Preppy Style In The Home, & Ralph Lauren Tears Up Over Dylan’s Wedding Dress

We hope you are enjoying a delightful Thursday, with any luck you are avoiding the Midwest monsoon that has now planted itself on the east coast. However, a glance at the television or a newspaper or one’s computer screen reminds us we really have nothing to complain about.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Not one thing.

On a brighter note, we look at a portion of yesterday’s Ralph Lauren interview on Oprah.

George Burns/Harpo Productions/AP

From The Show Tracker blog:

“The show was practically moving in its ode to striving, to these two exceedingly rare cases of American mobility: the Bronx-bred son of immigrant Ashkenazi Jews, whose artist father painted houses to support his family, and an African American woman born poor in Mississippi and raised poor in Milwaukee.”

Perhaps the most touching moment was hearing the designer talk about making his daughter’s wedding gown. Dylan Lauren is marrying financier Paul Arrouet in June; her father designed the dress, but it wasn’t easy.

Harpo Productions

Mr. Lauren said…

“I had to do something that was better than ever before. I mean I have to—it’s the only daughter I have, beautiful girl—I want to just give her something that she’ll really treasure, give her something that would be really amazing. I want her to feel fantastic.”

After seeing initial sketches, mother of the bride Ricky Lauren told him the dress wasn’t right: “Ralph, that’s not Dylan”.  Below we see Ms. Lauren with her fiancée, Paul Arrouet.

Via The Examiner

But it seems everyone is thrilled with the finished product. Dylan Lauren says the dress is stunning.

‘I told my fianceé, “I may sleep in it. I might wear it the next day,”‘ she added. ‘It’s really beautiful. I know that every bit of his energy and heart went into making sure that I liked it.’

As soon as there are photos of the gown available we’ll have them right here. If you would like to see the clip about the gown, click here.
Speaking about preppish styling and weddings brings us to our next tidbit, Preppy Wedding products at Bridefinds. From the story:

If “The Preppy Handbook” is the only book you can’t live without, it’s time to take it to the next, next level.

The piece suggests all manner of things that will hypothetically help one achieve a prep aesthetic for the big day. Below left, a 4-Piece Set for your young MOTH (Man of the House) from Dillard’s, and on the right, Kate Spade’s Seersucker Jenny Ann Clutch.

Dillard's (L) and Kate Spade (R)

Bride Finds bills the post as the “Preppy Wedding Handbook,” and while there are a few interesting items shown, that title far oversells the story.

There is another online photo series about “preppy style” and interior design.

Designers Guild for Benz via HGTV

The post by Cassandra LaVelle (of Coco + Kelley) is on the HGTV site.

“No longer just for the country club set, preppy style enters the home with classic patterns, bright colors and the essential navy and white stripes. Discover how to add a little prep to your favorite room.

Patrick Cline for Lonny Magazine

Below left we see another room via Lonny magazine, and on the right, decor by Tobi Fairley Interior Design.

Patrick Cline for Lonny / Tobi Fairley Interiors

As described in the story:

The fastest way to add a little “prep” to your style is definitely with a bit of trim. Designer Tobi Fairley adds white piping to the dining chairs and black trim to the lattice-print drapes for some classic preppy details.

Click here for the entire post, it is a good read.


While looking for an item on the Dior site today we stumbled upon some simply darling Dior looks for young ladies.

Baby Dior

Saks has many of the styles in stock, as does Neimans.

Baby Dior

Regular readers know we cannot resist most designer duds for the little ones, despite our frequent outbursts and tirades occasional mention of the frivolous nature of such things.

Baby Dior

Here on the Preppy Planet we see merit in both upscale pieces and the more practical offerings from your local Targét.

We leave you with another reason to smile.

Jacques de Marthon/AFP/Getty

The French Open is underway.


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7 responses to “Preppy Style In The Home, & Ralph Lauren Tears Up Over Dylan’s Wedding Dress

  1. Saw and enjoyed very much the interview wtih good ol Ralph. What a beautiful spot they are in! It would be hard to leave….it was as Ricky said a place you feel a spiritual connection with. I loved Ricky, what a sweet, kind, refined, soft spoken lovely person she is! The eldest son was really personable and well spoken too. The entire family was for those two for me really stood out. They are each lucky to have one another, you can see the very close bond and that is not made up for the cameras, it is genuine. Its a beautiful thing.
    LOVE those mini dior looks above….sooo sweet!! Just so fresh and crisp and darling. Love watching the French Open, we know one dignitary who won’t be sitting in his VIP seat…..because he has another “front row seat of another variety” in a NY court room…….wanna take a guess who that might be? Have a great night…..

  2. Princess Freckles

    Thanks for the link to the decor article. Loving those photos!

  3. MCW

    I want those Dior dresses for myself. Only kid sizes? Boo!

    And I loved Ralph and his family. Although found them all dressing alike what a little overdone…

  4. I can’t wait to see photos of the Dylan’s wedding dress. I’m sure that it will be amazing.

  5. I missed the segment with Ralph Lauren and his family until your post! I was very moved! In my past career I had the honor of working very close to Mr. Laurens team. They stated that the Lauren family was the most respectful and kindest family. Also, that Ralph always considered his wife’s opinion extremely important in regards to his work. I really loved representing his products in the past and will always be a huge lifestyle fan!

  6. The first in this house to own Dior will be me, not baby; that being said, those Mini Dior looks are seriously TDF.

    Speaking of TDF, I love that Tobi Fairley look, no surprise. Off to check out that post…

  7. awesome and lovely pics.

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