Party Frocks, Personalized iPad/Kindle Cases & A Man in Uniform

Well now, if it isn’t a Monday.  In every way.  Even Tilly is feeling it.

Because we are slightly overbooked tomorrow (Tuesday), unfortunately today’s blather post shall have to suffice for both days, we do apologize for our appalling lack of time management skills.

We begin with what is becoming an almost weekly event, another in the Sunday night parade of celebrities showing their party frocks, jewels and accessories as they head into yet another awards show. (If it is all so very wretched then pray tell, why dost thou engage in adding fuel to the frenzy, hello?!!) Last night’s venue was the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

We thought Nicole Kidman looked lovely in black lace by Nina Ricci, although we are apparently in the minority, at least from what we gleaned in this morning’s reviews.

Diane Baranski from The Good Wife was radiant and True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld was very pretty in Prada.

Several stars were in Oscar de la Renta, including Jennifer Lawrence (below left), nominated for her role in Winter’s Bone (the movie was quite the sensation at Sundance last week), she was in a shocking pink gown from the designer’s pre-fall 2011 collection.

Above right Glee’s Lea Michele is also wearing OdlR, a blush crepe de chine dress from this spring’s collection.  We enjoyed this next picture via PopSugar, the young stars of Modern Family: Rico Rodriguez, Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould all looked darling.

Via PopSugar Australia

Not looking as stellar as she generally does, Jane Lynch from Glee missed the mark in a bouffant lavender creation. On a more positive note, Jeff and Susan Bridges provided a note of understated elegance.

When it comes to hits and misses on the red carpet, All the Rage, the LA Time’s style blog, counted these two as “misses”:

AP/Reuters via All The Rage

“…Jenna Fischer’s gray Fendi gown is an odd choice. The fit is off and the color does nothing for her. Not sure about Jayma Mays’ coral-colored Jenny Packham gown either. What’s with the awkward-looking single beaded sleeve?”

Also on the “misses” list and understandably so, Angie Harmon.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

All the Rage offered this on Ms. Harmon’s dress: “… Monique Lhuillier that looked as if it were about to molt”. Ouch.

Anti-Prep Kim Kardashian’s Marchesa gown was labeled both a hit and a miss, depending upon whom you were reading this morning.

We liked Mad Men’s January Jones in Carolina Herrera, but did not find her highly styled hairdo nearly as fabulous or flattering as most others did; as always, co-star Jon Hamm looked stylish.

The LA Times had a nice note about Mr. Hamm:

“The very clean-cut Don Draper would certainly not approve, but Hamm’s fans certainly did — he signed more autographs than anyone else on the carpet before them.”

That is the sort of thing you like to read about, as opposed to the plethora of “stars behaving badly” stories we so frequently see.


Our other topic today is fun, albeit crassly commercial (gasp).  We are all gaga over our brand new personalized iPad and Kindle cases.

Above we show three of the patterns available, definitely today’s Pretty in Pink and Green. Below, two of the argyle designs available.

The cases come in two versions, one for the Apple iPad (10″ x 7.5″ x 1″) and one for the Kindle DX (11″ x 7.75″ x 1″).

One of our personal favorites is the Sailor Plaid in red, white and blue, although the Rhapsody Stripes make us think of deep turquoise waters and blue skies.

The cases are crafted of durable neoprene and may be monogrammed or personalized in a variety of ways.

We couldn’t be happier to offer Lovie and Dodge, these are precisely what we were looking for after acquiring our very own iPad, and we will have more goodies from this splendid company moving forward.


We know many readers probably aren’t sleeping well, overwrought by concerns about precisely what Prince William will wear for his trip to the altar in April. Put away the sleep aids, tonight you can snooze in bliss, comforted in the knowledge that question has been answered.

Via Hello! magazine

The Prince shall be in uniform, Savile Row firm Gieves and Hawke is making his suit.

Gieves and Hawkes

It isn’t yet known if he will opt for a Naval, Army or RAF uniform; the Prince is eligible to wear any of the three. Now if we only knew about Miss Middleton’s wedding gown designer….sigh.  That news will come soon enough, the media are camped out simply everywhere trying to get the upper hand on the story, but the family and the varying Palaces involved are managing this one rather well, good for them we say.

On that note, we say goodbye until next time, may everyone be safe and warm and dry.


  • Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
  • Jason Merritt/Getty
  • Lucas Jackson/Reuters
  • Kevork Djansezian/Getty
  • Mario Anzuoni/Reuters


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18 responses to “Party Frocks, Personalized iPad/Kindle Cases & A Man in Uniform

  1. mary anne

    I want an iPad and Kindle just for those covers!!

  2. Amy

    Love those kids from Modern Family. They are just adorable!

    I need an iPad now, just so I can get that Sailor Plaid case!

  3. That little Haillie girl is just darling. So cute. But Prince William is the cutest and cannot wait to see him in uniform (middle pic is what I envision). Le swoon!



  4. kiki

    thanks for the recap. i missed the SAG red carpet and ceremony. not sure why KimK was even there. loving your personalized iPad and Kindle cases. sadly, i don’t own either gadget. take care, Princess.

  5. Gablesgirl

    Great post! FYI, its Christine Baranski

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  7. I may be the minority, but I thought Kim K looked better than EVER!

  8. That Tilly picture is the cutest. Second in cuteness are those iPad covers. MUST order one. Will they fit over my Ottercase? Two cases may seem a bit much. But one is for protection and the other would be for looks.

  9. Ariel looked precious last night. And I agree with you on the misses. Oh my, did they ever miss!! Yay for Don Draper. I knew there was a redeeming quality in my little womanizer 😉 xoxo

  10. I’m curious, how is he able to wear all those uniforms? I should really google this but I thought I would ask anyways 🙂

  11. Jen

    I can’t believe it. Personalized iPad cases. This is too cool! I think I may just have to order one. Although, I have a great one on my iPad now it might not be a bad idea to have the option to change things up depending on my mood. I get so many comments on my Lily iPhone cover. I’ll admit, some people laugh at me. But, it’s like my silly ring tone, just makes me smile.
    And, by the way, I think Nicole Kidman always looks lovely. I’m going to share this link on my fan page.

  12. Loving the new kindle cases, going to go purchase one right now! As for the dresses, Jane Lynch….what WAS she thinking and Carolina Herrera, I just want to tell her to sit up straight in that picture. There were quite a few misses for sure. Have a happy day!

  13. Jen

    Love, Love, Love your blog!! Keep ’em coming!

  14. These are just too cute! I remember you also posted something about a personalized blackberry case, can you tell me where I can buy that again? This are really adorable and great gift ideas. As far as the fashions, I seem to concur with the critics….Lea Michelle looked great as did Nicole Kidman, many of the others “missed the mark” in my book..which I find ironic when you consider all the many many resources they have at their disposal…guess money doesn’t buy taste, afterall:)

  15. Miss Princess I must immediately go out and purchase an ipad, if only to have one of those adorable monogrammed covers!! In other news I am waiting with bated breath to see Miss Middleton in her wedding dress!! The Prince, I am sure, will look as handsome as ever. However, it really doesn’t matter as all eyes will be on the bride. Have a wonderful week!

  16. I love the new Kindle cases! I received a Kindle for Christmas and when I was searching for a cover shortly afterward, there was a serious lack of cute ones (other than chic, but very expensive ones).

  17. “shocking pink”. I do believe I must run out and buy something in that color!

  18. James

    love the plaid cases

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