Signs of Panic for Monaco Wedding? A “Preppy Revival” & Kate Middleton’s Prep Look (Again)

Hello-Hello, and happy Monday.

There is an abundance of news to share, we begin with a story about the upcoming wedding of Monaco’s Prince Albert to Charlene Wittstock, seen below heading into Westminster Abbey for the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Chris Jackson/Getty Image

The Sunday Times (London) carried a story titled “Alarm Bells Ring for Albert’s Wedding”.

With only two months to go before the 53-year-old Albert exchanges vows with Charlene Wittstock, a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa, invitations have yet to be sent out. “Albert and Charlene” wedding memorabilia is not yet ready. Nor is the commemorative postage stamp or a “Princess Charlene” rose that was supposed to have been created by now.”

With all due respect to the Principality, the lack of a commemorative stamp or hybrid floral component hardly seems catastrophic.  However, one would think those invitations need to get in the mail fairly soon. And there are other issues we hadn’t thought about. Back to Matthew Campbell’s article:

“Another worry is that Albert could end up being embarrassed by the mothers of his illegitimate children.”
Perhaps the most glaring part of that sentence was “mothers,” as in plural? Multiple offspring? Recognizing much of the world finds the American perspective on monogamy and children born out-of-wedlock to be provincial, we remain convinced Albert’s mother, Princess Grace would not be thrilled at the situation.  More on the offspring from Mr. Campbell:

“Nicole Coste, a former Togolese air hostess and mother of Alexandre, 7, has a record of turning up uninvited at Monaco’s red carpet events and is said to have been signed up by German media to give an account of Albert’s big day.

It is not known whether Albert’s 19-year-old Californian daughter, Jazmin, and her mother are on the guest list. They may turn up anyway, furious at the rejection.”

Below we see the couple awarding Rafael Nadal the winner’s cup at last month’s Monte Carlo Masters tournament.

Claude Paris/AP Photo

The event does sound as though it has the potential to get a bit off the track (understatement of the week), at the very least an interesting case study for those studying such things. One last portion of the story:

“Displaying signs of panic, the palace protocol chief in charge of the wedding has sent for reinforcements, hiring two experienced French wedding planners. It is hoped, at least, that the date, time and venues of festivities will not be subject to further changes…”

To read the entire story click here to visit a forum with the entire post (the Times is available by subscription only). There is an official wedding website for the media.


Several stories referencing the prep aesthetic have surfaced in the last several days, below we share part of a story from Savannah Now, sister site to the Savannah Morning News.  From an “An Ode to Mommy Fashion“:

“There is also the preppy mom of uniformed preparatory school children. Her uniform is collared shirts and conservative solids and plaids.

Old-school brands like Brooks Brothers, Lilly Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren are returning this preppy look to popularity. Does your mom delight in her latest look from Lilly? Does she casually toss her sweater over her shoulders while watching your tennis match? Yes, preppy mom is back!”

The piece is illustrated with a vintage Time magazine cover.

Time Inc. via Savannah Now

If that doesn’t evoke wistful thoughts of another time, a more civil and genteel time, I don’t know what will.


Next, a story looking at “The Preppy Revival in Fashion

“It’s been patronised by icons from Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis to Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow but, give or take the odd overnight fad (the choppy “Rachel” haircut in the 1990s for example), it’s never dominated fashion.

Now it appears that Alexa Chung’s white cuffs were the tip of the iceberg. The global preppy movement currently bubbling under the fashion radar is not going to be merely a “revival”.

Writer Julia Robson’s story ran in The National (UAE), offering an international perspective.

“New preppy, though, is more glamorous and distances itself from campus and vintage looks. Think everyone’s new favourite fashionista Kate Middleton – who never looks anything but exquisite in her pared-down, impeccably ironed clothes – and you are good to go.

New preppy isn’t about Charlotte Olympia clunky platforms or Hervé Leger cleavage dresses. It’s classic Burberry raincoats, neatly pressed cream silk blouses and dainty hats all the way. It involves quality labels, conservative styles, not wearing too much make-up or tampering with natural hair colour (though brunette home hair-dye is seeing off its rival, blonde).”

