She Wore McQueen & Cartier, Prince Harry to William: “Wait ’til You See Her”

What a truly splendid wedding.

Referred to as an “act of faith in a world of doubt” this morning’s wedding had us all a-Twitter, literally. The internet crackled with questions we all had: was Kate Middleton wearing a tiara? Who made the dress? What did it look like? Miss Middleton’s secret was kept successfully, even when seeing the bride with her father on the way to Westminster Abbey we couldn’t decipher who created her gown.

AFP/Getty Images

One could almost hear a collective intake of breath when seeing Miss Middleton emerge from the Queen’s Rolls Royce.  This was the shot that wowed the world.

Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

The Alexander McQueen gown was designed by Sarah Burton. It was exquisite.

Getty Images

The dress was both ivory and white, incorporating hand-cut English lace and French Chantilly lace, appliqued by hand. The work was done by artisans from the Royal School of Needlework, based at Hampton Court Palace. (Psst, they offer day classes!)

Getty Images

From the Palace news release:

“Individual flowers have been hand-cut from lace and hand-engineered onto ivory silk tulle to create a unique and organic design, which incorporates the rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock.”

Some of us immediately thought of Grace Kelly’s gown, with its similar use of lace and high neck, tasteful and elegant.

EPA (L), Sipa Press/Rex Features (R)

Prince William wore the uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards. He is commissioned in all three armed services, but the Army’s honorary Irish Guards position is his highest military title. The best man, his brother Prince Harry,wore the uniform of Captain of the Household Cavalry, also called the Blues and Royals.

Paul Rogers/Pool/The Times/AP Photo

Kate’s sister Pippa did a masterful job managing the train, almost 9′ long.

Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

More on the dress from the news release:

“The ivory satin bodice, which is narrowed at the waist and padded at the hips, draws on the Victorian tradition of corsetry and is a hallmark of Alexander McQueen’s designs.  The back is finished with 58 gazar and organza covered buttons fastened by Rouleau loops.”

Via AOL's Royal Wedding

The veil needed to be simple and it was.  Made of ivory silk tulle, there were no gathers, it wasn’t hooped, just flat, allowing the focus to be on the bride and her gown.

Getty Images

The tiara was by Cartier, loaned to the bride by the Queen, definitely fitting the ‘something borrowed’ category.

AP Television News

‘Something new’ came in the form of a gift from her parents, diamond drop earrings shaped like oak leaves with a pave diamond acorn suspended in the middle. Pippa wore a similar pair, both pair were made by Robinson Pelham, and said to be inspired by the Middleton family’s new coat of arms, which includes oak leaves and acorns.

The bride’s wedding ring was made from Welsh gold by Wartski, an upscale jeweler and antiques firm located in Mayfair. The ring was crafted from a piece of Welsh gold given to the couple by the Queen.

AP Television News

Using Welsh gold for wedding rings is a royal tradition going back almost a century. Wartski is no stranger to Royal commissions, they made Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ wedding rings.

One of the more intriguing questions, “What did Harry say to William?” was answered by The Telegraph, they used a lipreader, evidently he whispered “Wait ’til you see her”.

And William’s words to Kate?

““You look beautiful…Yes, it looks fantastic, it’s beautiful…”

Via The News (Portsmouth, UK)

(Please give us a moment to gather ourselves and find another hankie.)

Pippa Middleton was also busy with the other wedding attendants.

Associated Press

The bridesmaids included Grace van Cutsem, Eliza Lopes, Lady Louise Windsor, and Margarita Armstrong-Jones.

Paul Rogers/WPA Pool/Getty

The young page boys and bridesmaids were darling. Young Master Pettifer seemed to be enjoying himself enormously.

PHOTO:Getty Images

Below, Lady Louise Windsor and Margarita Armstrong-Jones.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Their dresses were made from the same fabric as the wedding gown, and embroidered with their names and the date. We liked their satin flats.

Some have said the Maid of Honour stole the show. She was also in McQueen.

