A Busy Week for the Ralph Lauren Clan, An Unexpected Royal Wedding Dress Reaction

Hello-Hello, please forgive the lack of a post yesterday, things have been crazy-busy here at the Prepatorium.

We begin today with an update on someone we don’t follow in-depth, Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar notoriety.

Photo via Lifeguard Press

There is a significant amount of buzz surrounding the entrepreneur’s activities of late, not all of it limited to her popular candy stores. Some of it involves the launch of her new Stationery and Gifts line with our friends at Lifeguard Press.  Above she is seen at the official début of the new collection yesterday, wearing one of the Candy Bar Tiaras.

Ms. Lauren is also going to be featured on the cover of the May 23 Forbes.

Courtesy Forbes

From that story:

“When your dad is worth $5.8 billion, it’s not like you need to work for a living. But Dylan Lauren, 36, daughter of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, devotes round-the-clock energy to her ten-year-old retail sweets business, Dylan’s Candy Bar.”

Some pieces from the new stationery collection are available now, like tableware for parties, pens, and sticker sets.

Dylan's Candy Bar at Lifeguard Press

Future additions to the line include agendas, scented iPhone cases and candles.

Ms. Lauren continues to work on expanding her original candy store business as she looks at other endeavors:

“The Manhattan flagship just got a liquor license and opened a redesigned upstairs space to serve candy-themed cocktails as well as pizza, cupcakes and ice cream. There’s talk of a children’s book and a TV show.

To see the entire Forbes story, click here.

In related news, expect to see Dylan, as well as the other Lauren kids on Oprah tomorrow, part of a show featuring Oprah’s interview with their father, Ralph Lauren.

Photos via Styleite.com

As portrayed in USA Today, the “queen of daytime is taking on the king of the runway.” (Cough-cough.)  Here is more from the paper’s story:

“As part of her élite eight — those last eight shows — Oprah Winfrey is sitting down Wednesday with the famously press-shy Ralph Lauren, who is giving his first TV interview in nearly 20 years, according to Harpo, and opening up his RRL Ranch outside Telluride, Colo., also a TV first.”

It is common knowledge within the industry Mr. Lauren is not at all fond of television interviews, tomorrow’s show is likely to do a huge number. (Translation: the show should have big ratings.)


We bring you a quick look at a line we weren’t aware of until today, Regatta.


The company’s runway show at Philippine Fashion Week caught our attention, the pieces are from the Holiday 2011 collection.

Via Regatta Facebook Page

Clearly derivative of sailing and beachside motifs, the line was intriguing.

Via Regatta Facebook Page

The downside is that we don’t see any locations where Regatta is sold in the US, so we can’t speak to the quality of the clothing. (A caveat if thinking about looking for the company’s wares online, this is not the same as the UK’s Regatta, a much older firm whose quality we can attest to.)


A note for royal readers, expect to see author Andrew Morton simply everywhere as he hits the promotion circuit for his new book, “William & Catherine: Their Story“.


Mr. Morton is perhaps best known for his books on Princess Diana.

From his biography:

“He became an overnight sensation with the publication of his groundbreaking 1992 biography revealing the secret world of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.”

Although the book was published just three days after the wedding, the serious publicity only started yesterday, with appearances on morning shows, with lots more on the schedule.  The timing coincides with the launch of Mr. Morton’s new website, The Morton Report. To read excerpts from the new book, click here.


We leave you with a “Help Me understand,” for your devoted correspondent is confused and we just know you can provide insight. Our question involves a surprising reaction to the Kate Middleton wedding gown, it seems a burgeoning number of fashion stories feature similar headlines, “________________ dresses like Kate Middleton at ______________” whatever event.  A case in point, Penelope Cruz and the Givenchy dress worn for the UK première of the latest Pirates film.

Photos: Courtesy Givenchy/Getty Images/AP

From The Daily Mail:

Very Kate Middleton! Penelope Cruz wears white lace to Pirates London premiere

“It had been said that Kate Middleton’s wedding dress would influence bridalwear for years to come.

But it seems her Alexander McQueen lace gown is influencing more than that, as Penelope Cruz showed when she arrived at the premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in London last night wearing a full-length white lace dress”

Really? Are we supposed to believe that Penelope Cruz and/or her stylist saw the Sarah Burton/Alexander McQueen wedding gown and said “Oh, I must have something like Kate Middleton’s dress to wear in two weeks for the UK opening”?! We think not. (Unfortunately this is not one of Ms. Cruz’s best looks, she is generally in something much more flattering.)
Our final note (so we don’t leave you thinking we are a Crankenstein), some of our favorite new pillows, perfect for the sailor in your family.

Cottage Coastal Store

One would also make a splendid hostess gift for your next visit to a friend’s cottage. On that happy thought we say g’bye until next time!


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11 responses to “A Busy Week for the Ralph Lauren Clan, An Unexpected Royal Wedding Dress Reaction

  1. Perfectly on point, as always! Love those pillows and you are right– they are taking this post-wedding business too far!

  2. Another wonderful post..can’t wait to see Oprah and Ralph and their schoomzefest, should be a good one as I am a big fan of Ralph and think he is just such a creative genius!
    Gotta hand it to Dylan Lauren…good for her, wishing her much succsss, love that shes not riding on Daddys coattails but making a name for herself and carving her own future and identity….I so admire that. Paris Hilton, take notes!
    Penelope, pretty lady that she is did not choose well on that dress, so unflattering…not loving the look and its HIGHLY unlikely the choice had ONE iota to do with Kates wedding dress, that is downright ridiculous!
    Another great post under your belt!

  3. Really liking that Regatta line–am curious to hear about quality, too!

    Some stylist somewhere clearly HATES Penelope Cruz.

  4. I can’t wait to watch the RL interview on Oprah. I have always loved Dylan Lauren for making something of herself, when she could have done nothing at all. Her candy shop in NYC is one of my favorite places to visit.

  5. I had to pause & re-group around the “scented iPhone case” bit – this is the face of Forbes?!? It’s admittedly a lovely, well-connected one, but…

    Is it strange that I’m simultaneously rolling my eyes at anyone connecting the Middleton McQueen & Cruz’ dress *and* contemplating buying that (probably dreadful yet entertaining) Morton book?

    Just so you don’t think I’m a crankypants – we’d never think such a thing of you, of course – those pillows would indeed make a perfect gift for the nautically inclined.

  6. Preppy 101

    I agree with your point of view regarding Penelope’s choice . . . and I’ll miss the Oprah show on the Laurens. I’ll have to tape it!! Great post, Miss Princess! XOXO

  7. Those Regatta clothes are cuuuuuuuuute!

  8. K. C.

    I was so surprised to see that you featured the Regatta brand here. I actually went to the Philippines last summer and found this store at one of the malls. The clothing is good quality and still looks great a year later.

  9. TippyL

    I love those pillows! If only I had a lake house. I miss Michigan in the summer. I was just telling Mr. L that the summer we move home, we need to go back to Saugatuck. I love that you always seem to find something new. XO

  10. Penelope is so gorgeous, and looks amazing after giving birth, but should go burn that white lace dress. I don’t care if it’s Givenchy.

  11. A.F.

    Pleasantly surprised to find a post on Regatta. I’m from the Philippines and I regularly go to their stores. Good quality stuff at really good prices.

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