“Prep World” Updates, Preppy for the Birds, Tilly is Sad

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Wednesday here at The Prepatorium.  We are racing out the door, so today’s post is brief.

We begin with an update on the upcoming Lisa Birnbach / Tommy Hilfiger “Prep World” collection launching in May.  Readers may recall that merchandise will be available at pop-up stores made to look like a Nantucket Cottage.

Courtesy Photo

Presentations of the line were made to Japanese media in early March (before the earthquake and tsunami), we share more shots from inside the “cottage”.

Via FashionSnap

The decor is as expected, achieving the charm one associates with a cottage in a seaside community.


The clothing continues to look appealing, the styles and fabrics are basics we like. (With the exception of a few items with heavy logos.)

Via FashionSnap.com

Perhaps our favorite part of the Japanese presentation was the four-legged guard on duty.

Via FashionSnap.com

There are also more views of the apparel via a Spanish style blog:

Via DeModa.es

A few more images, obviously the anchor motif remains a strong design element.

Via Desmoda.es

(If interested in more on the line, click here for our first post on the topic.)


Next, something that really is for the birds.

Home Bazaar Post Lane Cottage

That is an actual birdhouse from the folks at Home Bazaar. It isn’t merely safe outside in the elements, it is intended to be there.  Here is a bit of the description for the birdhouse:

“Out on the East End of Long Island, in the toney hamlet of Quogue, you’ll find summer houses just like this one. A great, big beautiful wraparound porch and a western red cedar shingled roof, including a turret, are the standout features of this new Signature Birdhouse.”

What a posh home for your feathered friends, surely these qualify as preppy digs for the avian crowd. They are all created by Home Bazaar, the company is famous for its architectural birdhouse creations.  Below we show the Sag Harbor Birdhouse (l), and on the right, the Manor Birdhouse.

Below left we show the Round Island Light model, and on the right, the Menlo Park, modeled after Thomas Edison’s laboratory, both are from the company’s Historic Reproductions group.

A style near and dear to our heart, the Petoskey Lake View Cottage.

Home Bazaar

From the item description:

“In the Northern Michigan resort town of Petoskey, you’ll find some of the most delightful summer cottages. Our birdhouse, embellished with hanging flower baskets and topped with a rich western red cedar roof, will provide all the creature comforts for your feathered friends who make the long trip from down South. Removable back wall for easy cleaning. Will accommodate wrens, finches, chickadees, nuthatches and titmice.”

For TQM (The Queen Mother) as well as Her Highness of Cute, we share the Public Library Birdhouse.

Home Bazaar

They are just delightful.


We leave you with a story that has troubled Tilly.  It involves Blue II.  Blue is Butler University’s mascot.

AP File Photo

Why is Tilly upset? It isn’t because Blue has his own blog.

Blue II's Blog

Not is it because Blue is the subject of a TMZ Exclusive story. (Tilly hopes never to be seen in that publication.)


And it isn’t because Blue is going to the Final Four on a chartered plane. With his own seat.

Nor is it because there are even “Make Your Own Blue” masks on Flickr.

It is because Blue has his very own Twitter.



And Tilly has no Twitter account.

Poor, sad, sorrowful, pitiful, put upon, pathetic Tilly.


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14 responses to ““Prep World” Updates, Preppy for the Birds, Tilly is Sad

  1. MCW

    Maybe Tilly should get a special little section on TPP??? I am sure Tilly would love to model pink and green clothes 🙂

  2. Menlo Park? Menlo Park? We have one of those out here in California, too. Do they feature a California ranch bird house:)? And Tilly, don’t worry, your mistress represents you very well. We promise.

  3. Oh dear. Cheese Ball, my English Bulldog, is now quite cross. She believed the story was about her. Oh my.

    I think the installations of the popup are fantastic … can’t speak about the brand.

    I wonder what Cheese Ball would do with many birds visiting. Absolutely love the birdhouses. Maybe they could do a split-level, birdhouse and doghouse?

  4. Please tell Tilly that she will be glad that she doesn’t have a twitter account. I also have a great big hug to share with her……Poor baby!!

  5. No wonder Tilly is sad. Forget Twitter, Tilly needs a Facebook page.

  6. Awwww..cheer up sweet Tilly!! The birdhouses are too cute!

  7. Amy

    Hahaha, awww poor Tilly!! So deprived. 🙂

  8. mona

    Don’t be sad Tilly. {hugs} Monty has a facebook account. Give the Princess a lot of kisses and maybe she’ll let you have a facebook account too!

  9. Those bird houses are amazing. I am going to look into one of those since my sister lives in the Hamptons and would LOVE one of those as a gift for her upcoming birthday. Ha! They cost a fortune, do doubt.
    I think you are demonstrating your responsible petrenting skills by not letting Tiller Twitter!

  10. Susan's Mom :-)

    Oh dear. That sweet little Tilly. Hate so much that her feelings are hurt. I really think you and the Consort have some ‘splaining to do . . . :-)XOXO

  11. Preppy 101

    Hey Princess – I forgot to change the name “Susan’s Mom” to Preppy 101. Just wanted you to know who that is . . . 😉 xoxo

  12. Jumped for joy when I read about the Petoskey House!! It’s too, too darling and looks just like the cottages in Bay View. I would love to know the price on those (to see if I could talk B into “needing” birds in the yard to help with the gardening (ie- it’s really cute and would be darling in our yard!) Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!!

  13. Oh Tilly, you really are so put upon! You suffer just about as much as my Sadie. As she is sitting in a club chair of course.

  14. Hi Tilly! Just happened upon your post and just wanted to say that you are very cute! I have a bulldog named Bumble and she has taken over my blog. She said to tell you not to feel so down because she does not have a twitter account either.

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