Was Reese “Barbie or Brigitte Bardot”? And Other Burning Questions from the Oscars

Well now, is anyone else a little bleary-eyed this morning? Once again we are asking ourselves (all of us) why, once again, we sat through the entire tedious exercise last evening? Hmmm?

Did the wretched little pre-show interview with James Franco (taking the meaning of “awkward” to new levels) not provide fair warning? The fact airtime was given to the beyond-boring appearance of Academy & ABC executives sharing “news” of their continued business arrangement didn’t offer enough of a red flag that it was time to turn. off. the. television?! Well then, it seems this Princess got just what she deserved.

However, we did have the chance to peruse party frocks for hours, and that almost compensates for what followed, no?  So let’s move to that topic, and cease our little tantrum, as it is surely peaking the Whine-o-Meter in the red zone, and that, treasured readers, simply must stop.

More than anything it was a night for the form-fitting, and for sequins, and in many cases, a refreshingly understated elegance that did not shriek “Look at me, look at me!” We begin with Michelle Williams in a cap-sleeve Chanel gown from the this spring’s collection, Jennifer Lawrence wears Calvin Klein, and on the right, Amy Adams’ is in a rich blue L’Wren Scott gown.

Matt Sayles/AP & Kevork Djansezian/Getty via LA Times

Miss Adams also wore more $1,000,000 in Cartier jewelry.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

One young lady looking absolutely beautiful, Hailee Steinfeld in a very soft pink Marchesa dress she is said to have co-designed.  The tulle tea-length gown was age appropriate and perfect for the young actress.

Matt Sayles/AP

Also in Marchesa, Halle Berry.

Chris Pizzello/AP

Mandy Moore wore Monique Lhuillier.

Matt Sayles/AP

Nicole Kidman wore a Dior gown that didn’t work for us, there was just too much going on. The dress is from the 2009 haute couture collection, the different geometric angles detracted from the exquisite beading on the piece. This did not take away from the actress herself, she looked beautiful, almost radiant.

Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy in pale lavendery-rose and yellow looked lovely on the actress; we didn’t like the Elie Saab worn by Mila Kunis as much as others seemed to.

Co-host Anne Hathaway started the evening in a brilliant red Valentino gown.

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Valentino was actually on hand for the festivities.

We may be in the minority here, but this wasn’t one of our favorite styles for Ms. Hathaway; fortunately (or not), there were many to choose from. During the actual telecast she made multiple wardrobe changes, Fashionologie reports the tuxedo was custom-made by Lanvin, she also wore Oscar de la Renta, below right.

Perhaps our favorite was the Tom Ford worn to close the show.

Reese Witherspoon opted for Armani Privé.

John Shearer/Getty Images

With jewelry from Neil Lane.

Not everyone knew what to make of Ms. Witherspoon’s ensemble. Below we see comments about the look on Twitter feeds for the Washington Post’s fashion columnists as well as Elizabeth Holmes from the Journal.

The very svelte and very elegant Jennifer Hudson was in tangerine Versace, a color that was terrific on her, but the décolletage was not as flattering.

Below, a look at what can be involved in maneuvering one’s gown.


Natalie Portman went with a gown from Rodarte, who also designed her costumes in The Black Swan, she is seen below with fiancée Benjamin Millepied.


Gwyneth Paltrow was very much a favorite in sleek Calvin Klein and Vuitton jewels, including a brooch worn at the hip.

One of the few not raving about her dress was The Times’ Eric Wilson:

“Gwyneth Paltrow tried to combine the trends in sparkly gold Calvin Klein, but even its designer, Francisco Costa, has his off days.”

For her on-stage performance, she elected to wear Michael Kors, one could almost say the dress was “ripped from the runway,” as it is from this fall’s collection, and only shown two weeks ago at Fashion Week. (Do forgive us that line, we simply couldn’t resist.)

The folks at Fashion etc. noted what they call the return of 60’s hair.

All photo Getty Images via Fashionetc.

The Times story mentioned above is an entertaining read, if only for Mr. Wilson’s description of one of the hosts for E!’s coverage:

“…Giuliana Rancic, one of the few on the red carpet who missed the minimalism memo. (She was wearing a monstrously poufy dress by Christian Siriano that looked as if she had sat on a tuffet and brought it along for the night.)”

Of course the television broadcast is just the start of the evening, after all, the west coast time zone means the night is young and there are many more opportunities to see, and be seen. Two invitations transcend others, the Vanity Fair party and Governors Ball.  Below we show Stephen Spielberg with his daughter, as well as Hillary Swank at the Governors Ball.

Two big winners, Colin Firth and screenwriter David Seidler were also on hand for the Ball.

Over at the Vanity Fair party there were A-listers from all manner of industries, below we show Matthew McConaughey, Anthony Mackie, and Camila Alves at the gala.

Getty Images/V.F.

We see Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, Jane Fonda and Richard Perry as they arrive at the Vanity Fair party.

Also attending, Mary Hart, Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff.

This is how it looks when one is arriving.

Getty/Vanity Fair

The Daily Mail suggests that if there were an award for the shortest dress, Taylor Swift and Cameron Diaz might both win.

At this length, hem-management becomes key, Ms. Diaz appears to be managing well whilst chatting with Jude Law.

Getty Images/Vanity Fair

Arguably the shortest skirt award should go to Madonna, as it appears she forgot to put hers on.


This next photo prompts us to ask: are we the last people on earth to know about the romance between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?

