A German Take on Ivy Style, “The Prepicenter” & When Preppy Weds Hippie

Hello-Hello, and welcome to a Thursday here at The Prepatorium, where spring has been evicted by winter’s return. (Insert royal whineathon here.) Are you also experiencing the nasty weather in your corner of the globe? 

We have quite a few tidbits to share today and jump right in with a topic that is somewhat disconcerting, the April issue of Vogue Enfants.

Vogue.fr via Fashionista

Two different fashion sites have interesting perspectives on the magazine, published by Vogue France. The always-on-top-of-things-Fashionista has a column headlined “Things that Creep Us Out from the New Issue of Vogue Enfants“.

“On the whole, French Vogue supplement Vogue Enfants is a gem for parents and children alike.”

“But after reviewing the issue, Lauren, Leah and I all felt a little uncomfortable after looking at some of the images, both ads and editorials.”

Below, two pages from the magazine.

Styleite also writes about this month’s issue:

“We know this is Vogue — and a supplement of Vogue Paris at that — but when we think of our childhood we think of smiling faces and candy and finding ways not to eat cauliflower, not giving a photographer the perfect pouty stink eye or looking malcontented.”

“They just look angry. And they shouldn’t. Because they’re six. If fashion magazines can do stuff like this to kids, it’s no wonder they can’t get it right when it comes to grown women.”

Two more images.

Back to the Fashionista story by Steff Yotka:

“Maybe we don’t get it because of our Puritan mentality (Vogue Enfants is French after all but then again TLC puts out a popular show called Toddlers and Tiaras), or maybe it’s that seeing children modeling like they’re adults–adults who are supposed to be sexy–is just plain unsettling.”

Well then, mark us down as puritanical as well, we agree with the concerns articulated by both stories, particularly when looking at the makeup on that beautiful girl in the cover shot.  But we should also point out that while Vogue France doesn’t need us to defend it (there’s a concept), we must acknowledge seeing many other publications showcasing little girls with inappropriate clothing and makeup, this is not the first time a glossy fashion publication has prompted us to express a fervent wish that little girls be allowed to be little.


Next, another look at prep style, this time from Germany.

Via Ivy Style

Our friend Christian over at Ivy Style posted about this earlier in the week; we thought readers might enjoy a glance at some of the images.

Via Ivy Style

The feature is from a magazine published by German retailer Breuninger. More images are also available at Fashionisto, we leave you with these two shots.

Via Fashionisto

We have one more editorial spread to share with you, this one from Virginia Living. We are fortunate to have spotted a post on this at The Classic Preppy.

Cade Martin/Virginia Living

The photos by Cade Martin are beautiful, lush and rich. The majority of the piece was shot at a place close to the hearts of many friends, Sweet Briar (where yours truly almost went, in part because the school colors are pink & green).  From the feature:

“We had fun shooting this story at Sweet Briar College with students and faculty, and some friends from nearby Hampden-Sydney College—Virginia’s “Prepicenter.”

Another stunning photo from the story.

Cade Martin/Virginia Living

The talented Whit at Worthy Style also has a look at the story, or click here to visit Virgina Living.


The upcoming marriage of Lauren Bush and David Lauren receives an interesting treatment in The Post, the paper’s Page Six magazine “When Preppy Weds Hippie“.

New York Post

The piece attempts humor at the blending of cultures and backgrounds, although when reading it a third and fourth time in an effort to write about it for you, it just felt flat. More forced than funny, as if an editor said “We *are* running this, you *will* finish it, and it *will* be funny.” (Having been on both ends of that kind of conversation, we can only confirm that it happens. More often than we care to remember.)  At any rate, if you pop over to look at the illustrations, do let us know your thoughts, our expiring little mind is dying to know if you found it humorous or humorless. (And while you are there you may enjoy a gossipy little story “Leader of the Snob Mob” about the Native Society, certainly not a new topic, it has been covered extensively by other media, but still a fun read.)


