Friday Fun of The Mostly Nautical Kind

Hello everyone, and welcome to a Friday; we hope everyone’s weekend looks promising, may there be no colossal weather events besetting any of our cherished readers.

Today we focus on springlike things in an effort to remind ourselves that the warmer temps and the next season are really just six weeks away (revisionist math it appears), we start with a darling item from the folks at Sperry:

Sperry Top-sider

That is one of the cutest key chains we have ever seen, the Original Boat Shoe Key Chain is available online for only $10; this one clearly peaks the Cute-o-Meter in the red zone.

Keeping our focus on a kinder, gentler Mother Nature, we bring you a few images shot for Nautica’s spring advertising campaign, we love the madras.

The nautical influences Nautica built its brand upon are evident throughout the collection.

Nautica’s spring collection is now online, below we show the Anchors Aweigh Polo for girls and the Anchors Onesie for infants.

Images from Nautica’s spring campaign may be viewed at the company’s flickr photo stream.



In keeping with the seaside theme we want to show off some of our newest goodies here at The Prepatorium, our line of Sailor Bags. Made out of real sailcloth, the bags are almost indestructible and come with a lifetime guarantee. First, the classic Duffel Bags.

Made from double-layered sailcloth, these have a waterproof liner and are loaded with pockets on the inside, plus a quick access pocket on the outside.

There is also a smaller, personal-size ‘Duffel Purse‘.

The Insulated Cooler Bags are outstanding.

Available in 8-pack to 24-pack size, the Coolers run $37 to $64. We like the outside pockets on these, as well as the velcro handle wrap.

All of our Sailor Bag merchandise may be personalized for an additional $12 charge.

No one will be surprised to hear that yours truly is interested in many items from this collection, including the Tote Bags.

Of particular note for those carrying lunch and other edibles to and from the office or school, the Lunch Bags ($29) offer a wider mouth to handle some of those take-out and plastic containers we all use now and again. The lining also pulls completely out for easier cleaning, and the handy outer pocket is ideal for silverware, condiments, and other necessities.

There is also a Lunch Sack ($20) for those not requiring quite as much room.

There are loads of other goodies on the site now (the poor Consort, he has been madly typing his little fingers to the bone getting these online) with more on the way, we do love this line.


While sailcloth bags are ideal any time of the year, we move back to springtime goods from Coach, promoting new its new pieces, such as the Alexis Tattersall Trench.


Frequent readers are aware of our incessant whining distaste for the heavily logoed merchandise Coach has pushed the last decade, but there are some solid possibilities for the younger set in the spring group. The Poppy Spring Blazer is rather interesting.


Also appealing, the Emma Blazer in black and fuchsia, if one can overlook the insignia on the pocket.

The classic lines accented by the lapel, pocket & cuff trim evokes a prep-school style.  The Tyler Flat is promising in two new colorways.

We remain fond of the Poppy Enamel Bow Bangle, here is the newest version.


On that fun and whimsical image, we say g’bye until next time!


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15 responses to “Friday Fun of The Mostly Nautical Kind

  1. Love the Tyler flats….love!

  2. Wow I love that Coach bracelet! I just might have to get it!


  3. Jen

    I’m kind of liking the trench coat. It’s fun but not terribly practical. I’m going to have to stop by to check out the totes on your site. Very cute!

  4. Love ANYTHING nautical..a. real classic. That key ring is too cute, gotta get it. And loving the Coach jackets..very chic and again so timeless. Great post.

  5. Little Red

    The Coach trench is adorable, impractical but adorable.

  6. Oh Miss Princess I adore those sailer bags!! I love the purse duffle and those Lunch Bags are a MUST for someone like me who must tote around an unending supply of snacks for the little ones! Also loving the nautica Spring line. Happy Friday to you!!

  7. William Frattner

    The sperry keychain is already sold out … sad.

  8. Great post!! I am loving those Sailor Bags that you now have! They are the cutest ever!!! Have a great weekend Miss Princess 😉 xoxo

  9. i love this post! The trench and blazers are absolutely adorable. I love the coach is making a comeback for the classy by not sticking that logo on every single inch of their merchandise. I also love the focus on the prep school style 🙂

    xx elle

  10. MRM

    That Sprerry keychain is just too cute! And I love that bangle. It’s very Kate Spade’ish.

  11. Much thanks to the Consort for his hard work– I’m in need of retail therapy! 😉

  12. ACH

    I LOVE that Sperry keychain! T might get his feelings hurt if I use it to replace his law school fob that I currently use, but I have a feeling I could find *some* use for it!

    I also love the sailcloth duffel/tote/lunchbag! They’re on my wish list!

  13. Oh that bangle is to die for cute!

  14. Heather

    To go along with the Sperry keychain, how about a Rainbow Sandals flipflop too??

  15. I swear I had a keychain like that when I was a kid.

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