A Young Couple’s First Official Royal Appearances + Gucci, Frette, Lilly, More

Welcome to a Friday, once again we bring you a post that is primarily photos, hoping they provide a bright spot in your day.

We begin with some fun from across the pond, a look at the first official appearance for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The duo were in Wales yesterday to christen a lifeboat.

Phil Noble/Pool/AFP/Getty

Miss Middleton wore a Katherine Hooker coat she has had for some time; below, Hello! Magazine shows her wearing it in 2006.

Via Hello! Magazine

The herringbone coat has since been shortened, a smart way to update the look.  She accessorized with a fascinator by Vivien Sheriff Millinery and suede boots from Russell & Bromley.

PHOTOS: Pool/AFP/Getty Images

And while some UK publications are somewhat critical of the “recycled coat”, we applaud her Miss Middleton’s choices, particularly the decision to make her coat last longer, among other things, it sends a very good message.

The young couple has been busy, today marked their second official appearance together, they visited the University where they first met, St. Andrews in Scotland.

Toby Melville/Reuters

Here is a file photo of the two following graduation in 2005.

Associated Press

Prince William and the bride-to-be were on hand to help kick off the University’s 600th Anniversary celebration.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

And they were also helping publicize an upcoming fundraising campaign for the University.  Miss Middleton looked lovely in a bright red suit, black boots and black gloves.


Both looked very much at ease during both appearances, they also looked very happy.

Phil Noble/Reuters

Sometimes still photos capture a moment better than video can.

Danny Lawson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

If today’s crowds in Scotland are any indicator, Miss Middleton and her Prince are going to be a favorite with fans everywhere.

The couple wrapped up today’s official engagements in London, with a visit to the New Zealand High Commission.

Luke MacGregor/Reuters

They went to sign a condolence book for those impacted by this week’s awful earthquake, and were joined by William’s younger brother, Harry.


Next, word that luxury linen purveyor Frette has started a Baby line.

Courtesy Frette

In addition to linens for the crib there are sweaters, jammies, robes and more.

Not exactly what one might refer to as practical, but they do look ever-so-snuggly.


This next tidbit may come as quite a surprise, as we generally aren’t waxing rhapsodically about the House of Gucci.

Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com

PHOTOS: Monica Feudi via Style.com

The company’s showing at Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday caught our eye.

PHOTOS: Monica Feudi via Style.com

No, we are not contemplating a wardrobe shift to neon bodysuits and slit-up-to-there overskirts, we simply found the colors and styles striking.

PHOTOS: Monica Feudi via Style.com

It also seems that Gucci thinks the dark, sharply defined “statement mouth” is making a comeback.


A few spots of Friday Fun, the first from our friend Sarah at The Village Palm, she posted this on The Palm’s Facebook page today:

Via The Village Palm

Lilly Pulitzer is offering another bicycle, this one in the Stuffed Shells pattern, it looks cute as can be.


Our final note relates to Sunday evening’s Academy Awards telecast. Have you ever wondered exactly what the envelopes were like?

Via FastCo Design

We have long been curious about what they “really looked like”.  Apparently they have been redesigned for a more updated look.

Via FastCo Design

Perhaps we shall try and Tweet while watching, we have sat in admiration of the wit and wisdom displayed on Twitter by many of our more fashionable friends as they watch red carpet events.

With that, we send wishes that all enjoy a weekend filled with happiness and sunshine.


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12 responses to “A Young Couple’s First Official Royal Appearances + Gucci, Frette, Lilly, More

  1. I don’t think Kate Middleton could be any more appealing. She has it in spades!! And how could ANYONE criticize her for shortening her coat as a thrifty way of adding stylish life to it! The Frette baby linen is adorable!! And thanks for the peek at the Oscars envelope – I have indeed often wondered what they looked like!

  2. I love her in Red! It is very Diana-esque to wear such a bold suit.

  3. love love love love love love love love love Kate Middleton for being HERSELF and no one else.



  4. I am a romantic and a realist! I love believing that these two are a match meant to last! I pray all goes well for the rest of their lives! It is possible, you know!

  5. Always guaranteed to love something on every post of yours! Kate looks wonderful, like her elegant but non fussy style..she is real and its refreshing..and seeing that they are truly in love is wonderful!
    Love the fashions for Milan, the colors and fabrics are so luxurious and fabulous…..and then the Oscar envelope is looking quite chic and modern, I am impressed!
    Last that Frette cashmere caridgan is almost cute enough to make me ponder having another baby:)
    PS Adding you to my blogroll….so others can discover your greatness!

  6. I love Kate Middleton, she is so adorable. Thank you for your wonderful royal couple updates! I can’t wait for the wedding.

  7. Pamela

    Are you kidding — the British royal family is EXTREMELY FORTUNATE to have someone so young + vibrant as KM (and I am not, overall, a huge fan of the monarchy). She will breathe new life and energy into the entire operation. They are lucky to have her!

    On another note: poor William, I fear he is losing his hair. He was so cute…

  8. Andrea

    How much does Kate-in-red remind you of Jackie-in-red in Canada?

  9. K and W are precious and SO, SO in love! You can read it on their faces 🙂 And I just don’t think there is anything impractical about those baby clothes ;-). hehe There is a very good chance I would make such a purchase for my future granddaughter 😉 XOXO

  10. I love Miss Kate..she is adorable and seems to take it all in stride! Oh, and restyling the coat…the ultimate in style! Thanks for a great, lift me up post!

  11. What is fun to see in Kate’s new public appearances is how absolutely thrilled she is to be doing them. Reminds me of Diana in her early days as a bride. Looking forward to the royal bash. 🙂

  12. Jen

    The princess to be is so beautiful. I love the fact that she revamped a piece of clothing and is still wearing it. This is the real world.
    Sitting here with iPad in hand waiting for the Oscars to start. So far it’s pretty entertaining.

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