The “Preppy Triangle”, Queen of Prep & Royal Wedding Invites via Fax


We have an amazing number of little tidbits today, so we jump right in with a look at a story we enjoyed reading in our Journal last Friday; Palm Beach: An Insider’s Guide is tied to the city’s upcoming Centennial anniversary, and offers a look at one of our favorite spots:

“It’s not for everyone, but if you’re tired, so tired, of the Twitter Age, it’s your Lilly Pulitzer bag: The rules of conduct abide, as does cocktail hour. And the “careless people,” as F. Scott Fitzgerald called them, keep their riches mostly un-embarrassing.

November to April is known as “The Season” in Palm Beach, Florida’s 16-mile-long Atlantic coast barrier island that completes the Preppy Triangle (Manhattan and the Hamptons also included).”

We have never heard that triumvirate of communities described as “the Preppy Triangle,” but it makes sense… no? The story by Peter Davis is a delightful read, although with the link we are using, for some reason one must scroll quite a ways down the page to get to the story and accompanying photos. While we have spent very little time in Palm Beach of late, we must say that the locale looks quite appealing at this time of year, gripped as we are by a cold spell here in The Great Midwest. Sigh.

Something else related to the Palm Beach 100th anniversary in April comes via Lilly Pulitzer: the limited edition Centennial Murfee scarf.

Jeffrey Langlois/Palm Beach Daily News

As explained by the Palm Beach Daily News, the pattern shows iconic Palm Beach scenes:

“Indeed, the Pulitzer house on South County Road, now on the market by the way, is one of several locations depicted in the toile-style pink-and-green print applied to the oversized silk-cashmere fringed scarf.”

Other landmarks shown on the scarf include The Breakers, C. Orrico’s PB store and Mar-a-Lago (ahem); it is available online at Lilly.

There are more wonderful posts from a number of our cyber-pals about their oh-so-excellent-adventures to the “For the Love of Lilly Exhibition” in Boynton Beach, the Preppy Pink Blondie as well as Preppy Panache recently shared news of their excursions.

Via The Preppy Pink Blondie

On a related note, we can’t remember if we previously posted this next tidbit or not, but the Palm Beach Daily News reports that Lilly Pulitzer has been dubbed the “Queen of Prep” by exhibition director Lori J. Durante.

“Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau is a legend in her own time. She created a Palm Beach look, featuring bright Key West fabrics, which has been a favorite with resorters since the fashions came out in 1959.

Re-Lilly’s Sue Trader shared her photos from the exhibit (she is seen with Lilly in the photo above) in an absolutely fabulous post about that shows many vintage pieces from the exhibit, including this box purse from the 1970s.

Via Re-Lilly Blog

The show runs through May 11, so there is still hope all those of us yet to make the trip.


Our Twitter friends Miss Janice and Brown-Eyed Belle tipped us off to our next item, a quick royal wedding update, this one via our friends on the far side of the pond at the Daily Mail:

“The engagement was announced on Twitter and Facebook.

So perhaps it was fitting that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding guests should receive a save-the-date letter from the Queen by fax.”

In reality, protocol dictates that other royals be given an early notice or invitation to events, The Telegraph has more:

“However, the full handwritten invitations, embossed in gold, will be sent to all 1,800 guests by the Lord Chamberlain’s Office next month.”

Our only point of confusion involves the lack of a fax here at the Prepatorium.


Guess who has now branched out into children’s fashion? Milly!

The Milly Minis collection is now available, we love the sailboats on this coverup for toddlers and little girls, along with the green and navy Shift Dress. Cute treasures for the Princess in your palace!


One final note about our contest giving away a copy of this:

Barnes & Noble

Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn?” is signed by best-selling author Pamela Keogh, and the big winner also happens to be an author, La Belette Rouge!  Miss LBR, if you can email or message us with your shipping information, we’ll have your book on its way tomorrow!

Until next time, g’bye!


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11 responses to “The “Preppy Triangle”, Queen of Prep & Royal Wedding Invites via Fax

  1. Love that you tied Fitzgeralds’ “careless people” to this.

    Preppy is so refreshing, like pink lemonade with lots of frost and mint.

  2. Does Lilly Pulitzer look great or what?!!!!



  3. I’ve love to see what the fax looked like. Was it really necessary unless it was to announce if you are on the invite list or not for a heads up? I was surprised by the informality or are they trying to be green? Green is fine as long as it’s accompanied by some pink too.

  4. MCW

    I love Lilly…sometimes I wish I had no curves – or less of them 🙂 so all of her stuff looked good on me. However, I am not so lucky!

  5. I NEED that scarf OMG it is so lovely!

  6. FAX!! That might become the Save the Date of choice now 😉 do love the scarf, but I have 2 Murfees and don’t wear them. Not sure why either! Love the pic of Lilly. Have a great day Miss Princess!! xoxo

  7. Sue Trader

    I adore that scarf and must get one! I adore your blog and feel honored to be mentioned here! Lilly was a delight! I am so happy I got to meet her 🙂

  8. Kiki

    Congrats to LBR on her win! Lilly looks amazing. the scarf is adorable. a must-have. thanks for sharing, Princess, and take care.

  9. LOVE this! You are welcome to borrow any pictures 🙂 Preppy Pink Love XXO

  10. Just found you via Lisa at Amid Privilege. Love your intelligent and entertaining take on everything you cover. As they say, I’ll be back.

  11. I love LIlly. She looks fantastic. And I LOVE that I won. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You made my day!!!xoxoxoxoox
    p.s. I am off to email you.

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