An Anti-Prep Crosses the Line, We Are In the Pink & Brooks Brothers’ New Blog

Welcome to another week, we hope yours is filled with the promise of spring.

We begin today with a story you may have already heard about, we felt it merited discussion because of our chat last week about “letting girls be girls,” the egregious nature of the topic also contributed to our decision to cover this today. Below, just one of hundreds of headlines about the topic, and images of the item under discussion, they come from from the Abercrombie Kids online store:

Who Wouldn’t Get Their 7-Year-Old A Sexy Padded Bra?

Abercrombie Kids via The Daily Mail

The headline comes via Gothamist, it is indicative of the tone seen in most stories about the bikinis, although we should point out Abercrombie is not selling girls’ undergarments, but bikini bathing suit tops.  From the Gothamist story:

“Parents are outraged that the company has created a line of push-up bras and bathing suits for girls as young as seven-years-old.”

Our friends on the far side of the pond may have initially broken the story, here is part of The Daily Mail’s coverage:

“…the fashion chain was the subject of outrage today after it released a range of bikinis for eight to 14-year-olds with padded cups.

The Abercrombie Kids ‘Ashley push-up triangle’ top, which retails for $24.50, features thick padding in the cup to give the illusion of a larger chest size.”

The Ashley Bikini Top is still on the site, evidently the level of controversy has prompted the company to change the name, removing the “push up” portion.

Abdercrombie Kids

Below we see the original description of the top, followed by the description as seen today on the website.

To be fair (must we strive for fairness when discussing this company?), Abercrombie Kids describes itself as serving 7 to 14 year olds; the company could claim to be targeting the top at 13 and 14-year-old girls as opposed to younger children. But that prompts an obvious question: do we need those young ladies, at an age when one’s self-image and self-confidence are at their most fragile, having this sort of product promoted to them?

As many readers are no doubt aware, this isn’t the first time the tasteless retailer has crossed the line, here is more from The Daily Mail:

“A range of thongs bearing the words ‘wink wink’ and ‘eye candy’ sold by the retailer for the same age group in 2002 sparked a similar debate, but Abrecrombie Kids refused to recall the line.

Abercrombie: taking vulgar to new lows.


On a more upbeat note, we turn our attention to a retailer that does offer age appropriate clothing for children; Fred Perry has launched its new Kidswear line.

Fred Perry

We liked just about everything we looked at online.

Fred Perry

We also think the young man in the photos is beyond darling, no?

Fred Perry


We move on now to springy things, it may be chilly but the sun is shining and bright colors may help bring spring closer. We start with the Furla Candy Bags, definitely Pretty In Pink (and Green).

Furla Candy Bags

Also offering vivid colors, Kenzo, a brand we rarely talk about here on the blog, the bags look like Easter candy.


The handles on these remind us of a telephone cord. For the younger set, we used to use two-piece telephones, there were cords connecting the two separate parts. 🙂

Two more from Kenzo in shades of pink.


D&G offers shoes that also remind us of Easter eggs.


D&G actually has a variety of cute pieces for your Tiny Miss, including the Junior Shirt for Infants, the bloomers come with the top.

D&G at

The plaids from Vivienne Westwood are fun.

Vivienne Westwood

These next two items may be pink, but it is unlikely you will see them at The Prepatorium, below left, the DSquared2 Clear Bootie and a Roberto Cavalli boot on the right.

6pm (the Zappos discount site) has some wonderful shoes in our favorite color, the Chuches Infant/Toddler Cotton (top) and Pampili Toddler Flat (bottom) are both sweet.

They also have multiple offerings for Mom, including the Jackie Flat and the Holly Pump, both from Paul Smith.

We move over to one of our favorites, J. McLaughlin, for more goodies. Below left, the St. Kitts Rattan bag,and on the right, the Seville Print Cardigan.

Also at J. McLaughlin, the Marcy Henley top, and the Harbor Dress.

