“Preppy Fabrics” and A Ring for Snooki

Hello and welcome to a Wednesday here at the Prepatorium.

We begin on the far side of the pond for a trip to the track (gasp). We can all remain calm, this is not some nefarious excursion, we are talking about Ladies Day at Cheltenham. Below, two of the many hats seen at the event.

We were chatting with the Queen Bee about Cheltenham, and both of us thought Zara Phillips looked very well put together.  The young woman, who is an Olympic level equestrienne (and 13th in line to the throne) sported a flat cap today, eschewing the more elaborate styles seen on others.

Not only is Cheltenham always a sure sign of spring, we enjoy seeing what everyone wears, as the “go big or don’t go at all” credo always seems to be a strong influence at this event.

David Davies/PA via The Guardian

Now that is some serious pink.


Next, a delightful little photo piece done by the good folks at House Beautiful, “Preppy Happy Fabrics“. The story showcases a variety of bright, vibrant textiles from the home furnishings industry.  On the left we have lime seersucker from Holland & Sherry, accompanied by an updated and elegant argyle by Tillett and T4 on the right.

From the story:

“The preppy look is back. With designs ranging from argyle, seersucker, and cable knit, consider this a handbook on how to bring the happy look into your home.”

Other fabrics showcased include the popular “Color me Coral” pattern from the soon-to-launch Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa line (L) and an Ikat style by Quadrille.

Click here to see the entire piece.


Chanel’s new campaign for its Mademoiselle handbags has officially launched, we thought we would share a look at some of the upcoming ads featuring Gossip Girl Blake Lively.

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Miss Lively is described as the “Ambassadress for the Mademoiselle Handbag collection”. The new bags come in a variety of sizes and finishes.

One more image from the campaign.

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel via Fashion Gone Rogue


Today’s final item involves one of our more recent additions to The AntiPrep Wall of Shame.

World Wrestling Via TMZ

Apparently the Snooki unit is going to be wrestling. From the Pro-Wrestling.com (what, you don’t have it bookmarked?)  website:

“World Wrestling Entertainment issued a press release touting Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s appearance at WrestleMania XXVII, proclaiming “Snooki Mania.” The Jersey Shore star will team up with John Morrison and Trish Stratus to take on Dolph Ziggler and LayCool.”

LayCool… do you think that is their real name?

With apologies, we are brief today, TPP duties are calling!


  • Alan Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd.
  • Sam Furlong/SWNS.com
  • Eddie Keogh/Reuters


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8 responses to ““Preppy Fabrics” and A Ring for Snooki

  1. Hi Princess,
    Will you please let all of your readers know that for the month of March, both Beladora.com and Beladora2.com will be donating a portion of all sales to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund.
    I would appreciate it if you would help me get the word out.

  2. Snooki? Oh my goodness. There are no limits to their unpreppy {nicest word I can think of} behavior ;-). And – Our minds are so on the same track. I was considering that HB article for a post, also! Now I think I’ll just send my readers over here – i.e. Preppy Fabrics are Back. Read about it here – with a link to you 😉 hehe. That counts as a post, doesn’t it? As always I love your posts! xoxo

  3. Cheltenham as a sure sign of spring- couldn’t put it any better myself, though I hadn’t put two and two together yet- thank you for doing so!



  4. Snookie is a tacky cookie…thats all I can say…yikes and yuck are the first two words that come to mind (and I am trying to be polite)
    Onto the far side of the pond and the “heady” fashions….not sure about many since it appears there is a rodent on their heads but agree Zara Phillips does look quite chic and put together.
    Love the fabrics you featured also, crisp, happy and fresh. Have a great night….

  5. kiki

    loving the fox hat. that is a fox, right? i was thrilled to see “Preppy Fabrics They’re Back!” on the cover of my House Beautiful (i still can’t put last month’s issue down). I love the LP coral pattern. Now, if only I could afford the beautiful things for my house. take care, Princess.

  6. Love the pink hat at Cheltenham – especially with the gray coat!! Have to admit, I don’t love the Mademoiselle bag and don’t love Blake Lively as a Channel ambassador – I know, I’m in the minority – but it would be nice if just one luxury brand would focus on something besides the under 30 crowd. It’s the Boomers who have the most money – what happened to targeting advertising for them!!

  7. Sometimes I wish hats were more of the mainstream here in the south! Nevertheless, I love indulging in the pics of those fortunate enough to attend events that allow hats to make a statement. I love the plaid cap. And, the color of the feathers is captivating! Furthermore, I want the red Mademoiselle Chanel bag. (Adding to my “I want” list.) Last, but not least (or maybe it is LOL) ……..wrestling, really? I humbly exclaim that I am glad Snooki’s adventures are an addition to The AntiPrep Wall of Shame. xo

  8. I have the preppy fabrics page torn out of my mag and it is pinned on my inspiration board! i wish i had a grand event to attend that would require such headpieces…alas, i do not.

    have a very happy friday and great weekend!

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