A Day or Two Away

Hello-Hello and happy Monday!

Well, mostly happy, with a slight bump in the bloggage road.

We must ask your indulgence for a few days: The Consort is a tad under the weather, so I shall be keeping an eye on him to prevent any more episodes of tweeting from the ICU while under the influence of morphine and other mind-altering drugs for a day or two.

With thanks in advance for your patience and deep gratitude for all of the cyber-hugs, prayers and lovely messages,



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22 responses to “A Day or Two Away

  1. Oh my! You have my best thoughts and prayers as does Himself.
    Healing hugs,

  2. Eeks, rest and get better. Mashed potatoes and chocolate pudding, pure comfort.

  3. MRM

    Sending hugs and prayers to you and the consort. Hoping he can get over this and back to his usual self quickly.

  4. So hope he feels better!! Hope hes on the mend soon and return soon:-)

  5. Wishing the Consort a very, very speedy recovery.

  6. Oh dear! I hope everyone is ok!!!!

  7. Oh no! I hope he’s back to feeling 100% soon – so glad you are such a wonderful caregiver. I, on the other hand, am known for my LACK of a bedside manner. (I think my husband who is currently suffering from poison ivy with no sympathy from me would agree). 🙂

  8. Well wishes. We’ll miss you. Speedy return!

  9. mona

    Take all the time you need. Sending prayers, hugs and well wishes to you both. Speedy recovery Consort!

  10. Sending get well wishes.

  11. Mom

    Hoping he is much better soon, so you and Tilly can breathe a sign of relief :-). Xoxo

  12. Amy

    Tell TC to Get Well Soon!!

  13. Jen

    Our thoughts are with you. So sorry the hubby is a little more than under the weather. Please keep us updated.

  14. I hope the consort gets to feeling better soon. Sending hugs your way.

  15. Hope he feels better soon. Sending warm, feel-better thoughts.


  16. Oh no!! Feel better soon, we’ll miss you!! 🙂

  17. Oh dear – ICU? Hope he’s feeling better very soon!

  18. So sorry to read this. Hope all will be on the mend soon.

  19. Its weird but I was thinking about you today. Now I know why. Love and thoughts to you!

  20. Oh no!! I’ll add him to my prayer list for a good night’s rest and a speedy recovery. Poor thing!!! Praying that you are holding up as well!!

  21. I didn’t know, I’m so horribly sorry, please let me know if there is anything I can do? I’m here for you if you need anything. (and I do mean that)!

  22. Oh my! I just read this. Hope all has calmed down by now and your consort is feeling much better. Good thoughts coming your way! xoxo

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