Being Pretty in Pink isn’t limited to apparel and accessories, why not put the color front and center on your tabletop? The Melamine Dinner Set in Tutti-Frutti can be found at Le Boutique Targét, along with the Set of 10 Double Walled Tumblers.

There are also a number of items for one’s boudoir, we show the Room Essential Floral Quilt on the left and the Xhilaration Floral Paisley on the right.

Our friend Erin over at Pink & Green Scene recently shared a blinding very bright pillow (L), as well as a darling little piggy bank from Mud Pie.

That may be just enough pink for today!


We leave you with news about a storied prep brand boosting its online presence even more:

Of Rogues and Gentlemen

That is a look at the new blog from Brooks Brothers, aptly titled Of Rogues and Gentlemen.  The blog launched at noon today, with sections on topics like “Style Commandments” and “Fabrics“.

Of Rogues & Gentlemen blog by Brooks Brothers

Brooks shows its social savvy by offering content not limited exclusively to posts tied to its merchandise, offering articles like “Give Me The Keys,” about vacationing in the Keys.

Of Rogues & Gentlemen blog by Brooks Brothers

We do hope to see content directed to female interests as the new site matures, although the blog’s tagline leads us to believe we shall be disappointed: “Style Advice, Tips, and Essentials for the Modern Man.”

The blog adds to the company’s already robust Facebook following and a strong presence on Twitter.

Goodbye until next time!


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13 responses to “An Anti-Prep Crosses the Line, We Are In the Pink & Brooks Brothers’ New Blog

  1. MCW

    Ok…those boots are hideous, but the Holly pumps are adorable!

  2. Fabulous edits … absolutely in love with Kenzo again. The bags are so good, so unlike the same ol’ same ol’.

    I understand that little girls want to do dress up .. but this sexualization and tantalizing is prurient and nasty. In ways American Apparel has never been. By the way, much to my surprise, the childrens selection at American Apparel was really interesting and a fresh take on vintage classic. Someone is making a change there and it’s good for college and just out of.

  3. Go Fred. Abolish Abercrombie. That is all.

  4. Crazy for the Holly Pump and Pink Rattan bag! Absolutely want them!

  5. Wow so many pretty things! I boycotted Abercrombie long ago and refuse to walk into their stores. They cross the line on several fronts and I am sure I speak for many more, today…after this nonsense about forcing an adult concept onto a young girl…like there isn’t enough negative influences around..we need to throw more in their face? I hope they fold up, personally….so over it.
    Love J McLaughlin and shop there often, some of the D and G things are fun and some a re a litlte overdone..the Kenzo bags rock though! Great post.

  6. Always happy to receive a pink fix Princess. Thank you.

  7. Oh, I am loving all the pink and green…..especially that little piggy bank with the “H”. I wonder why! 🙂
    I am appalled at Abercrombie and this is not the first time. No words can describe.

  8. Little Red

    Those shoes from Paul Smith are seriously nice and I’m going to keep my eyes open for the on Zappos.

  9. I am probably one of the few that actually recalls the good ole Abercrombie days ~ totally preppie, almost stuffy, tucked in the wing with I. Magnin in South Coast Plaza where no one ever ventured to. It was wonderful. Do forgive me P-squared, I do inhale deeper as I open the doors to the mall where Fierce makes me heady. I do stop there, however.

    Once again, your post is like coming home to a safe place. xoxo

  10. Mom

    As always, your post is among my favorites. Abercrombie is at an all time low. They have been barely dressing teens for a long time, but this is the most distasteful thus far . . . Certainly there will be a run on the store by all the Toddlers and Tiaras set . . . So sad. I know Tilly’s mom would never allow such ;-).

    Good for BB. I appreciate another “mature” institution/person embracing the 21st century :-).
    Thanks for the informative post Miss Princess.
    Have a wonderful week. XOXO

  11. I love love that piggy bank! Adorable!

  12. If I had children, they wouldn’t be prouncing around in little “string” bikinis. NO WAY!

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