A Tale of Two Stories, Bridal Party Designer Revealed, Tonight’s Royal Gala

Today’s post is a challenge.

We can’t simply revel in fun and frivolity while ignoring the other news of the day.

Dusty Compton/The Tuscaloosa News/AP

Having personal experience with tornadoes when covering news, we can only say that written descriptions are inadequate.

International Business Times/AP Photo

Above, images from Tuscaloosa last night.

The atmosphere after a tornadic event is beyond explanation, well beyond weird or eerie or any other term I can think of.  The best I can say is it is quiet.  There is an odd silence and the air itself feels funny. Below, north of Centreville, Alabama last night.

Tony Laubach/TornadoesKick.com

People come slowly out of whatever shelter remains, asking “Is it gone? Is it over?”

Gary Cosby, Jr./The Decatur Daily/AP

A few will come out running, racing to find those they love.

Bernard Troncale/Birmingham News/AP

Or those they don’t know at all.

Jeff Roberts/AP Photo/Birmingham News

When the event comes at night one is even more unsteady, there is no sound, no light, no nothing. Only the sound of generators, once they kick in, for those that have them.

Jeff Roberts/Birmingham News/AP

Daylight brings painful realities.

Jeff Roberts/Birmingham News/AP

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by this disaster.

Dave Martin/AP Photo


We move on to events across the pond, where it is has been a day filled with last-minute rehearsals, comings and goings, smiles and glad-handing, and this evening’s gala for the out-of-town royals.

The day started with one more walk-through at Westminster Abbey; Prince Harry and Kate Middleton were on hand but Prince William did not participate.

Enigma via The Daily Mail

Young attendants took part in the rehearsal as well, below we see 8-year-old Tom Pettifer, one of the page boys, and Lady Louise Windsor, aged 7, she is the daughter of The Earl and Countess of Wessex (aka Prince Edward and his wife Sophie).

Roland Hoskins/The Daily Mail

We do know the young ladies will be wearing dresses by Nicki Macfarlane, below we see designs from the designer’s 2010/2011 collections.  (Be advised if thinking about checking this site, it seems to be melting down from the increased traffic.)

Nicki MacFarlane Courtesy Image

Ms. Macfarlane has done bespoke dresses for some time, only recently did she start offering RTW (ready to wear) designs. Below, another look at Young Master Pettifer and Miss Windsor.

Eddie Mulholland/The Telegraph

We see Pippa Middleton below, holding the hand of Grace van Cutsem, on the right William (Billy) Lowther-Pinkerton heads into the rehearsal.

Roland Hoskins

We don’t know if the third young bridesmaid, Eliza Lopes, was at this morning’s run-through or not. We show her below in images from an earlier post on the wedding party.

Via The Daily Mail

In addition to hearing about the wedding party’s attire, we are learning what some of the more notable guests will be wearing.  Prince Harry’s guest, Chelsy Davy, will be in two dresses by Alberta Ferretti, for the wedding she will wear aqua with a matching jacket, and for tomorrow night’s party at the palace, a midnight blue one-shouldered design.

Courtesy Alberta Ferretti

The Duchess of Cornwall will wear a creation by Anna Valentine, the designer of the dress for her marriage to Prince Charles.

Getty Images

The Duchess was out and about this afternoon, greeting those camped out on the mall.

Getty Images

Throughout the day the bride, her family and others involved in tomorrow’s events have been smiling, looking quite relaxed.


John Nguyen

This evening the family is safely ensconced at their hotel, below the Middleton ladies arrive at the Goring, left to right, Pippa, Carole, and Kate.

Chris Eads/Reuters

Perhaps one of the most important items brought into the hotel today:

Rex Features via The Telegraph

A sewing machine. Brilliant.

Oh, the groom? He did a walkabout this evening, greeting those gathered on the processional route.

AP Television News

While the Middletons are settled in at The Goring, others are at the Mandarin Oriental for tonight’s big dinner.  The Queen was in periwinkle blue, on the right we see Prince Charles and Camilla.

Prince Edward and Sophie, she looked lovely in red.

Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty

We have a slight concern about the frock Princess Beatrice selected, parts of it look awfully… shiny. Perhaps this is merely an unfortunate camera angle.

Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Others at the gala, Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, on the right we see Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Getty Images

A favorite with the fashion crowd, Princess Letizia is seen in an elegant grey sleeveless gown, husband Prince Felipe is seen on the left, Queen Sofia is on the right.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Another look at Princess Letizia’s gown, simply stunning.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

We leave you with two things today, the first, another photo from the couple’s shoot with Mario Testino.

Mario Testino

That is the image on the official program.(You can look at the program here.)

The other is the music you will when all is said and done, and the couple turns, and heads up the aisle and out of the abbey.  





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13 responses to “A Tale of Two Stories, Bridal Party Designer Revealed, Tonight’s Royal Gala

  1. you captured the humanity throughout all the issues of the day

    Mario Testino .. so bittersweet, his portrait of Diana was so personal and equisite

  2. God bless my favorite city on the planet.

    The children in the royal wedding party are lovely–great pictures.


  3. She’s going to proceed in to Parry’s “I was glad”? What a lovely and thoughtful choice. It is a beautiful piece. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a choral bridal processional before.

  4. Wendy

    Great post! Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in Alabama. The devastation is unbelievable.
    Can’t wait to watch wedding coverage too!

  5. Oh Princess Beatrice, that dress is an atrocity!
    GREAT post! Loved reading it and can’t wait to watch the main event tommorrow!!

  6. You have done a wonderful job with today’s post. You respected that which is really important, but also paid tribute to a wonderful event that brings happiness to the world in the midst of sorrow and tragedy. The happiness on Prince William and Kate’s faces is indescribable. Princess Di is smiling down on this. XOXO
    P.S. Princess Beatrice needed advice from Princess Letizia. 🙂

  7. That picture of the bride and groom to be is just so – normal. They just look like two normal, everyday people in an engagement photo. Like something you may see your friend post on their Facebook page.


  8. Little Red

    Princess Letizia looks scary skinny but that is mind-blowingly stunning.
    Princess Beatrice’s gown was just bad. Bands of shiny silver sequins across one’s derriere are never a good idea.
    I can’t wait till tomorrow. I’m getting up at 3 AM to watch all the coverage. I can’t believe I’m so happy for two people I’ll never know.

  9. Little Red

    I meant “that gown is mind-blowingly stunning”. Sheesh.

  10. Princess Letizia’s gown is to die for! Breathtaking!

  11. Gosh, I know too well how scary a tornado can be, and how it destroys everything in its path, I tried to outrun one once when I was driving across country… I can’t even fathom what’s worse, tsunami’s or tornados, how does one even evaluate or size them up? Loss of life is devastating no matter the taker.

    Would you believe that I’ve seen little news coverage in regard to the Royal Wedding? I did just see the coverage on the Tornado though… when the broadcast systems alert of a tornado watch/warning, its such an eery sound.

  12. @Staircase, re: “I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a choral bridal processional before.” Nor have I, except in “The Sound of Music”. I loved it!

  13. I really appreciate you including images from the tragedy in Tuscaloosa. As a student at the University of Alabama, I was mere feet from the tornado, and am very lucky to be alive. I love your blog and am relieved to know that others feel the pain that I hold so heavily on my heart right now.

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