Reuters (L) / Getty Images (R)

The chic and elegant gown was surprisingly close in color to her sister’s white and ivory dress. While absolutely beautiful, we think the focus remained where it was supposed to be, on the bride. Below, Pippa beams with two of her young charges as they head to the Palace following the ceremony.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The couple are not only well-suited temperamentally, but also physically.

Press Association

The service itself was lovely, with the British pomp and pageantry that has been perfected over the centuries.

Press Association

The crowds waiting for the traditional balcony appearance were enormous.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

They were not disappointed.

The Daily Mail

All in all, it was an extraordinary event, to some degree because getting from here…

PHOTO: Reuters

To here….

PA via The Daily Mail

…is an amazing accomplishment. Doing so as the whole world watches is remarkable.

John Stillwell/Pool/AP

The gown was precisely what it needed to be: breathtaking and understated, with an elegance that will stand the test of time. Classic and contemporary at the same time, it was ‘very Kate’.

After the balcony appearance and the early reception, the couple made a surprise appearance.

Matt Dunham/AP

Who do you think decorated the car?

Christoper Furlong/Getty Images

In opening his homily, the Bishop of London quoted St. Catherine of Siena: ““Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

We can only hope that is true for the couple as they move forward. It seems they have made a significant step on that path. Echoing what we said earlier this morning on Twitter, I think we all needed a fairy tale. We got that this morning. 

We’ll have more later on what other people wore to the wedding, the hits and misses (oh my, there were some fashion faux pas!), and there will also be more later on WhatKateWore.

Until then, may the sun be shining on your corner of the globe!


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50 responses to “She Wore McQueen & Cartier, Prince Harry to William: “Wait ’til You See Her”

  1. WOW! I managed not to cry this whole time and now here I am crying!!! HAHA! Oh, Princess. PERFECT recap of the event. One of your BEST POSTS!!!!

  2. I couldn’t barely wait for your post! It gave me tingling sensations all over, especially when you were able to give us what the lip interpreter revealed were Harry and Williams responses to Catherine’s (Kate’s) appearance! Oh, how sweet of a day! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful…..all of it. She made a beauitful ,elegant, demure, princess-y bride. To me Diana and Grace Kelly will always be the quintessential fairytale princess brides but she did not disappoint. I really liked the dress but wouldnt’ say it was a love. It was all quite beautiful however…..and I look foward to seeing more,more,more!! Thanks for the coverage…enjoy your weekend!

  4. TippyL

    Your post is so lovely. I cried when I saw that picture of those boys’ faces on that horribly sad day. Today was truly magical.

  5. PS That first picture of her she looks especially glowing and beautiful and Prince William not to be outdone looked quite regal and dapper!

  6. This makes me weepy. Beautiful coverage of a beautiful occasion.

  7. OMG I have been misty all day! Truly a fairytale day!! I don’t think Pippa stole the show but I ADORE her dress. The whole event was just stunning!

  8. Great post! I really enjoyed your recap.

  9. Melanie Spencer

    Beautiful post PP. You made me cry with the “from this” “to this” passage and down to the end. Well said and well done.


  10. Fantastic post. It’s amazing how much we can feel for someone world’s away…but this day was just magical for them and I just loved every second!
    Thank you 🙂

  11. I loved your post so much I tweeted it out to all of my followers plus I wrote my own on my royal tea party!

  12. OMG i didnt know they made a surprise appearance! haha thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. AngelLady

    Absolutely perfectly captured the day. Fantastically well written

  14. WW

    Perfect blog recap! You get BEST in SHOW. I am going to not post and just tell people to read yours!!

  15. Dedalous

    Great summary and delighted to find out what Harry said! :))

  16. A truly marvellous day – so proud to be British.
    Really enjoyed this blog piece (we tweeted it out to our followers!) – thorough and insightful with great pics. Great to finally find out what Harry said to William as they stood at the alter!
    Love it.

  17. Great recap! Missed the car ride so glad you shared. It was all so wonderful.

  18. T. Wilson

    I think Harry said, “Wait till you see Sarah” — meaning Kate’s Sarah Burton wedding dress.

