She Was Amazing

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Today we have a different kind of post, instead of Pretty in Pink we are showcasing someone who was Pretty in Pictures. Actually, she was extraordinary.

From Elizabeth Taylor’s first film, There’s One Born Every Minute. She was 10 years old.


Below left, a publicity still from National Velvet and on the right, Giant.

With Spencer Tracy in Father of the Bride

Playing with James Dean’s cat Marcus on the set of Giant in 1956

John Springer Collection/CORBIS

Also on the set of Giant

More from Giant via “My Little Black Book of Style

Via My Little Black Book of Style

Her first Oscar nomination came for the film Raintree County in 1957

Via FanPop

From Vanity Fair: “If you ever hear anybody refer to Elizabeth Taylor as Liz Taylor, you can be pretty sure the person doesn’t know her.” —Dominick Dunne

On the set of Suddenly Last Summer.

REX via The Telegraph

With Paul Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958

In 1960 Ms. Taylor won an Academy Award for Butterfield 8

With husband #4, Eddie Fisher.

A stunning portrait, year unknown.

Wallace Seawall via

With Richard Burton in Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, 1963


With Mr. Burton again, this time in The Sandpiper

She won her second Oscar for her role in the 1965 classic Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Via imdb

With Marlon Brando for 1967’s Reflections in a Golden Eye

At Cannes in 1987

Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty Images

On the set of Larry King Live in 2001

Rose Prouser/CNN/Reuters

At her 75th birthday celebration in 2007

Steve Marcus/Reuters

She was amazing.



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12 responses to “She Was Amazing

  1. Melanie Spencer

    Lovely tribute. Sigh.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely tribute to a wonderful star. I had no idea that Elizabeth Taylor passed away until I saw your post. She had such a wonderful career.

  3. She really did capture a generation’s imagination. The one just before mine, in fact, but her impact persisted.

  4. Thank you for such a lovely tribute! Her acting was amazing! Her look was captivating!

  5. The one, the only. So talented, so beautiful – she will most certainly be missed!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady! She was no doubt the quintessential Hollywood star…..a true legend. I am so happy that her legacy will leave behind many fabulous movies that we will get to enjoy for many generations……

  7. Ahhh, a heart warming tribute.

  8. Jen

    I just heard about her passing on NPR this afternoon. She was so beautiful and truly a star. It’s fun to see all of these pictures. It looked like her health was deteriorating quite a bit over the last several years. Hopefully, she’s in a better place.
    On a lighter note, I have a feeling you might get a laugh out of my most recent post. Given the weather around the midwest these days you might need it.

  9. Cam

    I heard early this morning…been bummed all day. Thank you for the lovely photo tribute. Those eyes…so much going on in those eyes. She was so loved and will be missed…

  10. I loved her so much. And her range of characters says it all about her artistic talent. She was believable in every role she played! Thanks for this post, Miss TP. xoox

  11. What a lovely post. She was so beautiful and such a great actress. There will never be anyone who can play Cleopatra like her. So sad that she is gone.

  12. So beautiful and worldly and yet she stepped up as fiercely as a lionness to stand for her AIDS stricken friends.

    Beautiful, memorable and good.

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