Tie One On & Preppy 2.0 (Again) + Faces of Japan

Hello and welcome to a new week.

We have a slightly altered structure today. The first portion of the post is comprised of our usual content, primarily the light and frothy nonsense we enjoy sharing. The second portion of the post focuses on Japan, the journalist still lurking inside won’t allow us to ignore the latter topic and this provides everyone the chance to change channels, in the cyber sort of way, if one or both portions hold no appeal.

We begin with a brief photo feature in Saturday’s WaPo (Washington Post), “Preppy 2.0,” introduced this way:

“The term “preppy” conjures a range of images, from starched school uniforms to khaki pants and navy sport coats. But the past several seasons have seen fashionable types putting a highly personalized spin on the style, choosing from a new arsenal of old-school staples: nautical stripes, plaids and timeless silhouettes updated for 2011.”

Different clothing and accessories are featured in the piece, including several Tommy Hilfiger items we showed from last fall’s runway show.

Tommy Hilfiger via Washington Post

Other items include the Lands’ End Canvas Heritage Peacoat and the LL Bean Signature Poplin Dress Shirt.

Land's End Canvas & LL Bean Signature

Reading varying interpretations of the “preppy style” is always entertaining, click here to see the photo feature in its entirety.


Next today, our friend Ben at Starboard Clothing shared exciting news with us: the company’s website is up and running.

Starboard Clothing Company

Starboard does “beau ties”, we wanted to share some examples of their work.  As you can see, there are beaus in seersucker, gingham, madras and other fabrics.

Starboard’s beaus look simply wonderful, bright and vibrant, perfect for spring and summer.

Some readers may recall our little sneak peek at the Alex Grant Bow Ties from our friend Skip. We can share that his bows are also now available, these are silk, with the elegance and panache we would expect from Skip.


Knowing that April showers are just around the corner (although many of our friends in the southeast have already experienced the phenomenon), we wanted to do a Pretty in Pink showcasing some of däv rain boot styles.


For those in need of foul-weather gear for the young miss, there are also däv Kids’ products that look like loads of fun, offering a new Adventure in Argyle.



We move on now to a far weightier topic, one consuming almost everyone’s interest.


In some respects scenes from Japan are reminiscent of Berlin at the end of WWII, or perhaps burning oil fields during the Gulf War.

Keiichi Nakane / Yomiuri Shimbun

Or thunderstorms and tornadoes in the great plains during severe weather season.

Kyodo News/AP

It becomes much more difficult to watch now, because the images are beginning to show people from the areas sustaining the worst damage.

JIJI Press/AFP/Getty Images

As opposed to “mere property destruction”.


David Guttenfelder/AP Photo

And there are faces.


Kyodo News/AP

Associated Press (L) and Reuters (R)

JIJI Press/AFP/Getty Images

Kim Kyung-hoon / Reuters

AP Photo/The Yomiuri Shimbun, Hiroto Sekiguchi

TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty (L) & Hiroto Sekiguchi/The Yomiuri Shimbun/AP (L)

Kyodo News/AP Photo

Associated Press

For those considering ways to help, the good folks at Charity Navigator have a superb list of things to consider if making a financial donation, including information on some of the four-star organizations like Doctors without BordersDirect Relief International.


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8 responses to “Tie One On & Preppy 2.0 (Again) + Faces of Japan

  1. Oh Princess. So well done. As usual. What the understanding must undergo, in those situations.

  2. MCW

    The Japanese are very strong people. I know they will overcome this, but at the moment I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation they are feeling.

  3. Japan … it’s unthinkable. And in crisis they are as dignified as always. The sadness and horror is unbearable and unceasing.

    The bow ties are beautiful. I’m very, very proud of my gorgeous cousin who also does bow ties – she also provides a school uniform for a child in Kenya with each purchase. In college she made and sold belts (at Beverly Hills boutiques of course) and sent the money to Vietnamese orphanages where she spent time.

    Bowties mean a lot.

  4. So sad and sorry for Japan. And very proud of Skip!

  5. Shelly Gregory

    On a happy note, I love Preppy style, of course, that’s why I follow the Preppy Princess! I love everything prep, however, in this post, I adore the pink lace up rain boots! And, to switch channels with you, I am deeply moved by the images of Japan! Although I am following the story, I have not seen these images until now! My heart aches! God speed for healing!

  6. Ahh if only I can someday convince the boyfriend to sport a bow tie. I’m almost there….
    And changing gears these images are so moving. As the story unfolds it does get harder to watch. Right on, we cannot have enough resources. I wasn’t familiar with Charity Navigator, it’s a great site.

  7. You’re a brave soul to wade through these painful images to share – I must admit that I cannot endure seeing much more. They are of course in my thoughts and heart. And I agree with Madeleine – they seem to be coping with this tragedy with such dignity.

  8. Love Starboard Clothing, love boys who row starboard too. I cannot even begin to even imagine what it must be like for everyone in Japan at this moment- and going forward in the future too. Lots of prayers and magic sparklies is about all I can do to hope they’re able to walk out of this hell they’re in now.



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