Green is Good, Spring Sperry, Your Own Royal Wedding

Happy Thursday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Paul Beaty/AP Photo

For those wondering what is going on in the photo above, that is the Chicago River dyed green for the holiday. It really must be seen in person to be fully appreciated, but it does give us an opportunity to say “hello” to several of our friends in that area, including Third Coast Prep, Daisy JD, Just Another Preppy Shopaholic (formerly Preppy Little Dress), Tippy L and many other friends.

Below left, a scene from the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Sydney, Australia, and on the right, a promotional event in Las Vegas that kicked off earlier this week.

Now you know why The Consort refers to it as the official start of what he calls Silly Season.



Next, quick looks at a few spring lines, beginning with these shots from Gap Outlet.

Hudson Cuneo/Sandbox Studio for Gap Outlet

They are actually images going on posters at Gap Outlet stores this spring.

Hudson Cuneo/Sandbox Studio for Gap Outlet

Regular Gap stores also have fresh new styles this spring for children, the navy jumper is cute as can be, as is the ruffled bathing suit.

More spring looks for children by upscale UK retailer Hackett.


These styles are from Hackett’s Little Briton collection.


Also new for spring, some of the boots at Sperry. Below we see the Pelican Rain Boot for girls.

But the new styles aren’t limited to the younger set, the women’s Bahama returns in multiple colors and patterns.

There is even a raffia version. (The patent is troublesome.)

But then we fell upon something far more difficult to digest:

Sequins. On a pair of Sperrys. Oh, the horror.

However… we thought about weddings we have attended where the bride slipped into her Topsiders after the ceremony, and knew these would have been a welcome alternative for at least one of the young ladies, she would have adored these for that one day.

The women’s Santa Rosa at Sperry remains appealing, especially for those more fashionable than your trusty scribe.

We get goofy when seeing a nautical print or seersucker.

The women’s Bluefish is appealing.

But our heart will always be with the Original Boat Shoe.

Of course, the Cutest Shoe award has to go to the Baby Bluefish Prewalker.


With apologies to those who may have seen us mention this on our FB page, it seems we have no self-restraint whatsoever when it comes to “Knit Your Own ______” books. Behold, the Royal Wedding as envisioned by Fiona Goble.

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding Fiona Goble

As one might expect, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding provides the patterns and instructions to create your own royal wedding party. If all goes well, here is how the happy couple should look when you are done, along with William’s best man, Prince Harry.

The Queen looks happy, perhaps because of the presence of one of her beloved Corgis.

It looks like there are a number of fun projects in the book from what we have seen online, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding will be released on the 29th of this month.

Our bizarre obsession interest in that book comes on the heels of our fascination with Knit Your Own Dog, already available for purchase online and in some stores.

Knit Your Own Dog

We thought the dachsund was so darling we pestered alerted Muffy Martini.

Knit Your Own Dog

We mentioned the cute bulldog to Tilly.

Knit Your Own Dog

And need to tell La Belette Rouge about the Westie pattern, her darling Lily would want to know.

Knit Your Own Dog

Do we knit? No. Never have, although The Queen Mother is quite the whiz with a knitting needle. We just find all of these to be irresistible.


We have a serious note from our friend Belle at the Beverly Hills Branche blog. She works at a divine jewelry emporium on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Beladora, with the most incredible estate jewelry. That company, as well as Beladora II (carrying pieces at lower price points) are donating a portion of all sales in March to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund. We think the world of Belle and wanted to pass along this information.

Besides, we seize any excuse to go ogle some of the lovelies, like this vintage Clock & Compass charm.


We leave you with our favorite Irish Blessing.

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Goodbye until next time!


  • GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images
  • David Becker/Getty Images


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15 responses to “Green is Good, Spring Sperry, Your Own Royal Wedding

  1. “The patent is troublesome.”… This is why I love your blog. ; )

  2. Great post!! And what, may I ask, did Miss Tilly say about the possibility of a knitted replica of the “one and only”?? 🙂 Have a great St. Patty’s Day! Xoxo

  3. Love the Sperry’s minus the sequins.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you Princess!!

  4. Well hello hello to the royal family – RB wishes to know if there is a knitted beagle option? He is quite curious…for….his own sake.

  5. Amy

    Those sequins on Sperry are disturbing indeed. But…the baby boat shoe is to DIE for! So adorable.

    I’ll pass along the info about Beladora…I work in Beverly Hills.

    Happy St Patty’s day!

  6. Prince Consort is so so so sooooooo spot on about Silly Season- passing that one on to my fam! And the nautical flag wedge heel espadrilles- swooning over here as well!



  7. I am also guaranteed to fall in love with something when I come over here for a also are teaching me something I didn’t know….like who would know we have a river on our good ol USA turf with green water running through it! Go figure…..
    and after seeing all those adorable tots and all the “accessories” they come with (wow I am so out of the kiddie/baby mode I am refering to them as objects and not kids…) now I want another one..not good.:)
    Then I love those Sperry espadrilles..too cute. Must have them..and I have the perfect crisp white linen outfit for each of them!
    Moving right along..that knit your own dog is just too cute…..what a great it, gotta show my niece. Thanks for the entertainment and eye candy:)

  8. Lovely pictures! I love the espadrilles…perfect for summer ❤


    Thanks for alerting me to them!

  10. Oh my goodness, the pictures of those babes are just killing me! Just wanna eat ’em up in their preppy gear 🙂 I need a pair of the Santa Rosa wedges. Those are everything I dream of in a summer shoe!!!!

    Happy Friday, lady! xoxo

  11. i want a knitted spotty pete! happy weekend TPP!

  12. It was fabulous, thanks for thinking of me! Couldn’t ask for better weather. Personally, “St. Patrick’s day” in general Chicago isn’t the same without the southside irish parade (drunk fest) down in Beverley. Instead this year we were at Mullen’s, good times!

  13. I had no idea that Chicago died their river green for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sorry to say I have grown to actually dislike this holiday. I was at the AD Home Show on Thurs. and as I was taking the train in, there was a group of teenagers already boisterously starting their day with beers (at 8:30 in the morning). It is unfortunately used by many as merely an excuse to get drunk as early and quickly as possible – VERY unappealing. Sorry for the rant- on a more positive note – the Knit Your Own Dog is beyond adorable and I will most definitely be checking out Belladora II again – haven’t stopped by for a while. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  14. I’m a first-time visitor to your site. I saw a comment you made on Jen’s blog and clicked-through.

    Seeing the green river made me laugh. If they can dye it green for St. Patrick’s Day, why can’t they dye it blue for the rest of the year!

  15. The knitted royals are too funny!

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