAppétit” spelled the French Macaron “Macaroon” insisting that was the English spelling, but they are actually two different pastries….  I know it’s still a debate, but they are actually two different cookies, but some think they are synonyms.”

With thanks to both Toad and Elle Marie for their assistance, we say adieu until next time!



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12 responses to “Another Tale of Two Posts & Kate Makes Her First Post-Wedding Appearance

  1. Love that you do this. It’s the reality of life today, all these elements. So much devastation in the world countered by the lovely.

    A few less tornadoes, earthquakes, nuclear disasters and trsunamis and more macaroons please.

  2. MCW

    I was thinking how SKINNY Kate looks. I mean sickly.

  3. Terrific post, as always! Great coverage on all fronts!

  4. Princess/Duchess Kate/Catherine is looking quite thin. when did eating become so gross!

  5. Thank you for your very sweet mention.

  6. Amy

    The tornado are just heartbreaking. It is so tough, knowing the season still isn’t over.

    Kate’s dress is absolutely darling. I love it!

  7. I am heartbroken over the devastation that has been left behind and the loss of is almost hard to comprehend, how this is happening so often, this year alone…there have been so many catastrophes. My heart goes out to the people and may God guide them during these dark days to rebuild and restore not only their lives but their souls. It is tragic beyond words.
    On a lighter note, Kate looks great but sooo thin! Michelle looks great as well I actually like her little pop of pink in her little pink bolero jacket.
    Another great comprehensive post…have a great evening!

  8. I suppose all our days we should be wishing those well who are suffering. Can’t believe that just dawned on me.

  9. I love Kate’s dress, but everyone is right, she is looking very thin these days.

  10. TP, that was a wonderful tribute to the victims in MO. Last night I saw the Jason family interviewed on CNN. Before taking shelter in their interior bathroom, the family saw their dog blown out a window that had just broken from the force of the wind. Monday they were allowed back home to gather what they could. As they walked to their house, they found their dog, unharmed but very shaken up. Amid all the devistation, the family had a little miracle.

  11. All of the devastation is truly heartbreaking. I know Joplin and the other cities will rebuild and be ever better!

    I love Mrs. O’s dress. Barbara Tfank is an awesome designer and I see Mrs. O always return to one of her designs. I also like Kate’s dress as well. She is a little on the thinner side, bless her heart. The dress is wearing her vs her wearing the dress. She has been through a lot over the past few weeks, I am sure she will be back to normal in no time. She is still beautiful!!

  12. So what was wrong with the First Lady’s outfit? I mean, I didn’t love it but that’s just personal taste. I didn’t actually think there was anything wrong with it really.

    Oh and Kate does look sooo skinny. But then again, if I was going to have to live my life out for the globe, my nerves might make me a touch too thin too. Love her dress though.

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