In today’s not-so-delightful news, it looks like those of us obsessed with fond of Mad Men may be waiting a little longer to see our favorite ad agency back on the air; more from this story in the Times:

“Fans accustomed to spending their summer Sundays with Don Draper may have to wait a while longer. It looks increasingly likely that the fifth season of “Mad Men,” the three-time Emmy Award-winning AMC series, will not have its debut until late 2011 or early 2012.”


Brian Stelter’s story also points out:

“Money often causes strife between program creators and distributors, but rarely do the negotiations drag out this long.”



We leave you with something much cheerier, today’s Pretty in Pink.

Lilly Pulitzer Picture perfect Espadrille

That is the Picture Perfect Espadrille at Lilly Pulitzer, it shrieks spring, and we need a touch of that today.

Until next time, may the sun be shining for you and yours.


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11 responses to “A German Take on Ivy Style, “The Prepicenter” & When Preppy Weds Hippie

  1. KSE

    Sweet Bush can go sit in a hat — don’t even get me started on their mascot, the vixen. Hampden Sydney and its [gentle]men, however, will forever hold a special place in my heart.

  2. I just bought some new espadrillish shoes from Sperry. I will let you know if they live up to their photos. And yes, harrumph, it’s raining.

  3. Great post as always Princess. I fear I may have to allay my hurt over the Mad Men news with a pair of those espadrilles. 😉 The Vogue Enfants magazine is disturbing. Things like that always concern me a bit. Do you remember the brouhaha over Brooke Shields early career in both movies and Calvin Klein ads? You may be too young . . . google it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Have a great evening! {cold here again, too} xoxo

  4. Great post. I will be commenting on the French Vogue issue later on BHB.
    I have stuff to say about it and it’s not gonna be pretty!

  5. Jen

    The site looks so fabulous I can’t stand it. Wonderful job with the re-do. You are setting the bar quite high on this one. So impressed!
    Great post as always. So much in it I don’t know where to start except to ask, will Lauren Bush really become Lauren Lauren? Maybe she can just go by Lauren squared or simply Lauren, like Cher or Madonna.

  6. I love those shoes.

    What’s disturbing about those absolutely beautiful photos are the absolutely adult, knowing expressions on those faces. Brooke Shields/Calvin Klein = perfect comparison.

    They’re devoid of innocence.

  7. As usual, so much to digest! Great post…funny as I was looking at the very attittude-y faces of the darling tots..I was thinking since when does a 7 year old have so much attitude, then I saw what you wrote and was glad I wasn’t the only making that interpetation! What do they have to be angry about???? Geez…let them look like kids, frolicking through the flowers, getting mud on their knees and playing on a playground…..I am sorry but I find these images to be a bit off putting…..way too serious for the subject of kids!! Not impressed.
    Moving along….love that Lauren and David are finally getting married, two powerhouse families come together, should be some wedding..I think they look great together. Love the German spread on their take of preppy dressing, and of course the Virginia spread is gorgeous (have seen it) Not a madman watcher, and love those LP espadrilles…so cute and fun!
    Thanks for yet another awesome post..where I always learn something (even that there are 7 year olds with more attitude than Simon Cowell) Have a great weekend!!

  8. Good morning as I re-enter my online world after a wonderful few days in the sun! At least I only came back to cold – no snow! Am with you on the Vogue issue – sad but true. The German shoot is certainly cute but the Virginis is

  9. Oops – computer beat me to the punch – was going to say that the Virginia shot is gorgeous!! Looking forward to getting back in sandals ASAP!!

  10. Those photos in VA Living are beautiful!! The male model on the cover is nice to look at too. LOL. The Lauren Bush/David Lauren article was totally humorless. I agree with you, they failed to get any emotion from me. Love the Lilly shoes of course and where is Mad Men!! I think I am having withdrawal symptoms!!

  11. as a sweet briar alumna, i must say i am devouring the current issue of virginia living. such a fabulous photo shoot.

    and those vogue children just make me sad. kids shouldn’t be so melancholy–go out and have fun!

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