The Royal Wedding- Bits and Bytes 2.0

Once again we graced by another Royal Wedding update from the one and only Queen Bee Swain – enjoy!


As Prince William returns from visiting the Kiwis and Aussies and Kate is finalizing the last of the wedding preparations for THE Wedding, QueenBee thought she would bring everyone up to speed with a few news items that flew under the radar but are nevertheless exceptionally notable and timely.

A few weeks back, QBS spied the newly created Kate Middleton for the Win, a few friends even sent the link in the past week.  A fun and sassy tumblr blog that features pictures of Kate, William and the usual suspects with droll and dry retorts written on the pictures.

"Kate Middleton for the Win" Tumblr

It’s updated often and totally the site for a quick sweet ‘n’ sour take on our girl.

"Kate Middleton for the Win" Tumblr

Next, a fabulous piece was in the Daily Mail last week, “We’re All Princesses Now” looks at the current trend in Europe’s royal families for the members of marrying age to marry “middle-class.”  The story is a terrific run-down of the women who have recently (or will very soon) marry some of the princes in Europe, from Norway to the Netherlands to Monaco and Spain.

Rex Features via The Daily Mail

There are storied and varied backgrounds from divorcees to family histories with less than savory government regimes to mothers of unwed children from previous relationships; the new princesses prove that one needn’t sit upon a tuffet counting dewdrops on flowers and other Jane Austen-y things in order to marry an heir.  What I would love to see would be a piece on the men marrying the princesses, such as Zara Philips and Princess Victoria of Sweden, both of who will or recently married men who are non-royals (but perfectly fabulous and dashing).

William and Kate are said to have recently firmed up the music for the wedding, electing a more traditional theme (thank heavens no Elton John), The Telegraph has the story here.  While the actual hymns and songs are yet to be named, it was released that the RAF and Household Cavalry trumpeters will play, the boys from the Chapel Royal Choir will sing while wearing their distinctive uniforms, similar those worn by the Beefeaters at the Tower of London.

Via City of London School

The music is also said to have a “Scottish” feel, appropriate as the couple met at Saint Andrews University in Scotland and they are noted to have an affinity for that country.  After the couple walks down the aisle as Prince and Princess, Prince Charles’ official harpist will play music at the reception at Buckingham Palace.  I’d like to say the fact that Charles has an official harpist tickles me.

Ian Gavan/UPPA/Photoshot via The Telegraph

While we’re on the subject of royal music, the piano teacher of the Middleton family composed a piece entitled “A Song for Kate (and William)” as a wedding present for the pair.  Doesn’t this seem like the perfectly British thing to do to celebrate the two and their nuptials?  Further affirms my love for the UK.  The song incorporates words from the poem How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, along with part of O’ Lyric Love by Robert Browning, her husband to show the start of a couple’s life together.

A while back the pair noted that in lieu of wedding presents they wished for donations to 26 of their charities, some of which were recently released.

Royal Wedding Gift Fund

One that Kate is championing is an anti-bullying foundation, Beatbullying.  It was recently revealed that Kate left her school mid-term at the age of 13 before entering Marlborough College due to excessive bullying.  The selection of and admission to the fact that she was bullied speaks volumes where the tone of her role as a charitable ambassador is in regard; this isn’t a “fluffy” or fun patronage in the way that an art museum would be; she is sending the message that she isn’t afraid to take on the work of raising the awareness of foundations and charities of less than glamorous causes.  Well done Kate.

In other Windsor news, The Telegraph reports that Prince Charles wants to save the squirrel.

Sue Crawford/Clarence House/PA Wire via The Telegraph

I must confess, I have a secret obsession with squirrels and the article is worth the click for the picture of Charles alone- for whatever reason, I find it hilarious.  On a sidenote, does anyone else think that as he gets older that he is starting to look more and more like the grammar-school version of himself (and I mean this in an entirely kind way)?

Photo: ALAMAY via The Telegraph


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8 responses to “The Royal Wedding- Bits and Bytes 2.0

  1. Thank you for being my number one source for William and Kate! And, I mean that in truth! I just love reading all about them, and you’re my source of choice! Thank you thank you.

  2. Always juicy tidbits of information on your posts! Just reading about the wedding and the music gives me chills..I just know that its going to be incredibly beautiful, and a harpist just adds to that dream like state that people will feel as they are watching it all unfold! Like you, relieved that Elton is not part of this for once:-)
    I like him, don’t get me wrong, but theres a time and place for everything and everyone…
    I love how they are paying homage to Scotland, such a sophisticated culture and country to acknowledge and I do love the music, pomp and circumstance that seems to be a part of it. All soo very exciting! Cannot wait..meanwhile, Kates “6 pack” is pretty darn impressive! Not easy to pull off a white bikini, gotta give her credit!

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  4. Just thinking about the British monarchy … it’s always been sensational. From Henry VIII’s penchant for wife disposal (wasn’t there divorce???) to poor Mary Queen of Scots, Edward giving up the throne for an American divorcee, Charles loving Camilla as much as a, uh, something deep and these beautiful children of Diana’s who look so young and happy. May they be blessed with happiness and freedom.

  5. Good Afternoon Friend!
    I am lol at that top pic, I think that’s my sayin’!
    Hope your day has been great!

  6. Official harpist?Who knew!! Queen Bee Swain is always full of such interesting tidbits!! And for once I have to part ways with you – squirrels are not my friend – they are violently diligent about stealing food from our bird feeders – and frequently (ie – daily) knock it over from hanging upside down trying to get at the food!!

  7. Thanks for keeping us all in the know on THE wedding!
    I loved squirrels growing up in CT… but those in city parks terrify me. I’ve had some close run-ins… just like that picture! haha

  8. An official harpists, doesn’t everyone have one?

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