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  20. mona

    Thank you for a splendid review of the wedding!

  21. You took the words – all of them – right out of my mouth! What an extraordinary day – just perfect in every way!!

  22. The car decorations were so un-Britan! But after scrolling through all these photos I want some clotted cream and scones!!! “sigh”

  23. I didn’t know the car ride was real! Thought it was photo shopped so thanks for the additional photos!

  24. Oh Princess – This post is your best ever. I mean I am sitting here in tears. You are so spot on with every word, emotion. I love the car decor ;-). I truly believe that William and Harry are EXACTLY what their mummy would’ve wanted them to be. Her years with them made a profound impact on the men they’ve become. XOXO

  25. It had been at least seven hours since I last burst into Royal Wedding-inspired tears – yes, me, crying – until I started reading your stellar coverage here. I made it about as far as the delightfully smirky Lord Pettifer before tearing up again. One does worry about this sort of flagrant emotion – something the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge admirably avoided.

    Brava, TP (and Britain)!

  26. The mom of four sons, I rarely have the opportunity to immerse myself in the more feminine side of fairy tales. Thanks for a delightful synopsis of one of the best tales yet.

  27. Kelly

    What Harry really said to William? Referring to the littlest bridesmaid, “Grace looks hysterical”

  28. What a fabulous post! I love how all the flowers of Britain were incorporated into Kate’s exquisite dress. And, their departure in the decorated convertible was the most charming and unexpected moment all day!!!

    My first visit today…..I’ll be back!
    xo Elizabeth

  29. Beautiful post!!
    And thank you for answering the one question that was nagging my brain through-out the whole thing – “what did Harry say to William??!!!”
    Kudos on the whole research and effort you took to bring together this post 😀

  30. Rose

    I agree, Harry is saying, “Grace looks hysterical” Little Grace, with her big eyes, looked so terrified!

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  33. Oh a perfect fairytale wedding is just what we needed and this wedding fit the bill. I can’t wait to read your recap of the hits and misses.

  34. A beautiful summary of a beautiful wedding!

  35. Wonderful recap…and the inclusion of the sad past to joyful present part was very touching. The boys deserve every happiness and I think William now will have it! The only thing that could have made the wedding more perfect would have been Diana’s presence, otherwise it was a fairytale come true.
    xo J~

  36. Outstanding post. It WAS spectacular, wasn’t it…

  37. Great job!! Loved reading your recap!

  38. oh my goodness, thank you for such a lovely and detail filled recap! I enjoyed it (and the big day) immensely. One commentator made the comment that both the saddest and most joyful days of Prince William’s life have now taken place at that Abby, I got all teary when you showed that funeral picture.

  39. best synopsis I’ve seen so far. thank you!

  40. Shelley

    I think Harry said, “Wait ’til you see Zara!” His cousin, Zara Phillips, who was rockin’ the Lady Gaga look!

  41. Chrissie


  42. Victoria

    Fantastic review of the day!

    The Lady Ga-Ga look-a-likey was Princess Beatrice, not Zara.

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  46. Beautiful post TP! Well summarized, and I’m glad someone finally told us what Prince Harry said, I too was wanting to know!

  47. Little Red

    Great post summarizing the wedding. I woke up at 3 AM to watch and I’m so glad I did. And count me as another reader you made cry with those photos of William at both his mother’s funeral and then his own wedding.

  48. V.E.G.

    Well, the Collyer brothers are here in spirit. Collyer brothers are the extremely distant cousin of Prince William!

  49. Larynxa

    The dual photo of a tiara and of Kate in her tiara is wrong.

    The tiara on the left is the 1934 Egyptian-style “lotus” tiara, and is meant to be worn across the top of the head, like a hairband, with the design standing upright. It belonged to the Begum Aga Khan.

    Kate’s tiara is made up of scrolls, like stylized ocean waves, and is worn in the traditional way, just above the forehead, with the sides curving downwards around the head. It was made in 1936, and belonged to the Queen Mother.

    If you look at both tiaras, you’ll see they are definitely NOT the same!

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