Ms. Robson wisely distinguishes between classics and fads.

“Amazingly, by preserving… fundamental preppy stalwarts such as classic raincoats, brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry look fresher than ever. The fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger is particularly enjoying a fashion “moment”.

Not surprisingly, Prep World, Mr. Hilfiger’s collaborative collection with Lisa Birnbach, is mentioned, as is the quirky “Meet the Hilfigers” campaign.

Craig McDean via Design Scene

Click here for the entire story, it makes for a good read.


Speaking of Mr.Hilfiger, add his name to the list of designers who would like to dress Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.  From Vogue UK:

“”Catherine has a very classic yet modern style,” Hilfiger told us. “I would love to dress her and I think she already has the makings of the perfect preppy!”

That list of designers is lengthy indeed.


We leave you with a few images from the weekend’s events.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Mornings at a racetrack are indescribable, stripped of the frou-frou accompanying the actual race. This is especially so at marquee events.

Al Bello/Getty Images

As always, the hats were delightful.

John Sommers II/Reuters

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The more whimsical chapeaux are also fun.

Jeff Haynes/Reuters

It was an amazing race.

Travis Lindquist/Getty Images

Hopefully Animal Kingdom had a little treat with his dinner. 🙂

Garry Jones/AP


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14 responses to “Signs of Panic for Monaco Wedding? A “Preppy Revival” & Kate Middleton’s Prep Look (Again)

  1. the Derby hats are wonderful ..

    love your Monaco story, hope that this is a happy wedding .. something in their stance looks off.

  2. Mom

    Another fabulous post. And let me say that had the Prince asked my opinion about his upcoming nuptials – knowing what I know now about “mothers” and such, I would’ve suggested a small, family only, intimate ceremony so that his new bride is not accosted by his no-doubt screaming illegitimate children ;-). Wow, he has been a busy boy – I had no idea. Have a great Monday Miss Princess! XOXO

  3. Is it just me or are the hats from the race track so much better than the hats at “The Wedding”?

  4. i thought prince albert was already married… shows how much i know lol. How many baby mama’s does he have???

  5. Loving the article on the “Preppy Mom”. I’m thrilled to see a revivial of the Preppy look. To me it never seemed to go away, but it does have a fresher look these days.

  6. Anonymous

    Lord have mercy, thank goodness Princess Grace isn’t around for this. Honestly, when I heard he was engaged, I was shocked. I’m sure he will not have a Kate & William ‘Royal Wedding’. His day could end up being a circus with all his ‘lot’ showing up.

  7. Now, THOSE are the kinds of hats I really wanted to see at the wedding! (At least the first three. Especially the one in turquoise.) But the last one, I have to admit, is my favorite.

  8. As they say, “So meaty!” I cannot wait to delve into all the luscious links you provided. 🙂 xoxo

  9. charlene is beautiful!
    How tragic no rose and no commemorative crap!

    p.s. I think I saw you listed in last week’s people or instyle or one of the weeklies that I read on vacation last week – oh preppy princess, I know her! 🙂

  10. I’m sorry, I had a comment to make but may need to fetch the smelling salts first after seeing The National connecting Alexa Chung (!) in any way with a preppy revival. In the immortal words of Cher Horowitz, “As if.”

    As for Prince Albert, I nearly fainted for a happier reason with the brilliance of this line: “With all due respect to the Principality, the lack of a commemorative stamp or hybrid floral component hardly seems catastrophic.” YES.

    And I know the Derby chapeau isn’t traditionally a man’s playground, but the photo of that starter gate boater made me smile.

  11. Little Red

    I knew Albert had one baby mama but not two. Are the Grimaldis the butt of jokes among European royalty?

  12. Jen

    It’s so good to have Royals out there. It makes life so much more interesting. I think they need to hire the English. They are good at these sorts of things. Hire the French to do the food.

  13. Kronos

    Hire the Grimaldis and you have lots of affairs and children to talk about. Topped only by their posing for pictures with financial fraudsters and little brown babies.

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