Milly Opens Her Doors, & You Can Pre-Order Your Kate Middleton Wedding Gown (Pippa’s Too!)

Happy almost-weekend to everyone.

We are all about Friday fun today, beginning with nice news for those of us fond of Milly.

Milly New York

The company’s first store has opened.

Kyle Ericksen/WWD

Located at Madison and 73rd, this is the first physical store for Michelle Smith and company.  Eagle-eyed shoppers may have noted the presence of handbags in the photo above, a fairly new addition for the designer.  We are partial to the Sailboat Tote and the Rope Tweed Milly bag.

Milly New York

The store also has the new Mini Milly collection, and a shoe collection launches next year. There is talk of adding other product lines as well, Women’s Wear Daily has the story:

““Maybe we’ll do home, stationary and candles, but those may be a year out,” he said.

The gentleman quoted is the designer’s husband and company CEO, Andy Oshrin. It’s no secret we do like Milly, the notion of an even broader merchandise mix is very appealing.


The anchor motif seen above reminded us of the cutest bloomers we have seen in along time:

Rikshaw Design

These are from Rikshaw Design, a delightful firm specializing in hand-printed fabrics, started by the very talented Catherine Fitzsimmons in 2008. It’s obvious why we appreciate Ms. Fitzsimmon’s work, she previously worked for two companies we appreciate, she was a textile designer for Pottery Barn and also worked as a merchandiser for Ralph Lauren.  Below, several of the Bib and Burp Sets.

Rikshaw Designs

The bedding is also darling.

Rikshaw Design

The 100% cotton textiles and hand-quilting make the pieces special, there are also a variety of tunics and sundresses available for Mom.

Rikshaw Design

It is always nice to see new entrepreneurial endeavors, we wish Ms. Fitzsimmons the best.


Those who follow the Hollywood scene know we are in the first week of the Cannes.

Festival de Cannes

Angelina Jolie and Jack Black were on hand to promote Kung Fu Panda.

Joel Ryna/AP

Last night the stars were out for the big bash hosted jointly by the IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project), Calvin Klein Collection and Calvin Klein Euphoria. Below, model Natalia Vodianova and Uma Thurman (who is serving as a judge this year), both wearing Calvin Klein Collection.

PHOTO: Stephane Feugere©

Earlier this week Diane Kruger also was spotted in Calvin Klein Collection for the Sleeping Beauty première.

We do enjoy looking at party frocks!


Finally, good news for brides-to-be wanting a CopyKate gown similar to the Sarah Burton creation worn by Kate Middleton for her marriage to Prince William.  Remember that dress being done by ABS/Allen B. Schwartz?

It will soon be at Lord and Taylor, as well as ABS copies of the dress worn by Ms. Middleton for her evening reception, and the now-infamous Pippa Middleton gown.  Below, an image from the Lord & Taylor Wedding Shop website.

Via has more:

“The dresses are scheduled to arrive in the department store’s Fifth Avenue flagship, Garden State stores, and on in mid-July.

We did speak with L&T, they are taking pre-orders for the dresses now, the number to call is 212-391-3287.   The prices for the gowns are as follows:

  • the daytime gown will be $950;
  • the evening reception dress will be $450;
  • the bridemaid dress worn by Pippa Middleton will be $390

For a look at the version being done for Nordstrom, just click here. That dress won’t be available until September, it will run $698 USD.

With that, may everyone enjoy a restful weekend.


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14 responses to “Milly Opens Her Doors, & You Can Pre-Order Your Kate Middleton Wedding Gown (Pippa’s Too!)

  1. I love Milly, the new designs are just gorgeous! Hope all is well Mrs. TP.

  2. Can’t wait to shop at Milly! My kind of prep! Happy Friday!

  3. Aaaah! Those bloomers are To Die For!!!!! And I rarely resort of exclamation marks.

  4. Holy Cuteness! I must get those crab and anchor ruffle bloomers for my baby girl! I adore them!

  5. So exciting about Milly!!! I LOVE Milly…now thats how I love to dress..such classic dressing with a fun little twist. Love the line and will be paying them a visit sooner than later. Very exciting!! Rikshaw is sooo cute….have to actually buy a baby gift so may go and look into seeing their goodies, really adorable things.
    We just knew Kates dress would be the one to launch a thousand others just like it right? It was just a matter of what..weeks? No surprise there, not one bit. Hey its all good. I am sure they will all be sold out in all no time. Let every bride who buys it feel like a princess for her special day..nothing wrong with that:) Have a great weekend!

  6. First Mate just may need a pair of those anchor bloomers!


  7. Ooh, that is some excellent Milly news! I’d be thrilled if they do end up doing paper & home lines too.

    Much as I adored Kate / Catherine / Duchess etc. & Pippa’s dresses and enthusiastically applaud the return-to-sleeves trend, I’m not sure I’d want such an on-the-nose copy. I’ll be interested to see how these Copy Kates sell.

  8. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of the Milly store. I always enjoy attending her runway shows, especially since the addition of the wonderful accessories line. Her collection really has something for everyone and crosses all sorts of demographics in terms of range of style and age. I also love Rickshaw – such an adorable line. I’m not a big fan of knock offs – but this was of course predictable – I guess I can’t blame a bride wanting to look like Kate – but wouldn’t you prefer to create your own vision for your wedding day?

  9. You will never guess who won the Safavieh bench!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me whenever you can so we can make arrangments to have it sent out to you…congrats:)

  10. Oh I love that sailboat bag, just too cute!

  11. Love the Milly dresses and accessories! Best wishes on what I am sure will be a successful endeavor.

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  12. I’m a new fan of Milly NY, but what made me fall in love was one of their shift dresses. “swoon”!

  13. i am SO EXCITED for a milly store!

    {it’s kate, from “barefoot in the park,” just under my new venture!}

  14. Isn’t it sad when media leaders like “W” no longer hire proofreaders or copy editors that know the difference between “stationery” (writing papers, calling cards, invitations and like) and “stationary” which means that an object does not move bit rather stays in one place? (Please excuse my typo on “bit”, it should have been keyboarded as “bUt”.
    This mistake is made even worse by the quotation being pulled out as a decorative device or simply to take up more space.
    I think this is just another example of the “dumbing down” of our country. I am so grateful my prep school gave me those basics. They stay with you all your life. Thank you for allowing me to express this pet peeve. P&G4E

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