Getty Images/Vanity Fair

We must include Timothy Olyphant, as one of our Twitter friends wrote that she was dreaming of him last night. (Oh my!) And we must also show Jon Hamm on behalf of several friends. (You know who you are. Heh, heh, heh.)

Below we see Sandra Bullock and her costar from The Blind Side, Quintin Aaron.

Getty Images/Vanity Fair

Another highly popular ticket is for Elton John’s party, the entertainer has raised enormous amounts of money for his AIDS foundation through this function and many others.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for EJAF

Heidi Klum’s gown shimmered in the light, her Julien MacDonald dress was covered in mirrors.

Gus Ruelas/Reuters

Also at the party, Emma Roberts, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, and Hayden Panettiere.

PHOTO:Getty Images

We have one more interesting tidbit from Oscar weekend.

Getty Images for Chanel

At Chanel’s pre-Oscar dinner Friday night, both January Jones and Emma Stone turned up in very similar black Chanel frocks.  Not all that alike when looked at more closely, but the combination of long black dress and short blue jacket had heads turning.

With that, adieu until next time!



  • Mario Anzuoni/Reuters
  • John Shearer/Getty Images
  • Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
  • Lucas Jackson/Getty
  • Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty
  • Kevork Djansezian/Getty
  • Craig Barritt/Getty Images
  • Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
  • Danny Moloshok/Reuters


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15 responses to “Was Reese “Barbie or Brigitte Bardot”? And Other Burning Questions from the Oscars

  1. ANOTHER well done thorough on point post. OK well I agree with almost everything you said but did love Mila Kunis’s dress..loved the color, the softness, the draping of the soft fabrics with the peek of lace, so feminine and dreamy…so so on Cates, haven’t made up my mind yet, but think overall she is looking her best ever. Did not like Jennifer Hudsons dress at all, too big, too colorful, too revealing..just not flattering in any way but again she is looking AMAZING..Natalie P. was understated and ripped apart for it but I admire her for sticking to what she is comfortable in. Hated Nicole and Scarlets dresses…Scarlets was horrible. I thought Haley and Hallie both looked like dreamy Hollywood princesses and it was perfection.
    Your mention of James’ wretched awkward preshow was right on the mark, omg..could it have been worse? Could he have seemed more uncomfortable in his own skin? NO~! I really like Anne though she is so real…and loved her last finale gown too..stunning and really flattering on her as well. Wow I could go on and on…..it was boring but the fashions were fun……thanks for a great summary of a looooooong night.

  2. Ha! Haile and Halle (how does that happen?) look happy and glam and relaxed. So many people dresses just don’t look like a match on their wearer. I nominate several hairstyles as the outstanding beauty look of the evening. It would be so nice to see more tailored and chic ladies in Le Smoking, I think. Evening dresses don’t suit all.

  3. I saw someone wrangling Jennifer Hudson’s train as she walked into the VF party too!

    Loved the color of Mila Kunis’s dress…I think if I had to pick one to wear myself, that would have been it.

  4. Great write up! Had to stop my busy day to read. I agree with all you have said. I do love Reese’s ponytail.

  5. GP was (and is always) a golden goddess- my sis and I were droooolling!

    You hit the nail dead on the head about Reese- we both loved her for the dual vampy-bombshell Brigitte Bardot-come-Barbie look. Like GP, she can do no wrong in our eyes.



  6. OOooh and let us not forget Hugh Jackman. Heeee-llo!


  7. You are the first person that I agree TOTALLY with in regards to the fashion!! And maybe James should just stick to academics and the occasional movie!! And I agree with Madeleine – I so want a tux!!

  8. switchtorealfood

    Jane Fonda looks great. I didn’t see her on tv last night. Thx for posting picture.

  9. I so agree with you. I did not like Jennifer Hudson’s dress at all – too much of it, but I know she is proud of her weight loss so it seems everything she wears is motivated by that. Not loving January Jones choice here. What is she thinking?? I think her fashion is more “all over the place” than ever. Sometimes she looks beyond fabulous and other times – NO, no. Unlike Jon who always looks wonderful even when he is a cheating, lowdown dog 😉 hehe Justin B. and Selena??? Really?? OK. 🙂 I adore Anne Hathaway – always. Madonna – why am I shocked? That is so typical. Love your post Miss P. Thanks! xoxo

  10. WOW! You did an amazing synopsis of the Oscars! Brava!
    I thought it was all about the people watching and not much about the movies and speeches, yawn.
    As for the fashion, WHAT was Madonna thinking? Fashion victim.

  11. Timothy Olyphant- SWOON!


  12. Princess Freckles

    Wonderful re-cap of the evening’s fashion!

  13. Gosh I hate it when I forget to put my skirt on before leaving the house!

    You know, I actually watched the Oscars specifically because I adore Anne. I don’t like awards shows (save for the Tony Awards and sometimes the Grammys because they actually entertain me). And this confirmed yet again why I do not watch awards shows. They are a snooze fest. Yawn.

  14. I have to agree that the jokes were stale and James Franco didn’t seem too thrilled to be there. Maybe that’s more of his “performance art”?

    I still DIE whenever I see a picture of Michelle Williams. I mean really…makeup, hair, and dress are all a 10. She’s never looked prettier, and is the epitome of effortless elegance.

    Now I’m babbling. Did anyone else think Natalie’s look was just “ok”? I mean, she knew she was going to win. Kick it up a notch, Nat!

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