Royal Wedding Bits & Bytes

As promised, we have another fabulous update from our Royal Correspondent, Queen Bee Swain!


By now we all have read, heard and watched the list of the wedding party that will be walking down with and standing alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton in about 70 days time.  The choice of the members of this party is very reminiscent of what played out with Prince Charles and Princess Diana- lots of relatives, god-children, long-time family friends- sometimes a combination of all three; also many are relatives of Prince William rather than Kate Middleton, but these are just the public roles, it has been noted that some other family members, including the daughter of Kate’s ne’er do well Uncle Gary (of the infamous “Casa de Bang Bang” in Ibiza narcotics undercover run-in), Tallulah, may have a ‘behind the scenes’ role.

Concurrent with the announcement of who will be some of the most photographed people in the world this year, it should be noted that Prince Harry’s appointment as Best Man breaks tradition- normally a Supporter is named.  However, when Princess Anne married Mark Phillips, who was not a royal, a Best Man was used.  As the royal couple who willingly or not is having their twist on tradition play out, this seems an appropriate nod to tradition and procedure.

For those of you who are not as fanatical as I am, here are a few other items that have quietly surfaced:

O Canada

-This week it was announced that the first official overseas trip that Prince William and Kate Middleton make as a married couple will be a two-week long trip to Canada- arriving in late June to celebrate Canada Day on the 1st of July in Ottawa and also will make a trek to the Arctic.  Obviously if any stops are made in the far-Western part of Ontario, I might just have to make a trip up.

-Last week, Prince William was bestowed an honorary military commission and is now a Colonel in the Irish Guards.  He already has two honorary military ranks; he was made Commodore-in-Chief of Scotland and Submarines and also is Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Coningsby.  The Irish Guards are part of the Army and mostly serve ceremonial duties, but have some members over in Afghanistan right now.  All of this sums up to one thing: more medals/badges/ropes that he can wear at the ceremony at Westminster.  Y-E-S.  Also, by the latest appointment, he would be able to wear the red dress uniform the men of the Army wear, thus re-opening the MONDO debate about just what uniform he will wear.  My money is hedged on the RAF blues he wears as a search and rescue pilot- another peg in this wedding’s attempt at down-playing the grandoise elements of a royal wedding; though I must say that I hope that he wears the black uniform he had been seen in after his Sandhurst passing out- similar to what we see Prince Harry in.  At any rate I am sure that he will not disappoint, how can a royal heir in military dress do anything but?!

-Kate raised a few eyebrows last week when spotted out with Camilla, Camilla’s daughter Laura Lopes (who is mother to one of the bridesmaids) and Kate’s sister Pippa (who is chief bridesmaid) in Knightsbridge at a very posh and very public location for a long lunch, in which it was overheard that the ceiling was too high for trumpets- presumably Westminster.  Too bad nothing else really surfaced other than what they were discussing for their lunch order.  The spotting has further ignited the Diana v. Camilla never-ending-knock-down-drag-out-throwing-of-darts and also Kate’s outfit was torn to bits by Daily Mail agony aunt, Liz Smith, who later offered suggestions for various ensembles Kate has worn out in the past, some as far back as 2005.  Let me just say that Liz takes a very mumsy and uninspired stance on what is appropriate for someone who defies trends and so far has made several international best-dressed lists.  Three cheers that Kate dresses for her self and for her figure and takes a twist of London edginess to make her chic and Sloaney staples very fashion-forward.

-Speaking of Kate Middleton’s clothing, the see-through dress that she famously strutted down the catwalk at a St. Andrews fashion show in 2003 on the very day that Prince William is said to have taken notice to her as more than just a fellow Art History student, is up for auction at Le Galleria on Pall Mall on 17 March at 2pm. Visit  And get this- the designer not only intended the dress to be a skirt, but also isn’t in design any more.

-The Euro royals who have RSVP’d they will be in attendance on the 29th of April: HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Crown Princess Katharine of Yugoslavia, HM King Constantine II and HM Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and HRH Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece (some believed one of their five children- two of which are Prince William’s god-children would have a shot at being a page boy or bridesmaid) and HM King Michael of Romania and members of the Romanian royal family.  I should note that all three of these families are either deposed or former royals; I guess that if one doesn’t exactly have a current kingdom they must chime in earlier than not?

-Lastly, as you likely have heard, Prince William and Kate Middleton will make two public appearances next week, first at Prince William’s military base in Angesley for the christening of a submarine and then the next day at St. Andrew’s University to kick off the 600th anniversary celebrations.  Prince William had confirmed he would serve as the royal patron of this celebration before he and Kate were engaged.  At any rate, how fun to see the two of them on official duty and my imagination runs wild with Kate in a military-inspired look for the Angesley christening and something very tweedy (a look she does so well) up in the Highlands the next day.

The Queen Bee, kHm



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4 responses to “Royal Wedding Bits & Bytes

  1. Wow – what an incredibly comprehensive post for all things royal!! The Queen Bee really is in the know!! Fun!

  2. I do enjoy reading all of the ROYAL comings and goings via the Preppy Princess, thank you. I will continue to stay tuned 🙂

  3. Me thinks that all of your hard work it takes to keep us informed about THE wedding that you deserve a hand written invite to the wedding. Don’t you think? It’s only fair!xo

  4. So insider … indeed!! Harry seems so amazingly normal and lucky now.

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