Bridal Week: Are Sleeves Making a Comeback? Also, Kate Middleton’s Final pre-Wedding Walkabout

It’s a brand, grand, splendid new week here at The Prepatorium.

It is also Bridal Week in New York.

John Aquino for WWD

Above, three styles from Marchesa’s Spring 2012 bridal collection. (Yes, I know, it is barely spring 2011, but the fashion world works on a different calendar.)  Most noteworthy? The preponderance of frocks with sleeves, or covered shoulders.

John Aquino for WWD

Frequent readers will know how happy this makes your trusty scribe, we have relentlessly moaned occasionally mentioned a concern that the current sleeveless/bare-shouldered styles are not flattering to all brides.

John Aquino for WWD

Oscar de la Renta’s collection was shown this morning.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

Once again the designer shows his extraordinary talent for creating stunning gowns.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

Of course, not all styles had sleeves.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

But it seems we saw more shoulders covered than in previous collections.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta Bridal

The gown we like more than any others is on the left, the design looks like Lillies of the Valley.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta Bridal

The non-traditional looks were also appealing, the icy blue dress is exquisite.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

The show closer.

Dan Lecca for Oscar de la Renta

If those aren’t cotton candy dresses, we don’t know what is.


Next, a look at Brooks Brothers new line, St. Andrews Links.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

As we first noted last September, the retailer has partnered with St. Andrews for a line of clothing.

Courtesy Brooks Brothers

Both the Tartan Vest and Golf Skirt are solid basics.

Brooks Brothers

From GolfWeek:

“America’s oldest clothiers, Brooks Brothers, announced Thursday that it will be joining forces with the Home of Golf, St. Andrews Links…”

The men’s collection is significantly larger than the ladies, with 43 pieces to the 6 items offered in the women’s line at Brooks.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

However, there are commemorative polo shirts also being offered as part of the collection, with quite a few styles for the ladies.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

These are available at the Old Course shop now.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

The catalog was actually shot on the Old Course, the photos are gorgeous; many can be seen at the Brooks website.

Brooks Brothers St. Andrews

The new Brooks Brothers blog also showcases the line.

Good for Brooks, this one looks outstanding.


Finally, a quick glance at the final public appearance for Kate Middleton and Prince William before The Wedding.  The couple visited northern England today.

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images (L), Chris Jackson/AP (Center & Right)

The couple faced downpours when arriving in Darwen, but eventually the sun came out.  The crowds were not deterred by the rain, how cute are these boys?

Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty

Or this little one with her Union Jack, definitely today’s Pretty in Pink.

WENN Photo

Miss Middleton was in a fitted navy suit with understated accessories, many of the well-wishers asked to see her engagement ring.

Andrew yates/AFP/Getty

For more on Miss Middleton’s ensemble, click here to visit What Kate Wore, our sister publication.

Tomorrow’s schedule is simply brutal, so we’ll see you again Wednesday.


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19 responses to “Bridal Week: Are Sleeves Making a Comeback? Also, Kate Middleton’s Final pre-Wedding Walkabout

  1. Love Oscar’s wedding ensembles, totally beautiful and standing apart.

    Can’t wait for the fairytale wedding. Happy ever after.

  2. I certainly hope sleeves are coming back because no matter how much I shake that darn Shake Weight, my arms will never look like Michelle Obama’s in time for my wedding (which will be in the next ten years… hopefully).

    Unless, of course, Kate wants to introduce me to Harry and then I’ll get married tomorrow.

    Princessdom here I come!

  3. Oh how I love those dresses with sleeves. I desperately searched for a dress that was not strapless, but it was not easy to find.

    Katherine Middleton looks so elegant in that navy suit. She is just so lovely!

    Thanks for all of the wedding updates!!!

  4. Kate looks good rain or shine! I like her hair pulled back . . . Hope things are settling down in your world and the Consort is back shipshape! xoxo

  5. Another great post but then again I expect nothing less…lol! I loove all the bridal gowns above they are all so dreamy and ethereal…very pretty and unlike some of the strapless ones which I am not a big fan of, they do leave something to the imagination! Besides sleeves are a great option if you don’t super toned arms..moving the St. Andrews collection..very smart looking even if you don’t golf many great separates there for every day wear. And Kate looks so happy and glowing….so exciting!! Thanks for sharing…

  6. Ahhh…if I ever get remarried look at all the pretties I have to look forward too. Although, I think that the second time around, I will be in a Lilly P frock on a sailboat in Key West! 🙂

  7. I just love your blog! Aaahhhhhh, wedding gowns and William & Kate! Love it! Adore it! And, always in the mood for the latest preppy looks, or breaking news! Thank you!

  8. I thought the wedding dresses would be my favorite. Until you showed those cute little boys:).

  9. Jen

    I love wedding dresses. Perhaps there needs to be a post where we all send in pictures of our wedding dresses. I am looking forward to the royal wedding. Just glad we aren’t living in London anymore. It will be a zoo.
    Keep on keeping us posted!

  10. We have not bought from Brooks Brothers in a long time, the quality seems to have gone a bit down? Wedding dresses, my favorite is still a vintage 1960’s a-line.

  11. Love this post, I can’t wait to watch the wedding! Also thanks for stopping by my blog : )


  12. Love the Oscars as well – what a beautiful collection, very clever collaboration on Brooks Brothers part and Kate could wear a paper bag and look good!

  13. I just love Kate!! Her suit is gorgeous!

    I am happy to see more wedding dresses with the sleeves. Of course I wore a bolero jacket with my wedding dress, so I guess I am biased. LOL! I am a fan of the understated and classic look!

  14. I adore sleeves on wedding dresses – I was totally considering a sleeved dress for mine. Also love the ODLR dresses you posted- he’s one of my favorite designers!

  15. Bboss

    I am so with you on the issue of sleeves on wedding dresses. Every time I watch “Say Yes to the Dress” I get the feeling that they do not exist at all. Even in winter. It’s crazy.

  16. Anonymous

    I’m liking the new bridal styles. I wore a strapless gown, but would have loved more options with cap sleeves or some type of covering on top! At least for church….

    I saw the new Kate Spade wedding dresses and accessories while in chicago over the weekend. Very sweet.

  17. Princess Freckles

    I’m loving the new bridal styles with sleeves. offers some options for brides, especially those getting married in a place of worship.

    I saw the Kate Spade dresses and accessories while in Chicago last weekend. Very sweet.

  18. Anonymous

    I love short or 3/4 length sleeve dresses. I wish there were more options for them that didn’t look so matronly. Hopefully Kate will wear a sleeved dress and designers will come out with more options for them. Although they are beautiful, I’m really tired of looking at sleeveless dresses.

  19. Anonymous

    Thank YOu Kate Middleton !! For picking a dress that is not only classy, but elegant and tasteful!! Perhaps these designers should take a good look at what women “really” want and start thinking outside the box when it comes to designing a dress. There are so many women who are sick of the “strapless” look. Its not for everyone.

    Modesty rules!!!

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