Ann Taylor Spring, Dior Couture, That Kate Middleton Nail Polish

Hello-Hello, welcome to a new week! There is just all manner of fun and frolicking to deal with, unfortunately we have to make this one of those goofy Mon-uesday posts, we are crazy busy.

We can’t say that spring has sprung (for it most assuredly has not), but at least we can gaze upon more images of spring clothing and accessories.  We begin with these photos of the spring/summer Ann Taylor line via Women’s Wear Daily.

John Aquino/WWD

The colors are bright.

John Aquino/WWD

From David Moin’s review of the collection in WWD:

“Another surprising combination features a very feminine embroidered pencil skirt paired with a long silk tunic top. Ann Taylor also showed a black jumpsuit that seemed a little daring for the collection, though Axelson noted it would be sold only in urban locations.”

John Aquino/WWD

Next, Gap has also released images of its spring campaign.


The emphasis remains on basic pieces.


Frequent readers won’t be surprised to hear us say that we won’t shed any tears if some of the ruffles and daytime sequins disappear. (Cratchety old lady.) The retailer continues to show strength in denim.


Because the Brooks Brothers spring/summer collections offer such promise for the tiny preps at your palace, we have a few more photos from that group.

Brooks Brothers

We couldn’t resist sharing some of these with Nautical by Nature, as there is definitely a seagoing influence seen in many of the pieces.

The anchor motif is also present in the young men’s spring collection.

We like these.


Because we do make rather pathetic efforts at staying on top of certain royal wedding goings-on, a few updates:

Via Getty Images

“Kate Middleton has quit her job at her parents’ online party supplies business to throw herself full time into planning her wedding.”

  • And then there is today’s You Can’t Make This Stuff Up entrant, the “No More Waity Katie” nail polish from Butter London.
Butter London via People



Once again it is time for the Paris Couture shows and their accompanying eye candy; John Galliano lit things up today at Dior with a number of ‘red hot’ styles.

Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway via Vogue UK

There were also cotton candy colors.

Yannis Vlamos/GoRunway via Vogue UK

As always with the House of Dior, textiles and details were extraordinary.

Gianni Pucci/ via Vogue UK

The silhouettes were simply stunning, many reminiscent of Dior’s “New Look” from the 1940s, perfect for Betty Draper’s first season of Mad Men.




Recognizing and respecting this may be a mournful Monday for some football fans we move to our final topic, an issue without any partisan baggage. It started with a Facebook conversation started by a dear friend.

Courtesy The Chip-Muh

Ensuing comments included the following exchanges:

Courtesy Chip-Muh & The Consort

Naturally this followed:

Courtesy Chip-Muh and The Princess

It all leaves us with a question for our friends speaking Texan and other dialects: what phrases would you include for translation in this version of Rosetta Stone?

With a giggle, we say g’bye until next time!


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15 responses to “Ann Taylor Spring, Dior Couture, That Kate Middleton Nail Polish


    Don’t forget the catch-all usage of “Coke” for all carbonated beverages, regardless of brand. I.e. when inquiring at a restaurant what kinds of beverages are served, request “What kind of coke do you have?” When the answer is “Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, and Dr. Pepper,” just go with it. And order a Dr. Pepper (best pop ever!)

  2. kiki

    i haven’t shopped at Ann Taylor since the late 90s. i’m not too impressed with the new line. i’m loving the BB items, though. if i had a daughter, she would be wearing those adorable dresses…and my bank account would be at $0. the illustration for Katie’s nail polish is too cute! for Rosetta Stone, i would include, “where’s that at?” and “where you be at?” i’ve been living in the south since ’94 and have adopted a slight accent, and various words and phrases. however, my parents, especially my father, ask me to use “proper english” when visiting. i just say “where’s that at?” to upset daddy. Have a wonderful day, Princess, and take care.

  3. Love your phrases for the Rosetta Stone. 🙂 As always I so enjoy your posts! Xoxo

  4. Why I do I feel slightly dorky for wanting her nail polish? Maybe because the underlying fantasy is ‘if I can’t be a princess I can have the nails of a princess’. Is that it? Well, I still want the nail polish.;-)
    p.s. I also am ready for ruffles and sequins to make their exit.

  5. Princess Freckles

    “No More Waity Kaite”??? That’s hilarious! We saw The King’s Speech this past weekend, and I have to admit, royal life, while exciting, might also be overwhelming and daunting for a “normal” girl. But at least she has her own nail polish!

  6. I’ve got southern roots and “All y’all” as the plural of “Y’all” made me giggle!

  7. Thank you for your encouraging words during your visit … I too adore your blog and inspiring posts … I have been a bit MIA ….but am slowly getting back into it… wishing you a fabulous week!! xo HHL

  8. That’s it. I’m springing for one of those swallow a goldfish charity tables and buying a Dior ballgown. Someone tie me down.

  9. Amy

    Gap really does have the best jeans. Those BB clothes are adorable!

    Some good ‘ole Southern speak for you:
    –O’er yonder [over yonder…means over there somewhere]
    –Ain’t [isn’t]
    –Sir and Ma’am [polite way to address someone older or more distinguished than you…I know this isn’t unknown verbiage, but believe it or not, people actually still say Sir & Ma’am in Texas and the South…shocking, yes]

  10. Little Red

    That Dior collection, I’m just blown away! It looks spectacular. I’ll go look at more photos.

  11. I have to confess…I really like that no-more-waity-katy color! a bit tacky though about the name, although I guess that is mild by British press standards.

    The couture…oh gasp!!!!! sigh, LOVE.

  12. OMG, Kate Middleton varnish. *shaking my index finger while my mouth is pursed*


  13. BethAnn

    There are SO MANY good phrases here in Texas!

    “He’s all hat and no cattle” means he’s all talk, full of it.
    “It’s a goat rodeo” means an absolutely crazy situation.
    “That dog don’t hunt” means it’s a stupid idea.

    In some places, when you ask for “tea,” it is assumed you are asking for sweet iced tea.

    And never, never, never ask someone how many acres comprise their ranch (not that we would actually use “comprise” in speaking that); it’s akin to asking someone how much money they have in the bank.

  14. Now I just need Brooks Brothers to made adult versions of those adorable nautical pieces!

  15. Is it just me or was the inspiration for Dior’s shoe “Disney princesses and villans past and present”? I’m spotting some serious cruella/cinderelle/belle knockoffs.



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