Dressing for Dinner with Tory, Vuitton’s Creatures, Has Kate Designed her own Dress?!?

Hello-Hello, welcome to a new week.

We begin with a little party-hopping, Tory Burch was honored at last week’s “Dinner with a Designer” gala, put on by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD.com

We were intrigued by what the folks at The Fashion Lovers said about how guests were dressed:

“In a night where everyone dressed a little too casual for my taste, it was nice to see some stars dressed up a bit.”

Below, Haillee Steinfeld (l) and Eva Amurri (r), both wearing Tory Burch.

John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD

Other stars on hand, Teresa Palmer, Michelle Monaghan and Kristin Davis, all three ladies are also dressed in pieces by the designer.

PHOTOS: John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD.com

We’re guessing singer Eliza Doolittle may be one of those underdressed individuals being referenced in the quote above.

John Shearer/Getty Images via WWD

It is difficult to grasp why anyone would arrive at a party attired this way.


A few very brief updates on the Kate Middleton wedding dress front, the rumors and speculation are now flying at a fast and furious clip.

  • Over the weekend Yvonne Yorke wrote “exclusively!” in a HuffPo post that the designer is Sophie Cranston of Libélula, some readers may recognize the Dulwich coat from that label as worn earlier this year by Miss Middleton.

    FAME via The Huffington Post

  • One peril of suddenly achieving notoriety on a global scale, the traffic can crash your website.

Via Libélula

  • The Daily Mail then breathlessly reported another version of the story:

“Kate designs her own dress: It’s ivory satin and lace with pearl buttons a 10ft train and a ‘nod’ to Lady Diana”

We’re guessing that before we hit publish on this post there will be many more headlines on the topic, it is all becoming very entertaining to watch from afar. (For our two cents on the designer’s wedding gowns, click here to visit sister site What Kate Wore.)

One other note, this one on a footwear line favored by Kate Middleton that we also happen to like, Women’s Wear Daily reports that LK Bennett is entering the US market.

PHOTO: Robert Mitra/WWD

The line will be available this fall at Bloomingdale’s and other upscale shops, as well as two LK Bennett boutiques.

Again, not everyone is interested in the event and all of the hoopla surrounding it. In fact, Page Six reports that NBC is scaling back some of its coverage of the event:

“NBC Universal has cut a number of pretaped segments from its “aggressive and comprehensive coverage” of the royal wedding because insiders fear Prince William and Kate Middleton are “too boring,” according to sources.

“But sources told us worries over viewer fatigue resulted in a decision to cut up to half of the pretaped footage. “They’re allotting fewer resources to it because they’re afraid it’s not going to rate well,” said one.”

According to the paper NBC denies they are cutting back on coverage.

Last week we mentioned a gift popular among those not-quite-so-interested in the goings-on:

Via Sorry But...

We have good news for stateside readers interested in the mugs, they are now available internationally.


We also have quick word about what is being called a “True Prep” sale at online “members only” site Gilt Groupe. The sale is described this way:

“A preppy look is always spot-on for spring—think elegant lawn parties and trips around the Cape—and in this sale you’ll find pieces that go way beyond basic polo. Stock up on buttoned-up basics like cute cardigans and madras dresses, plus an array of pants, skirts, and trenches.”

Below, some of the images accompanying the promotional information (we don’t recognize *any* of the three styles shown).

Via Gilt.com

Frequent readers know we are more-than-underwhelmed by promotion touting the “members-only” aspect of the flash-sale sites, as anyone can join. (If in need of an invitation just click here.)

However, Gilt has previously offered decent discounts, so it is likely we’ll take a peek at what is offered; the sale opens (in a virtual sense) online at midnight tonight (12:01am Tuesday to be more precise).  Gilt is also offering $5.95 shipping on all orders through the 21st, nothing to scoff at IOHO. (They are currently running a Shoshanna sale, another line we are rather fond of here at The Prepatorium.)


We leave you with a few amazing creations from Louis Vuitton.

Courtesy Photo via WWD.com

The ‘creatures’ are all made of small Vuitton leather goods, created at the company’s request by UK artist Billie Achilleos.  Above and below, the “Grasshopper.”

Via "If Its Hip Its Here"

The Chameleon.

Via If Its Hip Its Here

The armadillo.

Via If Its Hip Its Here

A very different use for the usual offerings from the luxury leather goods company.

Goodbye until next time!


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11 responses to “Dressing for Dinner with Tory, Vuitton’s Creatures, Has Kate Designed her own Dress?!?

  1. What great coverage … love the LV fantasies. I wish the company was kinder to artists working with their images, but maybe this will be the year they simply appreciate the iconic images used and stop the lawsuits.

    Tory Burch .. interesting, so blonde pretty lady lunching. And very generous within the industry, always a nice donation for so many causes.

  2. Jen

    I’ll take the grasshopper!
    I love LK Bennett shoes. I have a few pairs of them from when we lived in London. Stylish and affordable. Looking forward to them coming over here. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. That creation by LV is downright frightening! I have heard it all…designer rodents! Hysterical…..works of art, I suppose in the eyes of those who see it that way (moi not being one of them however) They kind of creep me out truth be told.
    Wow oh wow on the way some of those dressed to the awards dinner…I mean seriously, jean cutoff shorts. I don’t think I would wear those to run into my pharmacy to pick up toothpaste and the entire outfit is actually downright dreadful! That Hailey Steinfeld always looks so classy..love her style, she has a lot of common sense for such a young girl and of course Tory always to me, always looks so smart and chic. I really like her style and dress that way myself so I find it very appealing…..the world is watching to see what Miss Middleton has selected! I am sure she will not disappoint!

  4. I want Kate’s velvet coat because I have the diamond brooch to wear with it!

    Re: Tory Burch event
    This Eliza Doolittle needs her own Henry Higgins, don’t you think?

  5. Love the Kate coat and how fun to have a BIL like Harry! Have you seen the T-Mobile royal wedding you tube video? The best! Thought of you. 🙂

  6. Preppy 101

    Those LV creations are a bit creepy to me ;-). Haha – I am loving all the hoopla around Kate and William. Nice to have something happy in our news, even if it is overdone!
    Have a great day Princess!!

  7. Whoa.. if that was me arriving in the orange get-up and I felt out-of-place, I would have even gone to wallmart to change quite quick rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.. I wonder if her pr agent would have felt around a bit out what attire everyone else was wearing..kind of like wearing white to a wedding!

  8. Great post…. you covered a lot for us.

    Don’t you just adore Kate’s velvet coat! So glad that line of shoes will come stateside…

    I can do without LV’s creativity. Ha!

    Come and join my Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!
    You will love it!


    Art by Karena

  9. I thought that first Louis Vuitton creature was a golf bag for a second!

  10. No mug for me— I cant get enough. And this is my second royal wedding as Diana and I were born in the same year. Also love the creatures by Louis V.


  11. Can’t wait for that royal wedding…the mug is just plain bah-humbug!!
    🙂 Pretty sure I butchered the spelling on that one!

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